Monday, 26 January 2015

Starving Antipodean firefighters search for Hales Exclusive Brethren (PBCC) built RRT sandwiches


  1. I know a BLT sandwich is Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato, but what does an RRT have in it?

    Prat a Manger

  2. (tax) Relief
    (supposed) Respectability
    Tax Relief

  3. Ridiculous Reiterations and Totalitarianism (may also be served on a bed of Humbug)

    Bistro Leonardo

  4. Was anyone hurt in this accident? If so, whoever they are, they and their lives ones have my sympathy.

  5. What a crass humour drives a person to make light of an obviously very serious motor accident?

  6. ' an obviously very serious motor accident' mmmmm......caused by poor PBCC driving habits, just like the one involving PBCC member Raymond Storrey, for which he was jailed, but not before he ran away from the scene of the accident he caused. Witnessed by several people, the supposed 'Christian' belonging to a 'Mainstream Church' then very dishonestly pleaded not guilty at trial.

    Is he out of jail yet? What a testimony!

  7. Reasonable points above regarding the RTA but the vehicle seems to be in a field.

    Re Anon 23.36....Just wondering about Storrey's reaction to run away and then lie about the manslaughter; do we see a link here with a contempt for the law and "worldly" justice?

  8. I have checked the source of this article; thankfully, there weren't fatalities; also the emergency services took off the top of the vehicle' so it was not as horrifying as the photo might appear. It was, however, a nasty roll down an embankment. The driver fell asleep and there were passengers in the car who must have been oblivious of this fact.

    Once again, it demonstrates the reckless behaviour of PBCC members, endangering their own lives and the lives of others. Let us hope that alcohol did not play apart in this particular instance. Also, let us hope for the full recovery of the occupants and that the PBCC, who have organised themselves into "Rapid Relief Teams" in order continue to obtain tax relief, might be prepared to set a better example and behave with circumspection.

    1. And here was me thinking that it was the Australian Tax people searching for manila envelopes stuffed with cash taken through customs by lots of individual PBCC members and then collected afterwards to give to their illustrious, but very cowardly leader Bruce David Hales of Ermington, Sydney ,NSW.

      By the way, how many people fall asleep driving mid-morning?

    2. Most important of all, did the RRT provide sandwiches and drinks for these poor overworked emergency service people whose employers and spouses evidently do not feed then?

      Was there time to set up a BBQ and maybe get a choir in to sing Beatles numbers for the injured? Was it John who claimed that they were bigger than Jesus? John Lennon I mean, not John Hales. Maybe they both did?

  9. Was this the car that PBCC member Raymond Storrey was driving? Or the one a Focus Learning pupil was driving when running over a fellow pupil? It could have been the one Craig Michel was driving through a blizzard at over 100mph with his kids on board because he was late for church, but there's no snow.