Sunday, 4 January 2015

Rapid Relief Team Overkill

It's remarkably noticeable in most pictures used by the HEB of their Rapid Relief Team that the RRT members outnumber the folk they are purporting to assist.

In several pictures there's a colossal display of RRT liveried gazebos with associated RRT liveried paraphernalia, RRT liveried flunkeys and hi spec oversize RRT liveried fourwheeldrive monster pick-ups parading for the PBCC induced paparazzi.

Clearly this overkill situation is dramatically overegging the charitability of this confederation of small businesses which attempts to masquerade as a mainstream Church.

Will the UK Charity Commission be duped by these conniving tricksters?


  1. Best thing the peebs ever did (even if for all the wrong reasons). Hopefully some of the young people will have made contact with normal (non-brainwashed) people and might even have forged bonds which will assist them in escaping this evil cult.

  2. Over the last year or so I have come to the conclusion that with PBCC Exclusive Brethren its all about the “perception” and “perceived action or practice”

    In other words to create the illusion of something. This tactic is used by a few companies in the commercial world, often to make organisations appear (at least on the surface), bigger, more important, more impact, more clout, better more improved products, etc.

    Problems happen when that “perception” and “perceived action, practice, value” is put to the test under challenge & scrutiny.

    Marketing & Branding is all about creating a perception

    Problem is, most marketing & branding in the world & commercial world is all fluff & nonsense

    As for helping the young in the PBCC to forge links to escape, I don’t hold such a positive view.

    From what I’ve seen, some of these RRT PR events use the labour & support of hired help outside of the PBCC, which is a deliberate cynical move as it allows the RRT to operate at events & in conditions which normal PBCC RRT members would never be allowed. An example of this was the Charity fun run type event (in either Aussie or NZ), organised on a Sunday (a sacred day for PBCC members) yet the PBCC RRT attended & supported with marques, water, etc. That would not have been possible if they just used the labour & support of PBCC members.

    Any young PBCC persons I’ve seen at these PR events are closely watched by older PBCC members.

    The purpose of the RRT is a simple exercise in PR branding & perception creation, by whatever tenuous thin veneer possible, even to the point of becoming a nuisance, or , providing unnecessary facilities, or, providing duplication of services which already exist through other long established & genuine organisations

  3. Are the PBCC in their RRT guise just wannabe campers?