Sunday, 4 January 2015

A couple of interesting extracts from the Charity Commision's decision document bearing in mind the PBCC's flagrant lack of compliance

  1. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/336112/preston_down_trust_full_decision.pdf

    If the trustees do not comply with the trusts, the Commission will be able to regulate on the basis of a breach of trust. If the trustees are unable to comply with and carry out the trusts, the Commission may regulate on the basis that a cy-près occasion has arisen and the trust property will be applied for charitable purposes of a similar nature. 

    1. 7)  No action should be taken in any way to treat vindictively, maliciously or unfairly persons whether within or outside the community, including those who were within the community and who are leaving or have left the community. Every care should be taken to provide for and support the welfare and education of children and young persons within the community. Where persons seek to leave the community, reasonable assistance should be afforded to them in terms of support and/or financial assistance relating to employment or other matters, where they have been dependent on the community for that support. Reasonable steps should also be taken in these cases (consistent with and subject to any legal requirements applying to the persons involved and the human rights of the persons involved) to allow the continuation of family relationships where a family member has left the community, including providing access to family members, in particular children. Where a person within the community dies, the principle of separation allows members of the extended family of the deceased, including former Brethren, to attend their funeral service. Any people attending a funeral service (whether from within or outside the community) should respect the wishes and beliefs of the deceased, behave with dignity and be treated considerately.

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