Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Want to meet the PBCC tonight at the James Cook Hospital Middlesbrough?

A warm welcome awaits the 'Eversheds' motley crew! http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motley_crew


  1. It’s a New Years Eve concert

    Joining in with the ‘world’ is usually a ‘sin’ in the eyes of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church Exclusive Brethren. Has their view changed of what a ‘sin’ is ?, or is this event just to dupe influential persons.

    Prior to 2012 if PBCC EB members ‘joined in’ with ‘worldlies’ (those who are non members) it was a ‘sin’, which meant you had to repent and say sorry or you were ‘shut up’, or you were ‘withdrawn from’ and cut out of the group and any family you had in it. There were those who were ‘disciplined’ in this way simply for watching the wedding of Princess Diana & Prince Charles through shop windows. !

    11 am to 11.45am

    Its clearly a very short concert, I wonder what they will sing ?. Will it be ‘worldlie’ songs or will it be Christian Hymns that are used in normal Christian Churches, either of which are banned by PBCC EB as one is a ‘contaminating worldlie evil influence and the other is wrong because other Christian Churches don’t have “the light’

    Young people 14 to 23

    I hope they have signed a safeguarding policy to involve such young persons ?

    1. Hi Anon 15:16. Thanks for a very good post.

      You say, "There were those who were ‘disciplined’ in this way simply for watching the wedding of Princess Diana & Prince Charles through shop windows. " Yes indeed. There were many who were punished at that time for watching TV in shop windows. In fact some localities (Hastings, UK, I think) were almost closed down as almost every member had seen some TV of the event. I seem to recall that priests from outside of the area were drafted in to oversee the discipline process as there were no locals left... they had ALL sinned by watching some coverage of the 'rival' event. Others had attended firework displays or bought some items to remember the royal event. They were all punished to some level - it was a worldly event, and unequal yoke, an attachment to the world.

      There is also a question about the songs. We were banned from singing Beatles songs for a while, then banned from all songs that were not sung by Norman Aitken (as he was the Lord's Servant's choice of entertainer), and any other song that we were not able to justify how we'd learned.

      Whichever way you look at this cult, they are control freaks. I am so glad to be free of this sh*t.

      I still love them, but just want them to be free.

  2. I am very glad to see young EB members taking part in choirs and performing in public. It will probably help them to develop their voices and their musical skills, and they may discover the cultural value of an important art form, and it will bring them into some much-needed, though limited, contact with a wider variety of people. In fact, I am glad when I see young people devoting time to anything at all of lasting value.

    There is, of course, the obvious suspicion that the sudden great flurry of new kinds of Brethren activities in the last year or two may have been organised mainly for mercenary reasons, to hold on to charitable status and the great financial advantages that come with it. But if that is so, the hypocrisy lies with the leaders who decreed it, not with the young people who participate in it. Let us be glad for the young people’s sake and encourage them to do more of this.

  3. What I really do NOT get is this.

    They invite staff and patients, but not their own immediate families. The performers in this case (being Middlesbrough) are very likely to be my siblings, cousins, nephews and nieces. They will not visit me or allow me to visit them, but if I was a patient or a member of staff I would be welcomed. It seems very odd that they invite the unknown staff and patients, but still refuse to acknowledge family.

    I hate to accommodate such negative thoughts, but could it be that their power is in the control of the flock and their relatives, but their finance is in the hands of authorities such as the government and the Charity Commission. So they act power-hungry and abusive to members and their families, but act as charitable and inclusive to relevant agencies?

    Surely not.

    Barry Mills

  4. Barry if you can demonstrate that this year your relatives will not allow you to visit them then please let the CC know. This would be of interest. But do it soon as we think the CC will be revisiting the brethren agreement.