Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Time's nearly up for the PBCC-with still no sign whatsoever of genuine contrition from GAC, BGR or BKH, let alone BDH!

Section 92 page 21 of The Charity Commisions decision document; 

92. The Commission considered that there is evidence to support the view that there are elements of detriment and harm which are in real danger of outweighing public benefit, although given as noted above that the evidence was untested by cross examination, it could not come to a concluded view of its extent or whether it indeed outweighed public benefit in the first sense. The most serious detriment and harm related, in the Commission’s view, to the allegations of the treatment of ex-Brethren and to the Disciplinary Practices. The Commission asked that the PBCC address these issues, which they were willing to do. After discussion with the Commission, the PBCC acknowledged that its doctrines and practices should be explicit and integral to its trusts and could address the allegations made against it.


  1. Dear supporters of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church Exclusive Brethren – (Leonardo J O, Dot, Jim, etc)

    You & the PBCC EB agreed with the UK Charity Commission in 2013/14 that matters regarding the detriment & harm (as found by the CC report of Jan 2014) & the unchristian harmful treatment of those who try to leave the PBCC EB (as found by the CC report of Jan 2014), should stop and positive change be made.

    Please can you detail what changes you & the PBCC EB have made ?


  2. The EB must be in a bit of a pickle. They may still be hoping that their expensive legal advisors can get them through this mess. I think it is unlikely to that they will get through this unscathed. They could change their practices such that they comply fully with the Deed of Variation. Great, I say. Problem is, this requires them to ditch most of the things that make them who they are. How would they explain to the flock that the teachings of all the recent Great Men have now been updated? How would they keep people toeing the line? They could try making very small, incremental changes in the hope that they can buy themselves some time. They could do nothing and throw money at their legal team claiming victimisation. But there is no guarantee that any of their strategies to avoid compliance would work.

    What we do know is the Charity Commission have made it very clear what the Exclusive Brethren need to do and what could be the result if the requirements are not met. We also know that the Brethren have so far not complied.

    I don’t believe the Brethren will comply any time soon - they have too much face to lose. I hope that the Charity Commission execute their suggested action and start by passing a meeting room or two to a mainstream church. This would likely accelerate the reformation of the Brethren, or bring about its collapse. In this case I have no doubt that the Brethren would throw money at their legal team, throw themselves at every MP in the country, and throw everything else out of the pram. But the Brethren have already declared themselves as a mainstream church similar to the Church of England. Therefore if the meeting rooms were placed under the care of a mainstream church such as the Church of England the Brethren SHOULD be happy and the congregation SHOULD be able to continue to attend and worship with very little change. But we all know that the Brethren WOULD NOT be happy because they are NOTHING LIKE a mainstream church.

  3. What is the definition of mainstream?
    If the PBCC consider themselves mainstream, so be it. If a church are on the one true pathway, then they can reasonably claim to be mainstream because they hold to the essential principles of Christianity.

    1. Anon 25th Dec 21:52

      Are these doctrines & principles that the PBCC EB follow part of the mainstream essential principles of Christianity ?

      Separation from all other Christians in all other Christian Churches – Refusing to eat or drink with any other Christian – Dividing families – Separation of family members simply because some are not in the PBCC EB – Refusing to sit at the Lords Table with any other Christians – Refusing to fellowship or worship with any other Christians – Teaching that the PBCC EB are ‘the church’ – Refusing to obey the Bible regarding appointment & qualification of elders, pastors, deacons, shepherds – Teaching that an alcoholic former leader found in bed with another mans wife is pure - Following hundreds of edicts, rules, fancies, ideas of men which can not be supported by Gods word the Bible – Refusing to eat or drink with any non member – Declaring all non members to be ‘worldlies’ & iniquitous even if they are Christians – Allowing babes in arms to take the communion elements - etc, etc, etc

      Anon 25th Dec 21:52

      Genuine Christian Churches which are indeed part of the mainstream of Christianity would regard the above principles & doctrines with horror & recoil from them, as they take away from, add to, & contradict Gods Word which is the Holy Bible.

      Anon 25th Dec 21:52

      How can PBCC EB ever possibly be a part of mainstream Christianity when they ‘Separate’ from it under the PBCC EB principle of ‘separation from evil’ !! ?

      How can PBCC EB ever possibly be a part of mainstream Christianity when JN Darby (your founder) ‘Separated’ from the rest of the established Christian Church in the 1830’s ?

      How can PBCC EB ever possibly be a part of mainstream Christianity when they refuse to allow members to worship, fellowship or sit at the Lords Table with any other Christian in any other Christian Church ?

      How can PBCC EB ever possibly be a part of mainstream Christianity when they refuse to eat or drink with any other Christian ?

      How can PBCC EB ever possibly be a part of mainstream Christianity when they teach that persons only have salvation when they are part of the PBCC EB !!! ?

      How can PBCC EB ever possibly be a part of mainstream Christianity when they are taught that they alone are ‘THE’ Church’ ! ?
      Anon 25th Dec 21:52

      I don’t know why you bother with your lies, falsehoods, misrepresentation, misinformation, spin, false pretences, conniving deceptions, because those who know you & Plymouth Brethren Christian Church Exclusive Brethren very very well, can rip through your thin veneer of spin very easily

  4. 21:44
    Nope you are wrong.
    Who's to say times up??
    Only God can say such a thing.
    He knoweth the beginning and end of a thing.
    Never underestimate what God can do to change the hearts of men even in these last days.

    We maybe turning corners, but we are not turning back. Onward to the Day of Christ.

  5. Anon 25 December 2014 at 21:52

    Are the EB/PBCC a church? Let alone on the one true pathway?
    Are they a religious cult? Obscuring the one true pathway?

    Do they hold to the essential principles of Christianity?
    I very much doubt it. They can't even put together a coherent argument for their beliefs based on the Bible.

  6. Sorry peebs, you didn't make it!

    Maybe another time when there is a more gullible commissioner.

    Can I have my family back now please?