Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The Salvation Army family tracing service

This service could be most useful for those who have lost contact with family members due to excommunication by the evil Hales led cult known as the PBCC or Hales Exclusive brethren;



  1. Hmmff, they might have some luck locating peeb families for us, but I don't fancy their chances at the "restore and sustain" bit!

    1. Yes Trevor.Its not so hard to locate family members.Rekindling of natural normal family bonds is the hardest part.How will the salvation army be able to replicate a situation of natural family bonding, that usually continually develops over a lifetime. Especially now that they will also be dealing with trying to rekindle a natural kind of love between the very hardhearted human, and some extremely heartbroken humans

      It is one thing to be able to bring families back together,like what can be seen to happen on a tv show called missing pieces. A situation where families that have often mainly been separated due to things like adoption, that can have happened mainly due to security problems, or financial concerns.Where by a parent may be more concerned about whether it will be possible that they can look after their child, good enough. Therefore the separation often come about due to concern for the child's well being. Rather than just being about the selfishness of taking care of oneself

      But members of these cults will choose to disown members of their flesh and blood,on purpose.So as to save their own skin.Their main focus is on the act of self preservation in eternity. And they are more than willing to sacrifice the earthly life of somebody else,so as to help enable themselves to get there

      Trying to rekindle a natural kind of love within the hearts of these people, may be a little like trying to rekindle love among the hearts of the living dead

  2. Don't give 'em ideas Laurie - next they'll be putting out the same brochure with a PBCC logo in place of the Salvation Army one and putting it in front of the Charities Commission. Thank God for the Salvos - now there's a real charity!

  3. A real pity about all the negativity on the posts. Negative posts attract negative comments from negative people.


    1. 11th Nov 23:01

      All I see so far are posts describing truthful reality & factual situations.

      The fact these truthful realities & factual situations are not positive is the fault of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church aka Exclusive Brethren.

      This is because the PBCC EB create division between family members, create broken relationships, create animosity between persons, create generations of extended family who are divided & split apart, the PBCC EB create these harmful and detrimental issues because they do not allow any person/family who leaves to have contact with any person/family still inside the sectarian cult.

      That situation created by the PBCC EB is very negative isn’t it ?

      That situation created by the PBCC EB is not how to treat Christians is it ?

      No real genuine Christian Church divides families if persons or family leave it to go to a different Christian Church. To do so is to deny & disobey biblical Christian truths (such as Ephesians 4, 1 Corinthians 12, Romans 12, Romans 14, Romans 15v7, 2 Timothy 2 v19, John 3 v16, 1 Corinthians 1, etc), do you not think ?

    2. Brother Rev12 November 2014 11:34 "That situation created by the PBCC EB is not how to treat Christians is it ?"

      You make it sound like you feel it would otherwise be a quite ok ,way, for a christian person to be treating a non christian.

      These days atheism is still continually gaining much momentum.Because loads of non believers,feel they can plainly see , that there is some very good reason, to be passionately apposing anyone whom would still be likely to hold onto these kind of thoughts.

      The exclusive brethren cults,have evolved from within other christian groups. Some groups of whom would have also long harbored some of these separatist type views.Views which even you can sometimes be seen to publicly display on here.

      Do you feel that it would be very true to say that there is some very valid wisdom contained within the philosophy held within Galatians 6:7

      These days, there are now plenty of atheists, whom do suggest that an atheist should be treating a believer, quite differently, to what they would otherwise treat a fellow atheist.

      Philosophy of Galatians 6:7 being carried forth in the flesh maybe

  4. Thank you very much for posting that link, Laurie. On the basis that I don't think the Salvation Army will call uninvited to my home or send me threatening legal letters, they look a much better option for helping me find my family than Garth Christie does. It's the little details like this that prove the leopard has not changed his spots.........just painted over them to dupe the Charity Commission.

    When Hales's father-in-law Athol Greene proclaimed 'You. Won't. Change. Us' I think he was right. The Deed of Variation has had little effect.

    Mark R Elliott

  5. The Salvation Army are well known, and they do Public Events

    If enough people contacted them, could they be helpful in getting publicity to highlight and expose this serious problem that the EB still currently cause in 2014?