Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The evil Hales exclusive brethren practice of 'shutting up'

Shut Up! Two words that strike fear into the heart of any Exclusive/Plymouth Brethren member. And rather than just mean 'be quiet' -which they also want you to do - it means you are banished to the bench - locked away without normal contact with family and friends - until the priests deem you to be utterlycompliant. A broken man or woman. This I might add- are the exact words they use. Until you have got your mind right. Your meals - if you are under your parental roof - are placed outside your door. You are unclean - you are contaminated - you are persona non gratia. And you are supposed to be 'getting right' as they call it. Abuse this gift of 'grace'- as they term it - and the axe falls. You move onto Defcon 2 - which is total withdrawal. Total obliteration. Complete eradication.

No one is allowed to talk to you unless they are a priest. You are socially confined in a new silent world. In most houses this means your bedroom. And that's how it stays until you comply with their demands - and until you do - the order will not be lifted. That's how it works.

There are various degrees of seriousness in the 'shutting up'stakes. Today - they refuse to withdraw from some 'shut up'people because they know they have stuffed up and completely alienated them. And there could be media flack. Like married women. You are expected to abide in this shut up state until somebody removes it.

Then we have the homosexuals. One took his life in the past few days in Australia because he could not - quite obviously- come to grips with the Brethren's de-homo-sexualization regime. Which in the past have included chemical castration drugs. Their doctor was even struck off for it. So rather than sit down with the young man concerned to see if anything can be done - they lock him up until he goes mad enough to lose all hope. And these people will tell you are that they are just 'normal' Christians.

I remember a case of a young man - who was clever at his highly technical job- but cripplingly shy when it came to speaking in public. He just could not face getting up and speaking in the church (which they force you to do from an early age in the Brethren). So what did this loving bunch of so called Christians do to him. They shut him up. He went pretty well completely mad. He lost his job - never worked again and died young. They let him back after the damage was done of course. His case was not isolated. Other have committed suicide.

They shut me up for years too. But luckily I had already escaped from their hypocritical world. But they made sure they took everything else off me.

And Governments continue to support this mob with charitable status. It's extraordinary! They obtain all sorts of Government monies for handing out sandwiches to well fed firemen or for shoveling a bit of snow when the cameras are around - but they can drive their own young to the brink of madness and death- and not one soul will do anything that takes issue with it- questions it -or even gives it a passing glance. Which is about as much attention the Brethren give such cases. They could not care less.

Somebody in a position to do so, should demand a full enquiry into the practices of these people - who lie and cheat their way into the graces of various commissions and instrumentalities with half truths and lots of smoke and mirrors.

People die from the actions of this cruel sect, but because charity commissioners and their ilk have been greased up by their PR machine - they ignore the real truth. And the real truth is that there is a young man lying dead because he could not reconcile their extreme actions with his right to life. Sadly- many before him have done exactly the same thing.


  1. 'You move onto Defcon 2 - which is total withdrawal. Total obliteration. Complete eradication'

    Except should you die, back they come with a vengeance to interfere in your interment. Maybe even chasing your loved ones away from the graveside. I was there, I saw it happen. My father's memory besmirched forever by these goons who profess to be Christian.

    Even violent thugs, gangsters, rapists and murderers normally show respect in these circumstances.

    As for the PBCC, they refuse to even meet and discuss it.

    Mark R Elliott

  2. I look forward to the comments of PBCC / EB apologists on this thread.

  3. Where is the practice & principle of “shutting up” as PBCC EB practice it, in the New Testament Christian Church principles as established by the Apostle Paul in Gods Word the Bible ?

    1. I am sure the EB will apply the following passage from 2 Thess 3:6 though taking it extremely out of context. A cult will make the Bible say what it wants it to say - and so build a practice and doctrine around it.

      2 Thess 3:6
      6 Now we enjoin you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye withdraw from every brother walking disorderly and not according to the instruction which he received from us.

      2 Thess 3:6
      6 Now we command you, brothers, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you keep away from any brother who is walking in idleness and not in accord with the tradition that you received from us.

    2. If a person does not fully comply with all the PBCC EB requirements, that person will probably be declared "disorderly" (per JND version). This could include refusing to preach when told to; not wearing a white shirt on Sundays; skipping a meeting; and oh horrors - eating at a restaurant; or any thing else the "priests" can find as an excuse to "exercise their authority". Sort of like a police state - it's our way or the doorway.

    3. Some months ago I observed a mature EB sister eating in a Subway fast food restaurant within a shopping outlet. She was on her own and was on a shopping expedition as evidenced by the multitude of carrier bags she had. I had thought JT Junior's "holy hands" ministry had been quietly disregarded!!

  4. The Jehovah's Witness Cult practice 'shutting-up', just they call it 'shunning'. They also practice 'Withdrawing' calling it 'disfellowshipping'. Both are control mechanisms with no genuine basis is Scripture. This is an interesting article by an Ex-JW. It sounds so similar it could have been written by an Ex-Peeb. Cults are scary things: http://www.freeminds.org/buss/shunning.htm

  5. Thank you for posting this article. Barnaby Gadsden's recent death by suicide has affected many exEB greatly, even those of us who did not know him. Thank you for talking about it on here, breaking the silence that the Hales EB hope will prevail every time their torture-like disciplinary procedures contribute to another death. May he rest in peace.

    1. May I just say, as someone who happens to know, he wasn't shut up at all, he hadn't been to a church meeting for a while - his own choice - and no one was forcing him to do anything he didn't want, and he absolutely most definitely was not gay. Just thought I'd put these facts straight!

  6. I remember one of the heavies attacking an ordinary brother at an assembly meeting. The brother reported that the heavy had told him, while on a priestly visit, "If you say one more word I'll shut you up!" The heavy denied it but the humble brother just kept shaking his head and repeating softly "If you say one more word, I'll shut you up!"

    Some people say they received a good Biblical grounding in the EB (pre-1960s onwards). I retained nothing Biblical, only memories like the above. That's what church/religion/Christianity is to me.

  7. I heard a comment today - further to writing what is above in this article - that there is no proof that this young man was in fact gay. i.e. no one has ever seen any actual evidence of such. So let's just call him a young man who was being manipulated by the Brethren - they got him to return to Whittlesea in Melbourne and were 'working on' him no doubt. Reports also suggest that the Police have confirmed suicide although this will be determined by the Coroner. Either way - they have another death on their hands and apparently the Brethren have been told NOT to comment on this case under any circumstances. So don't expect any of their usual rebuttals on here. They tend to shut up when they KNOW they have done wrong. Also- as if that wasn't enough - apparently they don't acknowledge suicide as a reason for death. Apparently God decides that you should die before you commit hari kari. Anyone with the inclination to do so should write to the Victorian Coroner with anything relevant - similar cases- abuse of young people etc. Apparently he is listening.

  8. I was looking for the exact words of BDH regarding breaking young people's minds and free spirits in line with this recent suicide.
    Here's the index reference. Does anyone know of other such utterances from Hales? It might prove valuable for the Coroner.

    "Get them (young people) to a point of brokenness, genuine tears, they know they've been bitten....................(36.10 t)

    1. The idea that if someone is out of line they or their wills need to be broken, smashed, crushed etc. is very prominent in Brethren ministry, especially the ministry of B. D. Hales. There is far too much ministry on that subject to fit into Laurie’s blog, so I have posted some quotations for you on WikiPeebia.

      See http://wikipeebia.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=634&p=4395#p4395

  9. Hi All,
    I have been doing a google search on the Exclusive Brethren and came across this discussion.
    I have been in a very healthy, wonderful relationship with a man for the last 18 months, yet our relationship has broken down because he wishes to return to the Exclusive Brethren group.
    He was brought up in this cult and left 10 yrs ago. When he left he and his wife divorced and they refused to let him see his 2 children, who were 2 and 4 at the time.
    He has struggled with not being able to gain access to his children for the last 10 yrs and was ostracised from his family.
    2 weeks ago his oldest daughter who is now 14, rang him out of the blue.
    He was in a terrible state as you can imagine, as this was all he has wanted for 10 yrs so have contact with his children.
    The only thing is she rang him every night for 7 days and asked him over and over would he return to the religion for them ( her and her sister) in the end he has promised to return because he wants the chance to be a good dad.
    This means he will have to leave his businesses and life and me !!
    To return to this horrendous life. He left originally because it was very controlling and a very difficult religion to live under because of the strict views.
    I believe that they have used his 14 yr old daughter to brainwash him into returning, I mean what a good way to pull the heart strings of a dad who has not seen or heard from his daughters for 10 yrs.
    He is now going to have to go through a strict process of seeing if the ministers will allow him to return, and he will have to tell them of all his sins, i.e me, because we have been in a relationship and have not been married.
    When they eventually decide he can return, he will then be allowed moderate access to his children and will eventually automatically go back to his wife.
    I am broken hearted and devastated that he has ended a wonderful relationship with me, to return to this cult.

  10. All so familiar. They broke up my house hold 7 years ago and now I am shut up as I am sick of living alone because of the way they treated me and they found out I was in a relationship 12 months ago.