Saturday, 22 November 2014

Scottish PBCC sanctuary

In similar fashion to the entrance into a Monkey Sanctuary in a Wildlife Park, the PBCC have a double set of gates into their Meeting Hall in Perth.  Is that to ensure that only checked vehicles make it to the security key pad on the second gate? Amazing security for a hall on the edge of miles of open countryside!


  1. A childish report - To be expected from Moffitt and his kind.

    Maybe it's designed to stop monkeys getting in. All looks neat and well planted which means the trust cares about the environment. Live and let live l say.

    A Meek

  2. How odd for a supposed Christian Church

    The only religious buildings I have seen that look so unwelcoming, forbidding, & prison like are Jehovah’s Witness ‘Kingdom Halls’ ( a known damaging sectarian cult) and Exclusive Brethren (a known damaging sectarian cult).

    The immediate impression is “we don’t want you” that’s why we have installed barriers, gates, fences, security

    It looks like some kind of prison encampment, or military facility, or private members club with members list only, or business, it cant be a Christian church can it ?

    Whats the point of all the fences & gates, isn’t a Christian Church supposed to be welcoming to all, so sinners (the unsaved) can hear the message ?

    Are they trying to keep sinners out ?, or keep sinners in ?

    How is a member of joe public supposed to just drop in mid way through a service ?

    How is a member of joe public supposed to get in in the first place ?

    As a contrast :

    I’ve been going to our local evangelical church for 4 years now. It has fences on three sides to identify the boarder between other properties, but the street facing side has no fence at all. The street facing side opens via a set of steps and double doors with windows, there is no extra security, its never been needed, those walking past can look in the foyer windows & can read the notice board etc. When there are services on, the doors are never locked so passers by can drop in if they so wish to hear the message.

  3. For a self-professed 'mainstream' church, it looks intimidating and very uninviting.

    'All looks neat and well planted'..........Like the very organisation it houses.

    Don't be deceived by appearances, men and things are not what they seem. All who are not on the rock are in the sea. William Booth

    Trust not too much to appearances. Virgil

    Appearances are often deceiving. Aesop

  4. But why does a supposed place of public worship need double security gates? Especially out in the countryside. What's that all about? How does that make it accessible to those seeking the good news of the Gospel?

  5. A brethren hall near me has 3 sets of gates, CCTV and when they have a larger meeting they hire security guards. Why? What are they so afraid of? They claim to be a mainstream church - but such churches at the most simply lock the door. Of course having gates and security guards means the leaders being protected feel big - a sense of importance. Bit pathetic I find.

  6. Mainstream churches do not have security gates. Why do the Exclusive Brethren feel the need to keep the public out? After all it is meant to be a place of public worship but the public can only enter after a vetting process. Entitled to rate free halls? - I don't think so.

  7. Really smart and modern place of worship.
    Monkeys or not, this place must be worth more than Peanuts. Take my hat off to their efforts to blend into the surrounding countryside. Those plants and trees make a big difference. Well done.

    1. Anon 22 Nov 22:22

      ‘..place of worship’ – worship of what & of whom ?. No real Christian place of worship that I ve ever seen, looks or needs to look the way pbcc eb halls do

      ‘…this place must be worth more than Peanuts’ – so what, why mention money, why is the money value of a place of worship important ?

      ‘….blend into the surrounding countryside’ – your kidding aren’t you, ive seen it, its like an aircraft hanger or commercial warehouse stuck in the middle of the country side, it stands out like a sore thumb !

      ‘…plants and trees make a big difference’ – so you admit then that the building is out of place, not in keeping with the surroundings, not sympathetic to the character of the local area, etc, otherwise why try to hide it behind plants & trees ?

      Anon 22:22, as your in the business of justifying pbcc eb, please can you answer the following questions about your meeting rooms

      - why no windows
      - why the excessive & intimidating level of security
      - what are you afraid of
      - how does joe public gain access once a service has started
      - how do persons leave once a service has started
      - why don’t you have a spire, stained glass, etc
      - why don’t you meet in smaller more humble buildings
      - what happens to those who don’t have a car to get to the building

      I hope you or LJO or others can help ?

    2. The main purpose of a church is to allow the public access to hear the word of God, not to "blend into the surrounding countryside". By the way I thought JTjr had banned hats!!

  8. I believe the security is to protect Bruce Hales and his heavies from their enforced followers within the cult who are terrified of leaving in accordance with their conscience as they know they will lose their family, their job and their home. Who in this situation wouldn't want to run up and grab them by the throat in desperation?


  9. They know they have done wrong - and they know they are not honest. So they live in fear of an imaginary foe. Hales' biggest problem is that he is a coward. If he really believed in everything he did- he would hold his head high and speak to anyone who wanted to know more. But he knows he's a charlatan. Hence the lockdown 'churches'.

    1. Excellent Anonymous. I think that sums it up perfectly!

  10. Jesus said: "come to me all you who labour and are heavy laden; and I will give you rest." Matt 11:28

    He wasn't planning on a double set of gates.

    We left when the "welcome" or invitation signs were removed, circa 1962. The change now has become much worse. Poor frightened people.

  11. Their security measures are further proof the EB are a materialistic group

    Their earthly security gives a sense of importance, but what about protection from the wrath of God
    For many years they have displaced Christ with their own leaders
    Currently they ignore some of the Lords own words

    The gates at Hazel Products didn't do much after EB members allowed for the despisal of The Cross