Wednesday, 22 October 2014

UBT Campus Enterpriser


  1. An Advert......And???? What's the big deal about the deal?
    Seems all is in order to make an order.
    Get my drift?

    Pour me a glass..A large one my dear
    Cheers and down the hatch

    1. 'An Advert......And???? What's the big deal about the deal?'

      My sentiments exactly, so why all the copyright issues?

      Doesn't look a good move to make when seeking 'Free School' status though.

  2. Words such as Campus and School (as used in this document), are synonymous with educational establishments like schools, college and university campuses

    Yet this particular publication using these words is promoting alcoholic spirits !

    I was not aware the business arm (UBT) of the PBCC Exclusive Brethren was promoting consumption of alcoholic spirits to school and collage age children ?

    1. Anon 00:33
      What's alcoholic consumption got to do with a collage? (para 3)
      Never personally seen a collage creating by pouring alcohol over a canvas.

      Collages are created by all age groups by using / sticking different materials on a canvas or perhaps a cluster of photos within a frame.
      Not entirely sure what you mean by collage age?
      How old does one have to be to create a collage?
      Do you mean college age? Old enough to attend one. Yup Got it....

      Ahhh my dear friend, that's the Spirit. Nothing like a good crystal tumbler full of Malt Scotch to stir the wayward soul towards heaven and the Divine.

      So down the hatch eh Rev? Nudge nudge wink wink.
      Remember you drinking like a fish and then staggering into the meeting room red faced and beaming from ear to ear.

  3. Remember when Brethren shopkeepers were forbidden to sell various things such as tobacco and alcohol? Mind you, that was before they got a chronic alcoholic as a MOG who to accommodate his addiction ministered that it was a creature of God!! Mind you, if you had a REAL creature of God - a dog, cat, budgie or any other animal - you got kicked out!! Truly they are so brainwashed that they can't see through blatant nonsense!

    1. Larry, Your comment about pets is kinda really dumb! Ha ha ha ha ha ha

      So you really think we want our leg Rogered by a Smelly Pooch, bits of shite trodden into the living room or flea ridden creatures on our beds?
      Oh no no no God forbid and so he did through our Beloved's ministry.
      He rests in peace for eternity with Christ. See - No crappy dogs in heaven.
      They belong on the farm.

      Ahhhh now this is such Fine ministry. I can just see you are loving it and
      there's more to come dear friends. No more teas and cakes parties in the Vicarage garden. See that's all plain wrong and not in keeping with this fine ministry. Just accept and learn to love it.

      So do we really want to be buried with your stinking pooches?
      So what will happen at the rapture dear friends? Ahhhhh See we have to ponder all this. Maybe the Pooches will be raised in their sins?

      Our Beloved set us free to attend the daily meetings and have Sarnie and beer breaks without hindrance. No poop from the Pooch on my watch.

      No shite on my sarnie or dog breath - Thanks Mr Jim. What a Champ!
      Houses are for humans - Period! ( Read your bible) The dogs are without.

      Pour me another glass Reverend of you know what.... Ahhhhhh this is Gooooooooood! You've never had it so Gooooooooood.

    2. 11.17 and 12.02....Alcohol also has a detrimental effect on the brain that may lead to crass, inappropriate behaviour and witless, offensive comments of great stupidity. Beware of the advanced symptoms.

    3. Anon 26 October 2014 12:02

      Your comments are shocking

      You sound like you are under the influence of alcohol. You use profane coarse language. You belittle and make petty fun of serious comments from others. You sound like an unregenerate person who has no moral standards. You then mix in words and language used from the Christian faith. You clearly haven’t been taught how a Christian should behave.

      The use of Christian faith language terms as you have used them, mixed amongst the senseless babblings and coarse language, is an abuse of the Christian faith and straight blasphemy

      Your comments remind me of a former leader of the Exclusive Brethren – Plymouth brethren christian church – the alcoholic James Taylor Junior. He also mixed Christian faith terminology with coarse language and senseless babblings.

      The bible says -

      2 Timothy 2 : 16 But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.

      Ephesians 5 : 4 Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient: but rather giving of thanks.

    4. Anonymous 26 October 2014 12:02

      Are the Exclusive Brethren so badly schooled in the Bible and its meanings that they literally believe Rev 22:15 JND "Without [are] the dogs, and the sorcerers, and the fornicators, and the murderers, and the idolaters, and every one that loves and makes a lie." refers to Canines? But then as they persist in so many other pseudo-Scriptural errors I guess they do. Viz: Philippians 3:2 where it's likely the Judaisers were called dogs in a riposte by Paul to put away with those who took confidence in the flesh/the law instead of the grace of God.

      Now who do we know today who take confidence in the laws/the rules instead of the grace of God? I think they're barking up the wrong tree!

    5. Who do we know today who are idolaters (of the MOG) and who love and make a lie (to gain charitable status)?

    6. Looks like 12.02 and 11.17 are suffering from alcohol damage to the grey matter passing for brains. I wonder if Laurie should be publishing this awful stuff; but on the other hand it does give new readers of this blog an insight into the true nature of the Exclusive Brethren (PBCC) cult and might give "Thomas" (below) and others, something to "witness" concerning the lives of the "saints".

  4. I'm shocked dear brethren. Our beloved made it quite clear it was to be Johnnie Walker whisky. Get out your ministry books and check if you don't believe me.

  5. Whisky evokes the spirit because it is a spirit.
    Consumption of this heavenly brew brings one closer to the divine.

    So l don't see any issue with it.

    1. That sounds like a spoof, a person having a laugh, because what is said is so ridiculous, nonsensical and nothing to do with Christianity that it has to be a joke, right ?

      Er, well no,

      Actually this is what Exclusive Brethren PBCC are really taught !!

      - Whisky is a “creature of God”
      - Prohibition not in our homes
      - Meetings linking the Spirit of God (one of the Trinity) with the spirit in alcoholic spirits

      I’m sure others have the references to these.

    2. It also leads to various diseases when consumed at PBCC cult volumes; especially when matched with a rich carnivorous diet. This is a drain on the "Uni Loonies" of the health services.

      One of the many insurmountable problems that any, possibly Christian, parent might consider, if sending off spring to a PBCC cult school is that their children may come from a non drinking, or very occasional drinking, background. Sadly they will be mixing with teenagers (except at meal times) many of whom have been encouraged to drink spirits and other alcoholic beverages at home and may be already alcoholics. They are often not in very good shape, especially on Monday mornings, having, in many cases, to travel vast distances to arrive at the school; they may also be recovering from a weekend of indoctrination alternating with bouts of whisky fuelled partying".

    3. plus the Johnnie Red on their cornflakes!!

      You guys will believe anything - as long as it is bad!

    4. Dear Mr Gandt...

      I apologise that there was an edge of exaggeration in the above comment; but other comments on this blog, appearing to come from teenagers, might suggest otherwise as alcohol appears to be a bit of a joke without consideration for the bad effects.

      I do not think EB (PBCC) teenagers put Johnnie Red in their cornflakes. Incidentally, it might be better soaked in muesli overnight (but I don't want to give you ideas!) I challenge you to deny that teenagers are allowed to drink quite large amounts of alcohol in their homes and on social occasions - whisky being a strong favourite; furthermore, they are actively encouraged to drink alcohol, despite all the health warnings from the Government. Some, in moderation, for consenting adults, maybe, but when did extremism ever give rise to moderation?

      Perhaps you could reply so that we may put the record straight?

    5. Binge Drinking and alcohol fueled violent crime is happening in most areas of the UK. We have no right to assume the Peebs behave like this.
      l happen to know this group of Christians well and have been impressed and touched by their witness and way of life.
      The record has been put straight.

    6. When I was a Peeb, Martini and Beer were always on the break hostesses shopping list, specifically purchased for consumption by persons under 18 years of age. That my friend is crime, plain and simple.

      A couple of years ago my own peeb Brother-in-law died as a result of epilepsy brought on by his chronic alcoholism.

      As to violent crime, there is little more violent that driving your car way in excess of UK speed limit restrictions after partying with other EB and killing another road user. Most revealingly, this idiot pleaded not guilty at Court. Call that 'Christian'?

      These are NOT assumptions, or hearsay. These are facts. Straight or not, they are on the record.

    7. Oh dear Anon 20.46! Yet another friend of the Exclusive Brethren (PBCC) or, perhaps, a fully fledged member???? Any way...shot down in flames by a witness with the truth. Now, you surely can't deny the deeply personal advocacy of a former member can you? Just for the record, of course.

    8. Anon 25 Oct 20:46
      I also know the EB well, and have recently been especially impressed and touched by their witness and way of life
      If you gave a name, we could dialogue together and put the record straight

    9. You must be discussing the Exclusive Brethren who are not the renamed group now known as the PBCC. However, it would be interesting to see this dialogue; the problem is that most, if not all comments such as yours, are written by the PBCC themselves (as on their web site).

      Many have been touched by the EB(PBCC) way of life, with dreadful results, including family wreckage, alcoholism, child abduction, abuse, loss of jobs, inheritance, mental breakdown and even suicide.

  6. Whisky evokes the spirit because it is a spirit.
    Consumption of this heavenly brew brings one closer to the divine.

    So l don't see any issue with it.

  7. I think this advert tells us quite a bit about the current EB Cult:

    ■ They're out of touch with societal views on children and alcohol.
    ■ They do not mention the ubiquitous www.drinkaware.co.uk website seen on all other sales literature for alcohol.
    ■ They must be moneyed as they expect their parents to pay premium prices for premium products.
    ■ Free delivery is for case loads - suggesting this is a normal quantity for Brethren parents to buy.

    Maybe the Police should set up breathalyser tests down the road from Brethren Meeting Halls?

  8. Speaking of which, I believe Nottingham PBCC member James Raymond Storry is about to be released from 2 years in prison after killing a man by driving dangerously 2 years ago.

    Extraordinary for a 'Christian' to try and blame someone else for the accident and plead not guilty at the trial. For those unfamiliar with the story see the links below:-




    1. A heart rending story. A lifetime sentence for the victim's family and two years for the perpetrator. Is it not the case, that with a little less arrogance , that EB (PBCC) members are somehow above the law, Storry might not have followed his flight to disaster; following it up by lying and deception.

      I note in various comments that EB(PBCC) members still seem to be addicted to fast driving. Is it a form of reckless risk taking, a form of aggression, an antidote to boredom or a display of arrogance? Prospectively lethal, especially when coupled with alcohol. I note the most recent victim was someone's pet duck; not that I suppose that would particularly botherd the non pet owning PBCC.

  9. Yup..A shot of whisky is not really any different from other drinks. ..All above board!
    A lashing of alcohol allows freedom of the spirit and lifts you into paradise

  10. Just don't drive afterwards.

  11. Anon 22.27...What other drugs do you also use to relieve you of your monotonous, materialistic lives? Happy folk don't need mind altering substances! Did you know -alcohol, along with an ill-informed diet, is one of the leading causes of cancer, not to mention other diseases? This thought might make you less immature.

    1. The fact that there are a disproportionate number of EB/PBCC members suffering from the effects of over indulgence in alcohol should make any right thinking person within that organisation consider about the wisdom and consequences of excessive drinking.
      It has come to my knowledge that an increasing number of EB women have been affected by over indulgence. For some reason that seems even more upsetting and not something to be flippant about as evidenced by Anon 24 October 22.27.

  12. This is a very serious matter; I believe that over indulgence by EB (PBCC) women is indicative of their unhappiness related to subjection within this cult in which their lives are reduced to being subject to their husbands, acting as household servants and producing an irresponsible number of children - with an associated risk to health.

    It is quite scandalous that this is a male enforced regime.

  13. "We have no right to assume the Peebs behave like this.
    l happen to know this group of Christians well and have been impressed and touched by their witness and way of life."
    Obviously a bit of confusion here. The original writer was referring to 'peebs' (members of the Exclusive Brethren or Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (sic)), quite unrelated to a 'group of Christians' referred to by the second writer.

  14. There is a long thread on The Ex-Exclusive Brethren Facebook page about under-age drinking, drunkenness, drink-driving, everyday alcohol abuse, PBs in rehab and so on:


    Started by John Kennard at 25 October at 22:43