Saturday, 11 October 2014

Going direct to the people that will stop the PBCC

From Wikipeebia;


I have made some sort of decision today. My fight in these forums is over. For over a decade I have fought tooth and nail to get the world to see what this evil sect does to people. I have fought tooth and nail to solicit some sort of reasoned response from those that control the thing - to be reasonable and logical. I have fought to get them to see the cruelty of their ways and the unfairness and hypocrisy of their dealings. I have taken them to task over many issues - some of which they have had to capitulate on because they were just so blatantly ridiculous. By any standard. 

For those of you who WILL throw the first stone - when you have spent the hours I have writing to politicians and the media and dealing with the fresh flotsam and jetsam of Brethren cleansing in the form of newly evicted young people - if you can match this intensity -then I'll take your barbs. I have NOT finished with the big fight - but now I will focus solely on going directly to those that monitor such things. The Politicians- the Commissioners - the Councilors. My opinion is that the fight has been downgraded and been lost to a point- in much of these ramblings. Something that the Brethren would revel in and feel justified about. Those that really rattled the cage took the legal threats and a fistful of dollars and disappeared. 

I will not disappear. But like Hales - I will exercise stealth. My humor is gone. I can find nothing funny about these people now. We live in a world today where Religion is being used as the excuse to destroy lives. And long before brainwashed psychopaths like ISIS were doing it - so were the Brethren in their own special way. Babbling their mantra. Putting their own spin on it. Justifying their own evil, dishonest and fundamentally cruel actions. Actions that fly in the face of the very religion that they uphold as their guiding light.

Truth is- I have recognised the transparency of the modern Brethren actions while many were being put into place. I saw Hales' grand plan evolving where he maximised his returns from the Brethren - and his ascension from humble servant of God to religious 'rock star' - or elusive Sect Boss - whichever you prefer. Either way -he comes out on top as the winner. Achieving what his father could not. A mansion worth millions - a private jet to fly the world in - in separation from the filthy worldly cattle classes with bodyguards to protect him from his imagined threats. He now has all the trappings that show how material and self important he really is. His extended family also mop up the fiscal benefits of having a relative as the M.O.G. Untouchable and set for life. 

Of course the Brethren are held captive by his actions- for to speak out against them is certain 'suicide', resulting in the loss of everything they hold dear and the threat of an eternity in hell- the identical argument we hear from the Extremist Muslims these days. Funny about that. Their radicals will behead you. The Brethren will just take your family, your job, your assets and shut the door to you and NEVER listen to reason or your argument. Because in their world- it doesn't count. There is only one outcome for a questioning mind in the Brethren. 

Break it down and Hales most glaring religious downfall is his denial that “You cannot serve both God and mammon.” 

This dictum of Christianity has escaped Bruce Hales who- after nearly 50 years of tortured, blundering family attempts to bring the Brethren to 'heel' when it comes to transparency of - and access to - all of their financial matters and giving as much as possible to the Hales clan through a network of commercial enterprises, he has finally hit pay dirt. He has them where he wants them - and they are doing what he wants. And Christianity be damned! His father's grand plan is finally a reality. 

But to be fair - they are no different to the Scientologists in this regard- who make it their business to know your financial status from the moment you enter their clutches. And their mission is to separate as much of it from you as is humanely possible to do so. So nothing new there. Most whacko sects in this world have a bottom line of bloody money.

The Exclusive Brethren today are a vastly different 'animal' from the one that I left behind over 40 years ago. I could deal with this radical and very cruel sect as being blinded by one man's interpretation of the bible -which just happened to go against most long held Christian doctrine intentions. Like honoring the family unit. Shot to hell by the Brethren who have been breaking up and destroying families for 55 years. Thousands of people have grown well into middle age not knowing their parents- their siblings and their relatives for most of - and the rest of their lives. A wicked thing.

And when they die, their grief is further ground into their faces by this cruel bunch of people who refuse to give them proper access and involvement at a time when the natural instinct is to group together as a family for reflection and comfort. The trouble is that the Brethren don't do natural instincts.

It is hard to fight a foe that tells lies. It is also hard to fight a foe that changes their rules constantly. You end up with blurred lines of right and wrong. But let there be no misunderstanding - the Brethren are wrong. They are liars. They are deceivers - expert in slight of hand maneuvers. I have long asked the question as to why they destroyed people's lives and wrecked families over things that their own website today, say are normal practice. Like going to a beach. Or playing a musical instrument that isn't a piano. Or going on an excursion. Or owning a computer which, up until the point Bruce Hales wanted one - was a 'tool of the devil'. If you even thought you wanted one - they threw you out. Of course they have no answer to this apart from the fact that some people 'moved ahead of the Lord!' The Lord being one Bruce Hales and his forebears. 

All I know is this. They almost destroyed my life. They pushed me from pillar to post as a teenager and after I had left in total desperation - they made it formal by withdrawing from me at the earliest opportunity. Then they realised that I - like so many kids - had not actually done anything wrong or worthy of withdrawal. So they reversed it. So much for their divine wisdom. Of course my gripes fall into the 'who cares' basket compared to those who were not blessed with stronger constitutions and who in utter confusion and complete desperation- just took their own lives. Any compassion from the Brethren here? Not a sausage! Suicide is a sin. That's what you get for leaving the Brethren they say. 

I've seen men suffer the relentless fog of an underlying grief that never leaves them and utterly consumes them - because their children were poisoned against them. Now old - they still suffer. Do the Hales care about this? Get a grip! Their family unit is intact - made so by bringing back the stragglers with lots of money and promises of material security. Made possible by Hales' ill-gotten gains and the inheritances of other people's families. Make no mistake about that. 

So I'm not going to argue about scripture anymore. I'm not going to enter silly arguments about historical things and moot points of correction. I don't care. It makes no difference. But I do care about the people who expose and make decisions about this mob knowing the facts - the truth about what really goes on and why they should stop it. Sadly the Brethren revel in the fact that unrest in our cities due to other religious and cultural blunders has put their case in the shade. For the moment maybe. But not forever. 

This argument that they are NOT of this world is dishonest. I have long argued that they love the world and the world's money. They love doing business with the world. They will stoop to any depth to appeal to a potential worldly client - but will recoil in horror at the thought of eating or mixing with him. "Unclean' they scream as they grab the vital dollars with both hands. And next Xmas they will go around giving out bottles of wine and saying 'Happy Christmas' to those that bolster their bank balances. Bloody hypocrites. They don't even believe in Christmas. It's all part of the big lie that is Exclusive or Plymouth Brethren-ism.

When it's all said and done there's only one thing about that them that I remember vividly - as though it happened yesterday and not over 40 years ago. The fact that underneath - they really hate each other. They lurk for that one opportunity to take one of their own down - to find them out- and to expel them from their ranks. Are they Christian? Are they without sin? Get outa here. They are rotten to the core. And they will overlook anything at all - any sin you can think of when it suits them. Even molested kids. It doesn't happen - it never happened. Try telling the kids that.

For any church to have a PR arm - is disgusting in my book. If a church does wrong - it should face the music. They should be totally transparent. Churches are supposed to stand for what is right and the truth. When the heat was piling on the Catholics as dozens more cases of child molestation came to notice - they installed a PR company to dispel the truth. To hose it down. And so too did Hales when it got a bit hot in the kitchen. And in a move that had most gasping incredulously they even did the unthinkable. When the name of the Exclusive Brethren became so tainted in public for its evils and sins - they simply changed it to something else. It was deception on a scale that historically, only exposed televangelists employ. And it was the last straw for me.

Good luck with your endeavours. It is time for fresh blood. Don't forget to maintain the charter of this forum. It is about truth and justice. And thank you to those who have worked tirelessly to bring about resolution and change. You know who you are. And to Hales and his cohorts safe in their urban palaces and bulging bank balances I say - the truth always prevails. It's a fact. Your day will come. Your God will one day take exception to what you have done to people.



  1. This post was originally made in the wikipeebia forums by Abishag. I understand the sentiments expressed and we each do our bit in whatever way we can.

    Exposing the truth about the PBCC Exclusive Brethren in online forums is only one aspect of a multiple of aspects, each important in their own right. Online forums and websites are a great way to expose truth to the wider public. They are also a valuable way of communicating to those trapped inside, as we know PBCC EB members lurk around on online forums and websites seeking information. We also know online websites and forums are frequented by PBCC EB defenders (members / pr stooges) desperate to spread their muck of spin and misinformation, its important these are refuted accurately with truth, otherwise online forums and websites become just another outlet of lies, misdirection, obfuscation and hypocrisy like their own PBCC websites are.

    However, contending to expose the truth about the PBCC Exclusive Brethren online and in forums is only part of the campaign.

    It is also the case the EB’s have a head start, they have had their own way spreading their muck of misinformation, lies and spin, for over forty years and more, especially to those in authority. So speaking directly to those in authority as Abishag states is also important.

    The campaign to expose the PBCC EB has only begun to take effect in recent years. As has been stated by Abishag –

    “When the name of the Exclusive Brethren became so tainted in public for its evils and sins - they simply changed it to something else. It was deception on a scale that historically, only exposed televangelists employ”

    Yet the PBCC EB did not fully get away with it. If readers remember when the UK PASC Parliamentary Committee were investigating the Charity Commission in 2012, they took evidence from PBCC EB & Garth Christie and Co, who obfuscated and lied their way through their evidence resulting in the committee being confused as to who they were dealing with. Not only that but hundreds of PBCC EB members were asked to submit statements in support of the Brethren. However, all it took were a few genuine concerned persons submitting statements with full documented evidence attachments, to cut through the lies, pr spin, obfuscation and misinformation, exposing who the PBCC really were. This led to a PASC report published 6th June 2013 which questioned the integrity of the evidence presented by the PBCC EB and detailed the confusion in name change from Exclusive Brethren to PBCC and linking the two names together.

    Its doubtful that level of exposure would have happened before the internet age, which has allowed access to those in power and an awareness of the machinations of local and central government which just wasn’t available to the wider general public before.

    The fight to expose the PBCC EB for who they really are, continues on many different fronts

  2. I see bitterness and no truth in the above post. Full of natural vengence and fruitless reasonings...
    Allow God to first search out your own heart and leave the rest to him.

    1. It is fact that the Parliamentary Committee were misled as to the true identity of the Exclusive Brethren and it is abundantly clear that the re-naming of the EB to PBCC in 2012 was primarily made so as they could masquerade as something akin to the Open Brethren. I have spoken to one MP who was present and he was of the view that the Brethren despite their children's work in local communities were being denied charitable status. It came as a total surprise to him to learn that the PBCC (as they presented themselves) do not engage in any kind of children's work e.g. Sunday Schools.
      So Anonymous 20.05 of 11 October where is the absence of truth in Brother Rev's post? The absence of evidence to substantiate what you say means you cannot be taken seriously.

  3. I read on another forum that the PBCC EB have just withdrawn from (cut off) a lady in Ireland suffering from cancer.

    As far as I can tell the reason is simply that she wanted to leave the organisation, yet why cant the lady leave and still maintain contact with her family and friends whom she most likely needs, as she is unwell ?

    How can it be Christian to do such a thing ?

    How can it be in accord with the Charity Commission report of Jan 2104 and the Faith in Practice document which the PBCC EB signed up to (in order to retain Charitable status) ?

    Would a genuine mainstream Christian Church following the Bible do such a thing ?

  4. Anon/Leonardo 20.05. I see nothing but truth in The Rev's comments; these are always tirelessly consistent and accurate; not sure where you see "fruitless reasonings" as the content is mainly factual. If I were you, I would rather let God search out your own heart as I doubt whether He is pleased with someone who defends lies, misinformation, cruelty, lack of compassion, preoccupation with wealth and allegance to discredited, hypocritical, destructive and money grabbing tyrants

  5. There are so many horror stories, concerning this cult, that one is in danger of becoming desensitised. I recently read a reference to members "partying" with whisky (against the rules) and food in a hospital room whilst the father of one of them lay dying in the next room.

    1. Against hospital rules, I should stress. We know that whisky is the opium of the EB (PBCC) and very much enshrined in the dogma of the cult.

  6. Anonymous11 October 2014 20:05
    "I see bitterness and no truth in the above post. Full of natural vengence and fruitless reasonings...
    Allow God to first search out your own heart and leave the rest to him."
    Very obviously another Peeb trolling the internet looking for any opportunity to spout their mindless rubbish. But I'll take them one at a time. You see bitterness. Obviously you are a Rhodes Scholar - I'm bloody bitter! My words at times - drip venom at what I witness with this deluded, dishonest sect. The Exclusive Brethren destroyed my family. They also stood by as unspeakable things were done to children and said nothing. They destroyed the lives of many I grew up with as well. It wasn't anyone else - just them. You see no truth because it didn't happen to you and the EB/PBCC don't recognise truth. Just the truth they make up. Natural vengeance? I have never wreaked any vengeance on the Brethren - but boy they sure did a number on me! And any number of other people I could mention.

    Fruitless reasoning? You need a reality check Anonymous. There are none so blind as those that WILL NOT see. And that is the problem with you lot- you refuse to see anything else but what you are told to see. A poor, mindless, utterly compliant, bunch of people who cannot think for themselves. But you insult the lot of us by saying -stupidly - that there is no truth in it. God searches my heart every day - but I'm sure he has trouble actually finding a heart in anyone associated with the EB/PBCC because you are the MOST heartless people it has ever been my displeasure to know. If that is all you can add to the debate - I suggest you go a read another pile of your leader's latest drivel. That's where you will find a lack of truth.

  7. Jimmy Saville, dead, discredited. Caleb Furse and others, dead, lionised. Looks like we'll have to leave that one to God.