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Religious leaders who hide

From Wikipeebia;

Mr Bruce D. Hales
The Mansion of Grand Appearance,
23 Trelawney Ave.,
Eastwood, NSW, 2122.

A news item in yesterdays paper told of ANOTHER religious leader who "refuses to be photographed in public or interviewed on camera". Sorry Bruce, he's not exactly a 'mainstream' religious leader as you disingenuously claim to be, however his name is Wissam Haddad , Al-Risalah Islamic Centre Manager. He's an extremist and friend of terrorists. So he's got good reason to avoid the public camera , at least while he's in Australia.

So Bruce, what's your reason? Well, as you know I raised this with you in conversation last year. It became clear to me , that while on the one hand it is de rigueur that each Hales Exclusive Brethren home have your picture prominently displayed, on the other hand you are determined that your current appearance be unknown to the 'worldlies'. Along with this is your vehement statement that you will NEVER, NEVER, EVER stand in the witness box. We know , of course , that you consider your word to represent what is above the highest Courts and Government Authorities. 

Bruce I've had to see that you on the one hand require that you and your ministry are known and idolised by every member of your cult the 'Hales Exclusive Brethren'. On the other hand you go to extraordinary lengths to prevent yourself being known/recognised other than within your cult. You are determined NOT TO BE ACCOUNTABLE TO ANYONE. No one dares to call you to account within the cult because if they try they are very shortly WITHOUT and subject to being traumatised and 'obliterated'. You are determined not to be accountable or even recognised publicly. Yet you are raking in the $ ( your cult is centred around you and money ) using extensive taxpayer subsidies/charitable status. Apart from a very thin and rather incongruous veneer you've constructed there's nothing charitable about the HEB. 

Well I have had an astonishing number of persons contact me since the first ACA program on the 11/08/2014. Bruce I can assure you an ENQUIRY is coming your way and YOU will have to give account of your rip-off's , harm and detriment that not only blight this great Country but , is it 26 , OTHER COUNTRIES!!

Now your usual reaction is to have your very expensive defamation lawyers send very scary letters. Well my email iscraigstewart100@gmail.com and I will agree to service by email providing your people agree to the same :) . However old chap, a quiet word in your pinkie. Remember I know the truth and can prove it. Rip-off's ?? Hmm , how long have you got? And there's nothing I'd like more than to go head to head with you in open Court :D . It would certainly fast track that (inevitable) SENATE ENQUIRY. 

Kind Regards, Craig Stewart.


  1. It was during the 1960s that the Brethren first began to be secretive, first by avoiding photographs, then by refusing to speak to the press, then by barring non-members from entering any of the meetings, and then by preventing non-members from reading their “ministry”. Nowadays they even brand as traitors those who reveal to outsiders what goes on inside. Mainstream churches, by contrast, are only too pleased when their proceedings are relayed to those outside. The further the good news spreads the better.

    For example, BDH even suggested that Brethren who are “communicating to persons that are no longer with us” should shoot themselves or put their head in a noose. See Vol. 125 pages 300-301. Another brother has just been put out for “letting things out.”

    It is not difficult to see why. The Hales Brethren hierarchy have a lot to hide. When civilized outsiders learn what goes on they are horrified, and that could put at risk the tax concessions, school funding and cash flow.

    From the Brethren’s point of view secrecy is no longer a practicable solution to the problem, because their cover is well and truly blown, and it can never be unblown. The surest way to be respected is to behave in a respectable way. That means more than window-dressing and PR campaigns.

    The solution is to undertake a programme of radical reform, renouncing a vast construct of cultish teachings and practices built up over the last 50 years or so. I believe the sect could survive that process and still retain most of the things that are worth retaining.

  2. I heard it quoted recently about an eastern country ruled by a dictator, where rivals are disposed off, that every house has to have a picture of the leader

    This is an unspoken rule in the Exclusives
    The similarities are clear and alarming, between this state and this cult

    I can see it now
    I wish lots of my Christian brethren would allow their eyes to be opened, get to The Lord, and speak out against the wrongs of the EB System


  3. Exclusive Brethrenism in its entirety in whatever forms or groups you care to look at, is morally wrong, socially wrong, divisive, sectarian and can’t be supported or justified through the Christian bible

    The Hales Exclusive Brethren version, the one that Bruce Hales is universal leader of and the one that tried to rename itself as the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church is the most extremist, sectarian and damaging of them all.

    It is simply a money focused, money generating group that cynically and hypocritically uses and abuses the Christian Bible to provide a cover, a thin veneer, a smokescreen of outward supposed Christian religion. Yet underneath there is nothing Christian or biblical about the group at all.

    They sponge off the rest of society (the general public), claiming tax breaks, concessions and government gift aid by deceitfully claiming to be of charitable benefit. While in the background treating all non members (the general public) and those who try to leave, as unfit to eat or drink and only fit to be separated from, because all non members (the general public), are worldlies who are iniquitous

    They claim to be Christians who follow the bible, yet they refuse to have communion, worship or fellowship with any other Christian Church or Christians. They claim all other Christian Churches are wrong, that only they are right and that only they have a pure place for the Lord, yet at the same time they harbour within the group, horrendous sins, abuse, adultery, drunkenness, family division, immoral behaviour, unchristian behaviour, adulation of men and following the doctrines of men. If persons try to leave to go to a Christian Church they are declared unfit to be at the Lords Table and are separated from, often suffering intense psychological and emotional abuse, family division and family breakup, yet, the group claim to be of public benefit. If persons stay in the group they are subjected to a regime of fear, brainwashing, and kept ignorant of life, especially Christian life, through the enforcement of separation doctrines, yet the group claim to be Charitable

    In short, whichever way you asses and analyse the actions, practices, words and beliefs of the Hales Exclusive Brethren they are exposed as a deceitful dangerous sect.

    No amount of rebuttals containing lies, half truths and spin, or fancy glossy brochures can disguise or hide the real truth.

  4. Why does Bruce Hales hide? Because he is scared - very very scared, living a life of fear.

    1. A person from the media might ask him a question he could not answer.

    2. He is frightened of those who have been unjustly thrown out, had their families taken from them, persecuted and lied to. He is frightened that one of these will/may take physical revenge.

    What a way to live! Lots of cash, but always living in fear. The Bible says that perfect love casts out fear. "For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love." (1 John 4:18 ESV)


    1. Phil

      Acts 28 end of v30
      'and received all who came to him'

      If BDH is Paul, this verse should be applied

  5. Ian, could you put that full quote on from vol 125 or how can I get a copy of page 300 and 301 ?

    1. OK, Seekandsave, here it is, but it is not very edifying. I’ll need to post it in three instalments.

      The ministry was given in Barbados on 27 July 2012, and is found in the last few pages of Ministry of D. B. Hales, Vol. 125 (pages 298-301). The page numbers are shown here at the foot of each page. I might as well include the delusional bit where BDH says the Brethren are being denied charitable status because they are Christians, and the fanatical bit about fighting to the death, and the paranoid bit about those who communicate to outsiders being traitors, and the sociopathic bit about shooting and hanging. If you were to read these pages in isolation you could be forgiven for thinking this man is at least three-quarters mad. The Bible and Gospel Trust admits to owning the copyright of this dreadful stuff.

      B.D.H. Yes, that's how he viewed it, you see. I mean, some of us have been close. I know what it was like when I was younger, you get close up, you get close up to trouble, get close to trouble. God preserves you. But you believed in the truth. I could say from an early age I believed in the faith, the faith. And then it becomes my faith. It's not just their faith, it's not just the brethren's faith, it's my faith. And once you make it your faith you'll fight for it, you'll fight for it, you'll fight to the death for it. That's what we're up against with these people in England, trying to disenfranchise our charitable status because we're Christians, because we're Christians, mind you; in England, in England, of all places, in England. We'll fight to the death for it. Now anybody want to say anything? I've got three more minutes.
      N.R.H. I was only thinking, Mr. Hales, when Paul said, referred to maintaining faith...
      B.D.H. Yes.
      N.R.H....and a good conscience, does that show us that anything that we arrive at in our souls with God has got to be maintained...
      B.D.H. Yes.
      N.R.H....by the Spirit? Is that right?
      B.D.H. Yes, and by dedication to the truth, by reading the Scriptures, prayer, and attending the meetings, and following something up in the ministry. That's the secret. And it's a very good note there. This is 1 Timothy 1, maintaining faith, f, it's a very long note. The word 'faith' embraces two ideas: doctrine, as taught of God and received; and subjectively the state of soul. If I have cast off the faith, the doctrine and the state of soul are both gone. That's a terrible situation, terrible situation. Here 'faith' (first time), that means when it's first referred to, is the inward energy of grace which holds fast the
      page 298

    2. truth. The two are not separated, but the state of soul is first in the apostle's mind. In the second, having put away a good conscience, did not hold fast the faith, but lost it in some way. Second case... Anyway that's good enough, that's enough for the note. J.N.D. goes on, and you can't understand any more. If you can understand about three-quarters of what J.N.D. says you're pretty, pretty, pretty far ahead. But it's a terrible thing to see people give up the faith. They don't realise it at the first. They're giving up the Lord's Supper, they're giving up their connection with the saints, they're going on with the world, and they think somehow probably clinging on to something in the state of their own soul. Finally it all goes, it's all gone, it's all gone, and they make shipwreck as to faith. I wouldn't put that on everybody that goes out of fellowship. Some persons we've lost that were wrongly withdrawn from, and we can't get them back, because they've got themselves entangled in situations and relationships, well, they're a different case, they're not opposing the saints. But other people that have given up the faith, it's apostasy in principle. And we have to see that. Go on, Garth.
      G.A.C. Is it fearful what it says, If the light in you become darkness...
      B.D.H. Yes.
      G.A.C....how great the darkness?
      B.D.H. Yes, we've seen that with persons, the darkness. The Lord speaks about the darkness overtaking you. It's a terrible thing for the darkness to overtake me. A doubt will lead to darkness. If I have some doubt about where the Lord is in the testimony, some doubt about the truth of separation, some doubt about the glory of the Lord's Supper and our assemblings, and our stand by the truth, that doubt could lead to darkness, then the darkness overtakes you. What our position is, that we should be sons of light, sons of light. That is, that's what's characteristic, that we're in the light, we become sons of light.
      page 299

    3. R.I.H. Do you think that traitorship then is very serious?
      B.D.H. Traitorship? Yes, it's very serious. Traitorship is bad, bad. Even in the world it's regarded as bad. It's bad, it's bad, bad, bad, traitorship. If you're in trouble with a bunch of friends and they're mugs, or they're dopes, well, you could make it clear where you stand, and quit them, you can bring a report. But that's not traitorship. Traitorship is where you're going along with people and betraying them behind their back, that's traitorship.
      R.I.H. It's very current.
      B.D.H. Well, if it's current, those persons don't belong to us. The best thing is if there's anyone here in this room that's betraying the position, and communicating to persons that are no longer with us, what's on the inside position, they should declare themselves, declare themselves, get free by confession, and we'll forgive you, we'll forgive you. If you go on with it, we'll withdraw from you. So take your pick. Only two choices for traitors, confess, declare, get forgiven, or go, go. We don't need traitors, that's one thing we don't need, is traitors. I don't worry about them too much, because they generally dig a hole for themselves, quite frankly, generally. Because what joy, what success, what prosperity is there in being a traitor? What is it? Why be in a camp, one camp allegedly supporting the position, and betraying it to another camp? What future is in that? Get shot in the army, wouldn't you? Shot, just shot. Or shoot yourself, is the best thing, shoot yourself in the foot. That's what you're doing anyhow. Shoot yourself in the foot before you get shot in the head. That's not the right way to finish off a meeting, is it? But we've dealt with traitorship. Anybody disagree? Anybody disagree? You'd be really putting your head in the noose, wouldn't you? I don't mind if you do, we don't have to hang the noose up, we'll just let you, we'll catch you when you fall, give you a stool, so you land
      page 300

      on it. You don't have to get very far off the ground to break your neck, you know. Ever seen anybody being hanged? They can break a neck twelve inches from the ground. Put the noose round your own neck, and we'll put a twelve-inch stand under you, so just before your neck breaks you land on the stool.

      NRH = Nicholas Hunte of Barbados
      GAC = Garth Christie of Leeds
      RIH = Ronald Hunte of Barbados

  6. I read on another site that 'Hales in his printed ministry advocates violence towards persons who are felt to be disrespecting the Exclusive Brethren'

    Could someone please post this and the dates and page numbers?

    1. Page 15. Book 161

      B.D.H. I was just gutless. How many of us have been gutless so many times? Develop guts, take a punch, take a punch in the guts. We used to call it a certain word, solar plexus, is it? Solar plexus. That's, they punch you, you've got to be able to take a punch, a hard punch from a puncher in the solar plexus, and not get winded. Do you know all about that, Charlie Baker? You done a bit of boxing in your clay have you? I see the Prime Minister is taking an interest in boxing. I wonder whether he thinks there's a fight coming up, or something! I hope he's... I don't think he'd be very impressed!

      C.S.B-r [ Charlie Baker.] You've got to learn to be able to take it.

      B.D.H And give it, too.

      C.S.B—r And give it, yes.

      B.D.H. Exactly. Take one; give one first, my theory is, give one, give one first, and then take it back, back again, bang, out, done, down, kayo. That's the way to deal with people. Why let them get the better of you? I'm not encouraging violence, but, you know, if you do have to do it, well do it. Get one in and run if you like, before he’s got his breath back. But why give in in a group? Is that clear what I'm saying to the younger brethren? Any young brother want to speak up, and say, I've got the message?

    2. This doesn’t completely answer your question, but I have a scrap of paper with “page 15 Book 161” written at the top, and this advice about how to punch people. I suppose it must be White Book 161, but there is no date attached.

      C.S.B-r [ Charlie Baker.] You've got to learn to be able to take it.

      B.D.H And give it, too.

      C.S.B—r And give it, yes.

      B.D.H. Exactly. Take one; give one first, my theory is, give one, give one first, and then take it back, back again, bang, out, done, down, kayo. That’s the way to deal with people. Why let them get the better of you? I’m not encouraging violence, but, you know, if you do have to do it, well do it. Get one in and run if you like, before he’s got his breath back. But why give in in a group? Is that clear what I’m saying to the younger brethren? Any young brother want to speak up, and say, I’ve got the message?

    3. Hi Anon 29 Aug 16.09, I have these , however I'm keeping them up my sleeve for a Court action. Atm I don't know who u r. If you need them for a purpose then pm me on FB . Cheers, Craig.

    4. Thanks Craig
      I'm with you a lot more than you probably know

    5. Well, anon 1/9/14 16.43, you may be a shy supporter or you may be a BDH troll. If you are a troll and are implying that I'm probably not aware of the depth to which BDH's dirty tricks department is going / prepared to go , you are mistaken. I have considerable evidence, kept safely, which shows that these fanatics, whose 'religion' is idolising Hales & money, are prepared to go very low. Frankly it is very sad. However, it must be exposed. Kind regards, Craig.

  7. The reason why the Hales Brethren have many members whom they insultingly call traitors is because the leaders have a history of reacting vindictively towards members who disagree or decide to leave, so it is not safe for members to disagree openly. Mainstream churches never have “traitors” because if members disagree or decide to leave they can do so honestly without any penalty. Sometimes there is even a service of blessing to say good bye to them as they move on in their spiritual journey to seek Christian fellowship elsewhere.

    Within the Hales fellowship, enforced agreement is only sham agreement; enforced unity is only disunity with a thick layer of whitewash; enforced hypocrisy is stressful for the hypocrites and enforcers alike. The hypocrites are constantly at risk of being found out, and the enforcers have already been found out. Secrecy is the only defence of both lots, and it is fragile in the extreme.

    Besides, if a member is convinced that the Hales fellowship is rotten to the core but he feels trapped by the need to keep his family and business together, then communicating with outsiders is one of his few opportunities to be honest, to be true to his convictions, and to experience unconditional friendship.

    1. Traitorship cannot exist in a Mainsream church

    2. Wrong Ian-
      Have you asked why there may be no traitors in other churches? Is this because there is no divine standard to raise the issue?

      Worth thinking about before making a charge.

    3. Just enquiring for the sake of the young!
      What is the "divine" standard this week?

    4. Anonymous of 2 September 2014 at 05:00,

      Yes, I have indeed asked why there are no “traitors” in other churches, and the reason is obvious to anyone familiar with church life.

      Mainstream churches are not in the least secretive. Their meetings, even business and administrative meetings, are open to the public. Their financial accounts are published. Their ministry is available to whosoever will. They rarely have anything to hide or be ashamed of, and when anything shameful does emerge, they have learned that the best policy is to deal with it honestly and openly.

      Unlike the Hales Brethren, the Scientologists and hundreds like them, mainstream churches do not ostracise whistle-blowers; members communicating with outsiders are not branded as traitors; witnesses to misdeeds are not nobbled, bribed, bullied or harassed; nor are they subjected to campaigns aimed at discrediting and intimidating them.

      The word “traitor” as used by the Brethren fosters a culture of secrecy, for which there is absolutely no need in a respectable church.

    5. That comment by anon at 2nd Sept 05:00 made me choke !

      Thank you Ian for answering such a ridiculous, ignorant and frankly unchristian comment.

      I should also like to add -

      The divine standard for any sincere genuine Christian is Gods Word, which is the Bible. The clear implication of Anon 05:00 is that no other Christian Church follows the Bible. Is this really what Exclusive Brethren PBCC believe ?

      The other clear implication of Anon 05:00 comments is that its only PBCC Exclusive Brethren who follow the divine standard (which is the Bible). Is this really what Exclusive Brethren PBCC believe ?

      Or is Anon 05:00 actually talking about a different divine standard, one which is really of mens thoughts, standards & invention, but which, PBCC Exclusive Brethren disguise as somehow “divine” to deceive group members ?

      The reason why persons should be wary and ask such questions is simple, what PBCC Exclusive Brethren practice, speak of in their meetings or publish in written ministry can not be found and verified from Gods Word in the Bible therefore it cant possibly be of true divine standard

      For example, the ministry quotes on this very blog page cant be supported by the Bible so are not from Gods Word and not of any divine standard, to attempt to attribute such, is pure heresy and blasphemy

      For example, the practices of – dividing families if persons leave PBCC EB to go to a Christian Church – of refusing to worship, fellowship, or have communion with any other Christian in any other Christian Church – Of refusing to eat or drink with any non members or any other Christians – of speaking of all other Christians as worldlies – teaching that a former leader who was an alcoholic found in bed with another mans wife and who introduced non biblical rules is supposed to be a pure man and a man of god – teaching that the PBCC EB is the only assembly and the only true place for the Lord – etc etc, non of these (and much more), can be supported by the Bible so are not from Gods Word and not of any divine standard, to attempt to attribute such, is pure heresy and blasphemy

      The comment from Anon 05:00 shows just how ignorant PBCC Exclusive Brethren are in regards to other Christian Churches, which is understandable because they are not allowed to attend any other Christian Church or service to gather any first hand knowledge

      The comment from Anon 05:00 also shows how far PBCC Exclusive Brethren have drifted from the real divine standard, which is the Bible, that they try to claim as “divine” the grubby rules and standards of men which are obviously not divine standards as they cant be supported from the Bible


    6. Anonymous of 2 September 2014 at 05:00,

      From the New Testament record of the teaching of Jesus, confirmed by the apostle Paul, I deduce that the divine standard is love - love of God, love of neighbour and, most radically, love of enemy. Jesus taught that there is no other commandment greater than this and Paul wrote that love trumps and envelops all the commandments of the Hebrew Bible.

      Since the 1960s I have looked for love from members of the Taylor Jnr/Symington/Hales Exclusive Brethren, but their most important divine standard has been separation. The mainstream churches I have known in that time have all taught the supremacy of love and people who oppose them have never been labelled 'traitors'.

      In Christian terms, love is the greatest virtue and, in my view, it's a dereliction of duty that Bruce D Hales, Garth Christie and other leaders don't teach this to their followers. Everything would change if love, rather than separation from people, was the divine standard in the PBCC.

    7. Sorry to intervene here, but it appears lan and the others were rendered unable to answer the challenging questions raised by 05.00. I tend to agree with him/her that churches in general are saltless / polite institutions which lack the presence of the holy spirit. The whole thing has essentially become a lukewarm sham and is in darkness. I think 05.00 has provoked quite a heated reaction and exposed the unwillingness and churlishness of some who reject the current word of God. Thank God for a few who stand true. I just thank the wonderful PBCC for sticking to the position.

      Accept the word or reject it lan?

    8. Anon of 05:00 asked only two questions, and I thought I had fully answered the first one and Joan had fully answered the second one. If there is something else that we have missed, would you say what it is?

      You mention “some who reject the current word of God,” and you ask, “Accept the word or reject it lan?” I hope you are not referring to recent Brethren ministry and calling it “the current word of God.” If you are, I think the only people who would swallow it are people who have been intensively indoctrinated into Exclusive Brethrenism since childhood and exposed daily to relentless propaganda.

      Anyone else who is either rational or decent would unequivocally reject great swathes of Brethren ministry as unchristian, false, harmful, deceitful and toxic. A lot of it has nothing whatever to do with the word of God. God does not peddle trash.

    9. The comments from Anon 3 Sept 18:19 are a perfect example of the sin of sectarianism

      A former member of an Exclusive Brethren group made these comments about it –

      “Exclusive traditions are so deeply ingrained in their souls that they have come to equate them with godliness. Their mental association of the group with Christ confuses questioning its policies with criticizing Christ Himself.”

      “Sectarianism pervades virtually every branch of the Exclusive Brethren. It is not simply a procedural error; but rather an obnoxious affront to the rest of the Body of Christ to be repented of.”

      “And when our ecclesiastic theories separate us from other godly Christians instead of from the unrighteous, they have indeed been carried too far. As I look back over my life, I realize that I have literally majored in ecclesiastical trivia that has separated me from the rest of the body of Christ. I regret it!”

      “The Exclusive contention that the Brethren Movement was a special work of God that calls for all other godly Christians to leave their "Ecclesiastically evil" associations and join them is remarkably analogous to the "Of Christ" heresy of 1 Corinthians 1:11-13. The Lord has never visibly validated any such official presumptions. I believe that Christians are responsible to meet in conformity with the Scriptures. But the franchise on the Lord's Table that the Exclusives generally arrogate to themselves denies that privilege to Christians who do not arrive at all the same conclusions as they do from the Scriptures.”

      “The smug presumption that they are the only ones that operate with God's official approval is a fallacy that has completely reversed the original non-sectarian thrust of the Brethren movement. The fanatical traditions resulting from this assumption have provoked judgmental dilemmas that literally tear souls apart. The heart-rending anguish that has resulted over the years is beyond imagination. The Scriptures teach that the godly will suffer persecution from the world, but something is terribly wrong when the godly persecute each other. God help these Brethren to awaken to their non-sectarian heritage of being nothing but some Christians gathered in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!”

      “It couldn't claim to be the "Place" because of the non-sectarian way it began, and then operate on exactly opposite sectarian principles because it was the "Place."”

      “We grew up believing it was the only ecclesiastical position that the Lord acknowledged. We felt this so strongly that we equated faithfulness to the Meeting with faithfulness to Him. Our claim on this position was that we were the one group that had been faithful to the Scriptural Assembly principles throughout all the divisions since the Brethren first recovered the principles of Christian gathering from the Scriptures. The paradox we were faced with was that the Meeting's practices were not consistent with how they began. Our ecclesiastical position depended on our history, but our history condemned our present ecclesiastical position.”

      The above quotes are from a former member of an Exclusive Brethren group. The comments accurately describe the beliefs, practices and attitudes of the Exclusive Brethren aka PBCC Hales EB towards all other Christians and Christian Churches. This is confirmed through the comments of Anon 3 Sept 18:19, who illustrates such prejudices, sectarianism and baseless propaganda in his comments.

    10. The quotation you've copied, Brother Rev, hits the nail on the head for people who have never been a part of any Brethren group. I share the writer's bewilderment about the Exclusive 'position'.

      One aspect of the PBCC which most troubles me is the level of ignorance and (in most cases) contentment about the lack of scholarship and learning within the group. Their attitude to higher education exemplifies this.

      Yesterday it was announced in the British press that Cambridge University Library had raised sufficient funds to purchase the Codex Zacynthius, an important palimpsest edition of part of the Gospel of Luke from around C6-C8 AD. Look it up on wikipedia and you'll discover that Samuel Tregelles worked on this codex in 1861 around the time he was preparing his Greek edition of the New Testament. For a while in the 1830s-1840s Tregelles had been associated with the Brethren and J N Darby used Tregelles' and others' Greek editions for his English NT translation.

      It appears that current PBCC leaders don't think it's important to promote good biblical scholarship among their followers and I guess there'd be no room in their community for a Samuel Tregelles, or even a J N Darby, today. J N Darby lived in the age when railways were first developed in the UK. He didn't know about aeroplanes. Bruce D Hales and the brethren who follow him are content to travel by air, but it seems that they are adamant about not updating their knowledge about the Bible. This is an enormous shame and marks them out as ignorant, old-fashioned and completely out-of touch with the important biblical textual discoveries of C20 and C21.

    11. I had time to check today and I found that J N Darby owned a facsimile of Tregelles' 1861 edition of the Codex Zacynthius which I mentioned above.

      John Darby bought a number of expensive facsimiles of the various Codices which had been discovered or made available in his lifetime. It would be encouraging if a few leaders of the PBCC shared his interest in the Bible. I'm always sad when brethren in this group are uncomfortable about talking about the Bible and the codices and papyri which provide evidence of its textual history.

  8. I know of no other 'mainstream' churches that intimidate individual members during the course of it's 'services'.

  9. Was Paul married?
    If so, did he have a family?