Monday, 11 August 2014

More exposure for the PBCC cult which destroys families


The Exclusive Brethren exposed

By ninemsn staff
Air date: Monday, August 11, 2014

Craig spent his whole life inside this secretive sect.

Now he's out and revealing all in an A Current Affair Exclusive.

He lost his business and his entire family.

But the Brethren aren't finished with him yet.

Statement for ACA from the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church:

Craig Stewart attended his father’s home to view his mother’s body after she passed away. 
Craig did not attend the funeral service at the local Plymouth Brethren church hall.
Craig chose not to attend the burial of his mother at the Katoomba Cemetery, although his father had discussed with him that he could attend.
The Church did not discuss any of Mrs Stewart’s funeral or burial arrangements with Craig Stewart, as this was a personal matter for the Stewart family.


  1. I have just been told Australian EB elder Phil McNaughton is circulating a letter (in the UK, so I presume to EB worldwide) to be read, about the attack on BDH and the peebs this week, and for the Brethren to pray the devil will over-reach himself, etc. They have had lots said in the meetings recently about Paul's sufferings etc.

    That is PBCC code-speak, to anyone not familiar, for "There's yet another expose of us on the telly, and we're worried the excrement might hit the fan and our charity status be taken away and nasty questions be asked about whether we're actually a cult rather than a pretend church. So batten down the hatches, pray like stink, and use this opportunity to fall in love just that little bit more with our beloved Mr Hales who we like to pretend is Paul sort of reincarnated-but-better."

    All kudos to Craig Stewart for getting a little of his story and current treatment, out there via ACA.

    The silly PBCC have shown IN THEIR OWN STATEMENT to the ACA programme, how isolated and weird they have become after years of self-imposed separatist insularity. They emphasise Mrs Stewart's funeral arrangements were a "family matter", yet in the same sentence they say they refused to discuss those arrangements with HER SON CRAIG.

    Idiots, heartless truth-distorting idiots. Jesus wept.

  2. Some points to consider

    - Is it at all Christian to refuse a close relative access to a mothers burial ? and would this ever happen within a genuine mainstream bible following Christian Church ?

    - The PBCC aka Exclusive Brethren claim to public and authorities in the UK that they are a “mainstream Christian church” who “have the same doctrines as the Church of England” and who “just follow the Bible” .

    - So please PBCC Exclusive Brethren, a) explain what other mainstream Christian churches behave the way you do ?, b) explain which Church of England doctrines command relatives not in the C of E to be refused access to relatives funerals, c) explain which C of E doctrines command those not in the C of E church to be separated from and withdrawn from, d) which C of E doctrines command the C of E to become intimately involved with a members business ?

    - I notice the PBCC Exclusive Brethren are using the old evasive tactic of claiming it’s a “personal matter”, thereby trying to evade any corporate responsibility.

    - Yet, if the corporate PBCC Exclusive Brethren don’t agree with the actions of the family in refusing access to the mother funeral, why have they not explicitly and with clarity, distanced themselves from actions supposedly not in accord with corporate teaching

    - When PBCC EB make a statement saying “The Church did not discuss any of Mrs Stewart’s funeral or burial arrangements with Craig Stewart, as this was a personal matter for the Stewart family” who / what is referred to by the term “The Church” ?

    - In normal terms a Church consists of its members. A funeral & burial is also a Church event. The Church is fully involved in the organisation, planning etc of such an event. Individuals can not just turn up at a church building and conduct a funeral without prior planning or knowledge of the Church, nor can individuals turn up at a burial ground without prior planning. In addition, what its members do at a Church event such as a funeral, reflects on the corporate Body and the image of the corporate Body in the eyes of the general public.

    - The PBCC EB public statement admits the funeral service was held in a corporate Church building, because it says “Craig did not attend the funeral service at the local Plymouth Brethren church hall”. Therefore, as the funeral service was not held in a private home but in the local PBCC EB hall, the PBCC EB at a corporate level were fully aware and responsible for the conduct of the funeral arrangements and carrying out the wishes of the family.

    - In normal terms if the wishes of the family do not fit with the ethos, doctrines and beliefs of the Church being used, the Church representatives would say so.

    - In this case the corporate PBCC Exclusive Brethren clearly were fully aware of the funeral arrangements and fully in accord with the wishes of the family.

  3. Got nothing better to do than have a dig at the PBCC you rotten lot? I think the PBCC have been really kind and considerate in this matter.
    A Grave accusation to make and wholly rotten attitude towards these lovely outstanding Christians.

    The Grim Reaper

    1. The GR

      I know your post is a spoof,

      However, please explain how the PBCC have been

      "really kind and considerate"

      when they created barriers which prevented a son from being at his mothers funeral service or at her burial ?

      The matter of a cult masqerading as a Christian Church which interferes with a members business, which creates barriers preventing a son from being able to be at his mothers funeral service or burial and which separates and withdraws from persons, resulting in divided families, just because persons are no longer part of the cult, is not a matter to jest about, or make light of !

    2. Grim Reaper
      Could you please explain how the PBCC Exclusive Brethren have been really kind and considerate.
      Are you poking fun by using the expression "grave accusation". Most reasonable people would consider it entirely inappropriate to use such language in the circumstances. Perhaps your irony was unintended but it was nevertheless insensitive to the Stewart family (including Craig).
      Sadly we have come to expect this sort of reaction from EB sympathisers when even the mildest criticism is directed towards t the cult.

    3. What is outstanding about the EB is a huge pile of sins

  4. Funny how PBCC supporters resort to rudeness! That is what people do when they have no argument on their side.

    1. Would we be right to say - .
      A Bone of contention has arisen forth and hither created a grave situation, so to speak?
      I feel it would be better for these problems to be suitably solved between the parties themselves and thus burying the problem.
      I see no argument to be had in this matter Jill. It appears you thrive on sowing discontent instead of contributing something good.

    2. So true Jill, that is a giveaway.

  5. I fear GR is an ex-EB who thinks he/she are being funny.

  6. Makes your blood boil. And I never cease to be amazed that the members of the HEB cannot see that their sole purpose in life is to enrich the HEB's owners - the Hales family. Idiots!
    But Craig has all our sympathies.

  7. Dear Brethren,

    Please note this latest exposé is not an attack on the position by the devil but another genuine and accurate insight into your 'leader'. Please read it with an open mind, and think long and hard about it.

  8. The PBCC Ltd always distance themselves from anything untoward by saying it is a "personal" matter. Thus, non disclosure of funeral arrangements, disinheritance, and so on, are all personal matters over which "the church" has little, or no, control. Really? How disingenuous!

    Any attempt made by members to go against the ethos of separation by, for example, inviting relatives and friends to a funeral, favouring family in the matter of inheritance, and so on, would be met by social isolation, psychological pressure, threats (of eternal damnation, for example) withdrawal and temporary excommunication, until the members were broken and PBCC enforcers were sure that they were again under control. In the matter of inheritance, this would imply administration of Wills so that the cult had secured the greater part, or all, of the estate.

  9. Why should attendance at a funeral even be a matter of discussion?

  10. In the light of Craig's story and the predictable rebuttal by the PBCC of his claims, I really want to hear from the PBCC how they justified ransacking my own father's funeral. He was no longer a PBCC member, the arrangements for his burial were all in place, he did not specify in a will that he wished the PBCC to bury him, so why did they turn up in numbers and chase mourning family members away from the graveside? Individual exercise? I think rather it was a calculated, co-ordinated and premeditated insult by the church.

    I've heard of people returning to the PBCC in their old age, worried that they have no-one to bury them, they really needn't have bothered.

    Is it through fear of these kind of actions from ourselves that they surround themselves with security people? Guilty conscience, maybe?

    Mark R Elliott

  11. This film mentions that Bruce Hales will say "it's in the past" I have heard the brethren say "we don't do that anymore" But they are still ripping families apart We are currently trying to help a family that is experiencing this right now

  12. The full official response is now available on pdf doc from the website of spin




    ALLEGATION 1. Brethren prevent son from attending mother’s funeral. Craig: “They told me I’m not allowed to go to the funeral service, that I’m not allowed to go to the cemetery.”
    RESPONSE Craig’s father invited him to the burial service, without reference to anyone outside the family, on the understanding that he show respect. Craig emailed and advised his father he would not be attending.

    ALLEGATION 2. Pictures of candles and music with religious overtones
    RESPONSE Images and sounds were not of the Brethren. This was a digital mock-up and is both false and misleading.

    ALLEGATION 3. “Craig has been cut off from his family, And today, he’s been banned from attending his own mother’s funeral”
    RESPONSE See above.

    ALLEGATION 4 “Craig has been cut off from his family, his church”
    RESPONSE Craig chose not to attend church for many months before making his decision to pursue a different lifestyle to that in which he was brought up by his parents, and had lived with his wife and family for 55 years.

    ALLEGATION 5 “Craig has been cut off from his family, his business”
    RESPONSE As a result of his actions his wife divorced him which resulted in legal proceedings for the purposes of separating their assets, including the business. He was given the opportunity, (documented by written offer), on more than one occasion, to purchase the business and he did not avail himself of that opportunity.

    ALLEGATION 6 “Bruce Hales ordered him to sell his business”
    RESPONSE False.

    ALLEGATION 7 “and the millions he receives in tax-free donations from his followers in white envelopes”
    RESPONSE False.

    ALLEGATION 8. “If you’ve disagreed with Bruce Hales – which is very rare, because of the consequences – you will be withdrawn from in due course”
    RESPONSE Excommunication is extremely rare and is based on holy scripture. After extensive time has been taken in pastoral care then it is the responsibility of the local congregation. Even after someone has been excommunicated, pastoral care is available for counselling. At times in very serious and rare breaches of loyalty to the brethren fellowship, summary action by the local congregation has been required. In the case of Craig Stewart, Mr Bruce Hales neither advised or was asked for his consent or approval in relation to his ex-communication. Mr Hales was overseas.

    ALLEGATION 9 “But I have repeatedly asked for current photos of my grandchildren. They will not give me anything”
    RESPONSE The inference is that the Church has directed the family to withhold these, which is totally false. The family has chosen not to give Craig photos of their children because they do not want the photos to be given to the media.

    ALLEGATION 10. “Right now, the body of Craig’s mother is in there, his father’s house, but Craig is being made to wait outside in his car”
    RESPONSE The first time Craig arrived at his father’s house he was granted immediate access along with his companion into his father’s house. He had unrestricted freedom to view his mother’s body as he wished.

    ALLEGATION 11 “Mr Bruce Hales will be saying what’s to happen…He will know what’s going on and he will be saying whether it goes ahead or not”
    RESPONSE Mr Hales had no involvement or knowledge as to the funeral arrangements.

    ALLEGATION 12. “A week later, we return to the cemetery to find that Craig’s mother has been buried. He wasn’t told.”
    RESPONSE Craig emailed and advised his father he would not be attending, further to this Craig’s father informed him his mother had been buried.

    © Copyright Plymouth Brethren (Exclusive Brethren) Christian Church Ltd 2014
    Download The PDF Here

  13. ALLEGATION 2. Pictures of candles and music with religious overtones
    RESPONSE Images and sounds were not of the Brethren. This was a digital mock-up and is both false and misleading.

    True. Candles and music are images of a mainstream church. The PBCC is a full blown cult with a human being elevated to deity status.

    ALLEGATION 7 “and the millions he receives in tax-free donations from his followers in white envelopes”
    RESPONSE False.

    Maybe Gareth puts the money in pink envelopes now in order to refute this well documented fact?

    ALLEGATION 8. “If you’ve disagreed with Bruce Hales – which is very rare, because of the consequences – you will be withdrawn from in due course”
    RESPONSE Excommunication is extremely rare and is based on holy scripture

    Point me to a scripture which says 'If thou shalt watch a Royal Wedding on TV whilst doing thy shopping, thou shalt be withdrawn from'. Or ' if thou placest thy hands on thy future wife's breasts before marriage, thou shalt also be withdrawn from for seven times of the going down and rising of the sun'.

  14. Message left by Craig on a public facebook group in response to the PBCC spin in their attempts to try (but failing) to refute the allegations

    Craig Stewart
    Dear All,
    The cult have just posted the predictable mixture of spin & outright lies 'refuting my claims'. It will be my pleasure tomorrow to prepare & post the verifiable & witnessed truth of these matter. I will then challenge Beedy to a public debate compered by a respected journalist. This will give him an opportunity to show the public whose taxes are subsidising his cult how genuine he is. What is the point of having a letter read out to every assembly universally asking for special prayer that the Lord might cause the devil to overreach himself in the 'current attack on our beloved brother' when you are lying thru your teeth ?! Sorry Beedy , but you are the one who has overreached , your whole way of life is now a denial of your own fathers ministry. Regards , Craig.

  15. Allegation 7 "and the millions he receives in tax-free donations from his followers in white envelopes"

    Desperate people resort to desperate measures. It is hard to believe that these supposed christians will lie like pigs in mud to protect their leader.

    For a number of years I was responsible for distributing the "bounty" for the brethren in the locality in which I lived (near Sydney) and all "gifts" were handed out in cash in white envelopes. I personally handed gifts to Bruce Hales whenever I had the opportunity, as he lived relatively close by, and he only ever responded with a "thank you". He never wrote a letter of thanks to the local brethren. When he took over from his father we were told publicly that we needed to give more as the gifts he was receiving were not covering his expenses. On contrast, his father told us on a number of occasions that we were giving him too much.
    When a man receives hundreds of cash gifts each month from all over the world, and never responds in writing to the donors, where is the accountability?

    1. Maybe it's time to visit the tax authorities/ACA with your testimony?

    2. Absolutely correct. They will have a field day. This is long, long overdue, not only for BDH but worldwide where leading brethren have been engaging in tax evasion - a criminal offence - for many, many years by failing to disclose these payments. Older readers will remember that saintly brother, A.J. Gardiner. He disclosed these receipts and paid his tax on them. He knew they were taxable - he was an Inspector of Taxes!!

    3. Yes agree, you are exactly right Larry. I don't believe anything will change with PBCC until they are held to account.

  16. I've been thinking about the way the PBCC and Bruce D Hales treat the opinions and experiences of former members and people who've never been in this particular group of Exclusive Brethren. The impression they give is that they don't think they have anything to learn from outsiders.

    Mainstream churches, on the other hand, try to make good use of the whole range of non-members' views and comments - from the informal, evaluating visit of a 'Mystery Visitor' to the opinions of other denominations, expressed in ecumenical meetings, and public opinion in general and, of course, the views of politicians. Where the media are hostile there may also be a lot to learn and consider.

    My impression is that many brethren in the PBCC simply don't want to be informed. They don't want to find themselves on a learning curve. They are completely satisfied with the PBCC and don't think any kind of learning is necessary. For them, the worries highlighted in this video are not worth considering. Justifiable public concern about Bruce D Hales's cloistered and lavish lifestyle, and the way former members are treated, are not matters that the PBCC seems prepared to take on board.

    It seems that no brethren person in the PBCC is permitted to disagree with or question Bruce D Hales, so what is reflected back to them from outside is uniquely important. It may be the only channel of information available to brethren.

    I wish they would stop automatically interpreting information offered to them by outsiders as criticism and ask themselves, "Is there any truth in this? What can we do to learn from non-Brethren observers and commentators?"

    1. Joan, I suspect your thoughts there are spot on. In their eyes they are the chosen ones, the elect, God's favourites,God's special provision on this earth, with a leader directly (spiritually) descended from the Apostle Paul and acting with his anointing today. So why should they look outside themselves for comment, input or correction. With their claimed unique hotline to God they are wise, insightful, informed and clearly above all human wisdom.

      We know that's not true, but they don't, and the subject minions daily go along with this living out the lie each day.

    2. I was reliably informed that when an EB member (now PBCC) was queried about his affiliation to the then current leader, the discredited, alcoholic James Taylor Jnr., he was reported as saying that he thought he (Taylor) was "mad" but he could not see any alternative!

      Such is the thinking among these poor, benighted people.

  17. I have a long standing friend still trapped in the PBCC, who on his own admission does not even believe in God. He continues with this ghastly scenario as he does not wish to lose his wife, children and grandchildren. If the stipulations of the Charity Commission were taken on board he would no longer need to live this deceitful existence as he could walk away with his extended family intact.

    Let us not forget that, most of them are so bored and miserable that the anticipated visit of the Elect Vessel is relished with the same sort of excitement children show in December each year for the visit of an equally fictional character!

    At least the children's version comes bearing gifts rather than taking your money!

  18. Since when have the PBCC referred to death as 'passing away'? I thought people were 'taken' or 'gone to be with the Lord'.

    Reminds one of a certain Monty Python sketch involving a parrot!

  19. I live in England, work for a brethren company and I'm not religious. The unfairness, racism, ignorance, stupidity, disrespect to those not in their religion/cult, sexism, rudeness, lack of christian morals, misunderstanding of the bible, and so on is getting unbearable. Pay me well though so I put up with it. Shocking to find out what has been going on. Bet JT & the G squad aren't to happy.

  20. After approval? Why? Who's hiding things now?

    1. Relax, 22.45..... Comments have always been published "after approval". Even the inane nonsense, vitriol and misinformation written by PBCC commentators have been published - so nothing is hidden; unlike any blog/website controlled by the PBCC where only supportive comments, from awesome granny et al, are allowed.

      Hope this helps