Tuesday, 12 August 2014

ACA has only scratched the surface of this evil sect

From Wikipeebia today written by a freind;

Last night as we watched yet another damning expose on the Exclusive/Plymouth Brethren - someone asked a very pertinent question. "What religious church/cult leader refuses to have any image of himself in the public domain?" You could add to that - what religious leader refuses to ever make a statement of any kind in public about his church/sect. God knows the weirdos can't wait to spread their 'messages'. But not the Exclusive /Plymouth Brethren.

The answer is - one that has something to hide. I know why Bruce Hales hides behind his meticulously fabricated wrought iron fence surrounding his multi-million dollar mansion. I know why he rides in cars with darkened glass. I know why he hides behind body guards despite no-one ever doing him any harm. I know why he gets PR consultants to do his dirty work and inner circle henchmen to do his talking. He DOES have something to hide. He cannot be trusted to speak lest he slip up. He knows that the lie that is Exclusive Brethren-ism cannot be debated because it is as flawed as a two dollar watch.

While Hales can keep his congregation in the dark - and the grip of fear of the loss of everything they hold dear if they ever slip up - he knows that he cannot answer the curly questions if faced off with the media. Why? Because what he would have to say does not make sense. Nor is any of it Christian in its attitude to people. The anomalies are everywhere - as their website shows. It's a complete fabrication of lies. People had their lives wrecked for some of the stuff they say is how they lead their lives today. 

Let's take a recent example or two. The story last night on A Current Affair was about an old problem with the Brethren. It was about an old problem with the Hales and the Brethren. That problem is meddling in people's businesses. They can't help themselves. Not content with taking a generous financial skim off the top for themselves, the Hales have to be involved in everything. 

And last night we saw a father in tears - forced to give up his business by Hales - and his family - and cast out from their midst to suffer alone. His mother died and they even cancelled her funeral -only to hold it at a later date clandestinely to make sure he could not attend. It broke his heart. He of course is not alone. It happens to most people who leave this wretched sect. And what was this bloke's sin? He spoke to Hales and told him he didn't want to sell his business which Hales had ordered. And now with nothing left to lose- he is fighting on. And rightly so. 
Then we hear of the ex-sister - a mother of 6 kids - who was raped by a Brethren brother - and nobody did anything about it except point an accusatory finger at her as a harlot! A bit like the people in some middle eastern countries who stone women to death after they have been raped. But not the rapist! Amazing. 

They threw her out and did everything they could to frustrate her efforts to continue to be a mother - even enticing the two kids she had custody of back to the Church with inducements. She died last week at a relatively young age of a broken heart. Literally. Her kids - now all back in the Brethren - were ready to go to her funeral - they'd even paid for their tickets to fly half way across Australia - when the Sydney bosses told them they could not go. Her service was a small humble affair - a few friends who had taken the time to bother- while the Brethren kept their distance. Lest they be defiled. The evil bastards. They sent along a couple of 'observers' to watch the proceedings from a distance. It seems they don't put any credence in the parables of the new testament at all. Which makes sense as the leader of the Exclusive Brethren is not God - but Bruce Hales. 

The inhumanity and evil secrecy of this group is reaching major league proportions. They have fought hard to obtain their charity status in Great Britain - only to reverse everything they said they would do - once they got it. They are deceitful, lying, cheating and evil. They are NOT Christian in any way. They cheat to get rich. They cheat when they steal people's businesses. They cheat when Hales annexes people's inheritances. And they cheat with their closed door sectarian schools when they put their hands out to the Government for millions to run them. They were solely established to keep their children separate from the evil influences of the world.

It is time for Hales and his cohorts to pay people for the hurt and injustice he and his predecessors has metered down upon them. They don't like paying. They believe they are the only right ones. But as I said at the start of this - if they really are right - how come Bruce Hales has never had the guts to stand up and put his case so people can hear what sort of an argument he can hobble together to clear the air. You know why? Because everything that is said about them is true. You cannot defend the indefensible.

And like the poor broken buggers I write about here - there are thousands more. I am one of them. They wrecked my life. They took my family from me too. They did not listen when evil was done to us. And they took anything that might rightly come our way. It's why today - I fight through websites such as this and with the media to make sure that someone hears what they really do. They won't get away with it forever. That is a promise.


  1. The EB members refer to their leader as 'the elect vessel'

    Is there any scripture to support this?

    There is one that speaks of 'an elect vessel'


  2. The evil actions continues. The HEB's are not happy until they have completely destroyed you all the while purporting that they are a mainstream religion. I think you would be hard put to find a group less mainstream and less Christian in their actions. The hard part to understand is how the run of the mill individual in the HEB can be so brainwashed that they are willing to take part in the evil actions.

  3. My HEB father was dead and buried before they told us that he had died. In addition to this, we were not allowed to visit with him when he was dying. Unfortunately, the cruelty of the HEB has no bounds.

    Evil prevails when good men do nothing.

  4. I note the Brethren's rebuttal of Craig Stewart's story on ACA. They deny everything of course. Sadly for them - there are just too many of us who have suffered the same experiences and injustices at their hands. I too was denied the right to see my mother before she died - despite her being in a hospital for months moments from where I lived. They then told me of her funeral plans with no chance of me making it there in time. They are evil. They are cruel. And to say that Stewart's excommunication was a 'local' matter and not one that Hales was privvy to is utter bullshit. Symington gave me the bullet- I was told as much when they finally advised me. You cannot reason with liars. It's something they are getting very good at. You only have to read their own website to see what liars they have become. Oh! - one moot point- Hales fortress/mansion - which includes land and houses around him - cost $12,000.000. Not 7 as I reported. It's good being the MOG.

    1. As you say, “It's good being the MOG.” That is confirmed by what Jim Taylor said in Reigate.

      He said, “It's a good thing to make money as a universal leader, you know. Very good to make money that way. If you don't get any mail in the morning you cry your eyes out!” See Ministry of J. T. Jr. Vol. 145 page 60 (Reigate, July 1970)

  5. The Hales earthly mansion, is only the tip of the financial iceberg!

    1. I sometimes question if he has a heavenly mansion prepared for him!!

  6. $12,000,000. Not that much really when the compensation payouts for harm and detriment are enforced. That's only 24 ex-members @ $500,000 each and there's a lot more of us than that.

  7. Quote from the reply of the Stewart family to the ABC programme 11 August 2014 Craig Stewart. “ The program says that he hadn’t seen his mother in a long time. He visited her on 2 occasions in January and February this year, and neither requested or attempted to visit her from that time until her death. At no time did he make a genuine attempt to assist with her care.”

    I am writing as an ex member of the Exclusive Brethren (PBCC) who left many years ago because I deeply disagreed with their practices of separation in connection with the splitting up of families when a member is withdrawn from. My heart goes out to Craig Stewart who appears to have been on the receiving end of behavior which is unusual for a group of people who say they are Christians. No other Christian group that I know of behaves in this way.

    The quote above says “He visited her [his mother] on 2 occasions in January and February this year, and neither requested or attempted to visit her from that time until her death.” Twenty years ago I faced a similar situation with my mother who was in the Hales EBs. I would write to her but one day one of my letters was returned with the following written on the envelope, “Please don’t call again, please don’t write again, mother does not get your letters, in the name of the Lord Jesus.” As for visiting my mother, when I knocked on the door to see if I could see her I was told it was not convenient. Over a period of 6 years until she died I managed to see her three times (although I had tried to see her several times), and that was because I worked out where she would be at a certain time in a certain place and I was at the place too. I knew I was unwelcome so I refrained from visiting. When she died I was not informed until her funeral had taken place. A year after her death I called at the house where she had lived and asked my sister why she had not told us of my mother’s death so that we could attend the funeral at the cemetery and her reply was “That’s the way it is and I am not arguing,” and slammed the door.

    Then 18 months ago my mother-in-law was very ill and we were informed that we could see her in hospital. We duly made the long car journey in the snow and had about 30 minutes conversation with her. At no time were we left alone with her, two men members of the EBs were present all the time. We were informed when she passed away and told when and where the funeral would take place. The behaviour of the Hales EBs at the funeral was most unwelcoming, bizarre and ill mannered. Our group of mourners were closer relatives to my mother-in-law than anyone else present at the graveside yet they had the gall to ask us to move from our place 10 metres from the grave to a spot 30 metres away. We politely refused. At no time did any of them speak to me although one or two may have nodded in my direction. When it was all over my daughter who was in tears turned to me and said, “Dad, thank you for getting us out of the brethren.”

    The quote from the Stewart family “He visited her on two occasions … this year and neither requested or attempted to visit her from that time until her death, “ seems to be engineered to make the reader think that Craig Stewart was at fault and dilatory regarding his visits. But I know from my knowledge and experience of the EBs, being an ex member, that they do not make ex member relatives welcome and always make sure a Hales EB member or members is present in the room at the visit. Is it surprising that under such conditions a withdrawn from son thinks twice before visiting his Hales EB mother ?


    1. The behaviour you describe is despicable. And the interception of mail in most circumstances is illegal in the UK under the Postal Services Act 2000. Perhaps someone ought to point this out to the Brethren.

  8. How typical of the duplicitous and iniquitous Exclusive Brethren (PBCC Ltd) to set up obstacles to discourage contact and then perversely use this as a weapon to suggest that a non member had been desultory in his affiliations. How, by the way, was he supposed to help with care from this position as an outcast?

    On the subject of mail, I have been reliably informed that EB(PBCC) members, over a certain period, were compelled to pass to enforcers any mail, received from non members, for scrutiny and, I assume, disposal. I suppose anything untoward in the mail that smacked of clandestine or "illegal" activity would have led to discipline and reprisals.

    A lawless, totalitarian regime!

  9. Yes, interestingly - mentioned above how they 'dont like to pay'....I have noticed this recently. They owe me, for taking away what they have done, and have explicitly told people concerned that they DO NOT have an excess of funds, and CANNOT afford to compensate people...as they are 'a charity', with only limited funding....!!! Im still waiting though....they might be in a rush to get it over with, but im not.

  10. Well this will interest you. BDH see's himself as the current-day Joseph (although much greater of course , as BDH is 'the same as Christ except in "measure" and only a small difference in measure') except rather than accumulate corn , Beedy is accumulating a huge store of $ for a rather quaint scenario he's forecasting. HUGE store of funds stashed away & growing!!