Sunday, 6 July 2014

Ought Bruce Hales & his fellow abusers such as Christie and McNaughton be brought to justice

The PBCC it would seem are turning a blind eye to all detriment and harm caused by their Church-ought they be allowed to simply bury their head?


  1. There needs to be an official inquiry into this very harmful 'mainstream' charity. Why should they be subsidised by the taxpayer? How can they get away with dismembering families?

  2. If I remember correctly, the English Charity Commission, in their report on the PBCC in January this year, referred to the fact that the Brethren had told them that some cases of wrongdoing by this group of Exclusive Brethren were 'historic', implying that they no longer behave in such disgraceful ways.

    As far as I know, Messrs Christie and McNaughton have never committed an act which would lead to an indictment under the criminal law in the UK or Australia; but victims and observers of the practice of their group of Exclusive Brethren over the past 50 years are now asking what they, and Bruce D Hales, are doing to admit and put right the detriment and harm their Brethren have meted out to so many people since the 1960s.

    In the UK at the moment there is a public focus on ensuring that powerful men are arraigned for the evil they've done, even if the crime was committed decades ago. An investigation into the historic mishandling of evidence at the heart of government is to be announced by the Home Secretary in the House of Commons today.

    Why don't the PBCC appoint an independent lawyer to investigate the detriment and harm their group has done to so many people since the days of James Taylor Jnr, so that wrong can be admitted and remorse shown - and compensation offered where it is deemed necessary?

    1. Joan..l would wake up and smell the coffee. If that is how you have come to view the brethren, then don't create a big fuss when they start to ignore your requests. I'm not surprised at their dismay, especially when they have always been helpful and respectful. You are an intelligent woman who has known the character of the brethren for many decades, so it's my own feeling that you know better. You know what is right, so get back to some more balanced comments please. Already have a wicked woman making charges, so don't become like her or end-up in that hellish position.

      Respectfully ,
      Leonardo J Octavianus

    2. Leonardo,

      You say to Joan, “so get back to some more balanced comments please.” In what way could her comments be any more balanced? Joan more than any contributor here has consistently given the Brethren the benefit of any doubt and has put the best possible interpretation on their words and actions. As far as I can see, the only way she could be any more balanced would be to be less generous, less tactful and more realistic in her descriptions of their sordid and disgraceful history.

    3. LJO....I would rather concern yourself with your own extremely dodgy position as the principal ranter on this blog against good, genuine Christian folk, and others. Also, your unenviable position as defender of the indefensible in your support for a very harmful organisation.

  3. The organisation of PBCC aka Exclusive Brethren certainly ought to have its Charitable status stripped away.

    The damage, division, harm and detriment the group has done and is still continuing to do, to persons, families, relatives, marriages etc in the UK means they are not a suitable organisation worthy to have the privilege of “Charitable Status”

    They only won a reprieve in 2013/14 because they conned the UK Charity Commission, UK Parliament and a few others, with lies, deceit, double speak, half truths and misinformation.

  4. To correctly address the issues of detriment and harm caused by the doctrines of the PBCC, we need to know who is legally responsible for the organisation. It seems pretty clear to me that 'accolade' belongs to Charles William Hathorn, who is apparently the sole director of Plymouth Brethren (Exclusive Brethren) Christian Church Ltd.


    I will be forwarding my lengthy list of issues to him forthwith, with copies going to the Charity Commission, Baroness Berridge, Garth Christie and my local MP.

  5. Anyone who has suffered unlawful abuse at any time, however long ago, should also consider contacting the police; they will investigate if they think there are sufficient grounds for complaint and will advise regarding prosecution.

    1. If anyone feels they would like to do this but are not sure then please contact me. I am in touch with the relevant police department and would be happy to talk though concerns etc. The same is true whether or not the perpetrator is a member of the EB. All child sexual abuse needs to be reported. If person X has abused child A and child A reports it but there is a lack of evidence so there is no case brought. But then if child B also reports person X - that means we have a stronger case. Once one person reports others will come forward. We know this. I can be contacted on research @ themyttons.co.uk (remove the spaces). I am a member of the British Psychological Society and will keep confidentiality and anonymity if requested.

    2. Oh don’t be ridiculous. These humble and Christian men have been hand-picked by the Lord to serve others selflessly and carry the light given to a favoured 44,000 people into a dark world. Brought to justice? Nay, they are attempting to bring justice into an evil world. These great men deserve your support, not your filthy envy. The Lord picked them, not you. Get used to it.

      Leonardo’s Granny

    3. From what I am seeing in the news (UK) today 8th July 2014, the recent scandals over the last few years involving historical abuse of children by those in power of whatever type (celebrity, authority, religious), is leading to a series of government inquiries and investigations.

      From what I understand listening to news articles on the subject, there will be an overarching inquiry as to - how institutions have handled reporting of child abuse, how it has been dealt with, what allegations have yet to be examined, what new prosecutions might take place and what steps are in place to prevent it happening again

      Those institutions mentioned as subjects of inquiry include –

      Government departments & parliament
      Any organisation that has contact with children
      Religious groups, churches

      Those who have suffered abuse at the hands of PBCC EB members, or those who have evidence, might want to consider contacting the enquiry once it is fully set up

    4. The comments from Jill Mytton further exposes the treachery some have stooped to. Western governments and police largely recognise moral authority, so I think the efforts to falsely charge the brethren will not prevail.
      Jesus said to tbat women..Go and sin no more. She was not only free from those who laid charges, but also set free and sanctified from sin. My candid suggestion to Jill, is she had better make sure of settling her own history, before even thinking of laying charges. Is is evident from your comments Jill, that you are a very wicked and destructive woman. Very simple really..

      Former member saved by grace

    5. Anonymous22 July 2014 13:44,

      I have read Jill’s comments again, hoping to understand your accusation of treachery, wickedness, false charges and destructiveness, but your post still makes no sense to me and I see nothing in Jill’s post that anyone could reasonably object to. Can you explain what there is in her post that provokes these comments of yours? I would like to understand how you think.

    6. Former member saved by grace 22 July 2014 13:44

      How is your conscience?
      Are you trying to rejoin, hence you support them?
      or if you are not ~ is it because you realize the EB have faults?

    7. Forner member saved by grace 22 July 13.44

      Nasty assault on a good person; it is rather like someone calling you a sanctimonius, insensitive bigot, who happens to be in the very dodgy position of supporting an unchristian cult.

  6. I recently discussed such abuse cases with a local MP; the outcome was not positive. Although it is clear that authorities can be notified and will intervene.....she did NOT understand the nature of indoctrination, and seriousness of such abuse happening within this sect, and refused to see any difference to other parts of society when it comes to: Informing the authorities. I simply could not get this point across at how difficult it is for members of the sect.....compared to a significant proportion of others in society as a whole.....I tried my very best.

  7. You tried your best to do your worst is a lot nearer the truth here. No wonder then that MP rejected your unjust charge. Your efforts might be taken note of if constructive and were not seeking to cause harm to those you were once with.

    1. The charge was not unjust; just a debate over modus operandi. There is evidence of, and convictions for, abuse within the EB (PBCC Ltd)

      Whether someone was once with an organisation, or not, it makes no difference to disclosing wrong; however, this action is, no doubt, regarded as traitorous, according to the bigoted mindset of the cult adherent.

  8. It is difficult for those who have never been members of the Exclusive Brethren to appreciate the insidious nature of this cult. This is especially so since they seek to disguise themselves as the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church. This re-branding was introduced in 2013 to cause confusion and seek to misuse the good name of "Open Brethren" - a denomination of christians they despise.
    However the words "transparency" and "the Exclusive Brethren" do not sit well together.