Sunday, 27 July 2014

More PBCC cult rules

My contact managed a quick glimpse at the PBCC guide issued to instruct saints on airport behaviour for the Aberdeen mtgs.

Q: Are you Plymouth Brethren?
A: Yes.

Q: Where are you going?
A: Private function, we have a busy schedule and must get on. 

(Smile, don't get involved in dialogue, say "Have a nice day," to finish.)


  1. And if that doesn't work call the reporter a c--t like your Australian comrades did.

  2. They're so gullible now's our chance to slip something else in front of them and they'll never realise the difference.

    Q: Are you Plymouth Brethren?
    A: Yes, I belong to an insidious cult that abuses women and children and specialises in breaking up families while its leader in Sydney just gets richer and richer but unfortunately I'm just some poor sucker that doesn't know any better so I just get dragged along with it all.


  3. Further words of BDH wisdom during his latest UK/Europe tour, from an HEB insider:

    BDH is stressing that no principles have changed. Separation is maintained. He is tightening up on the competition too - Ebay is now a "bad site".

  4. Of course separation has to be maintained, or else the crooked edifice will come tumbling down. EB (PBCC Ltd) members might find out that life outside the cocoon of the Man of Grog's money making empire is not at all bad; They might even become Christians, or favour their families over their so called "Brethren". The latter's loyalty extends only as far as financial interests dictate - business, inheritance and estate.

  5. Quite what the poor sheeples are supposed to do if they're approached by some worldly saying anything other than, "Are you Plymouth Brethren?", I have no idea. Feign being semi-mute I presume, because they haven't been Told What To Say On This Occasion? I find it horrifying how inward-facing this cult now is... they just seem to be moving further and further from being allowed any natural normal spontaneous interactions with the outside world. And yet they HATE being referred to as a cult... Where they get the idea that normal churches behave in the weird, controlled, duplicitous way the PBCC/Excl Brethren do, I haven't the faintest clue.