Sunday, 27 July 2014

BBC Wiltshire today


7:45pm Jul 27
I turned on my local radio (BBC Wiltshire) at 6.35ish this morning on my way to work, and who should be on it but some Swindon peebs! One S.African import sister said of her RRT duties, "I enjoy it; it makes me feel good to support something that needs to be supported." So, I wondered, does it make you sad to support something that your church does that is unforgivable, like breaking up families?

"The simplest things are the best things," said the Fire Incident Commander, talking of RRT cups of tea ...rather than complicated things like giving your Brethren grandma a hug, or sitting round the table having tea with your Brethren family.

The programme can be heard for the next 6-7days on this link (starts at 35:50)
27/07/2014, Graham Rogers - BBC Wiltshire
Graham tackles issues from a faith perspective, including the county church news.

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  1. I wonder how many have been abused by enforcers, over the years, for flirting with radios; some being hounded almost to destruction. If this cult stuck steadfastly to their old rules; for example, as followed by The Amish, and other introverted sects, one would have a modicum of respect. However, the pharisaical, opportunistic, wealth driven Hales Exclusive Brethren (PBCC Ltd) are appalling hypocrites, beyond contempt. The corrupt, Australian Godfather and his international, mafia structure of abusive leaders and local soldier/enforcers should be held accountable for all their crimes. Apparently, they fail to acknowledge their guilt and to make reparations for their wicked behaviour, over decades. According to their beliefs, however, one day, they will be weighed in the balance, and found wanting.