Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Are the Hales Exclusive Brethren (PBCC) a Church or an abusive cult

Well, it is better that they have changed a little than not to have changed at all. But the HEB system still has many changes to undergo before I would think of it as a respectable Christian church. 

Until it allows or encourages the advanced study of any of the arts, sciences and humanities it will still be seen as abusive, and for as long as its rules demand slavish, unconditional obedience to their leader and his every whim, it will still have cult status. As long as it denounces people and practises extreme separation from them merely because they have divergent opinions, it will still be guilty of extreme sectarianism. So long as it promotes the values and behavior of the last 50 years, it will still be seen as falling short of the moral standards that civilized society expects. 

But it could change. It changed from a church to an abusive cult within barely 10 years, so it would not necessarily take very long to change back.


  1. The Questioner16 July 2014 at 13:51

    More than 10 years ago. I left over 30 years ago and it was abusive then.

  2. I left 50 years ago and it was abusive then! but it got worse

  3. I left 50 years ago and it was abusive then! but it got worse

  4. I'm assuming the original comment refers to ten years being around 1960-1970 rather than the last ten years?

  5. It is above all the Hales family business. And boy do they do a great job of extracting money from the members who are so stupid, or brainwashed, that they can't see how they are being taken for a ride!!! Next MOG is another Hales - you can bet on it [if you can find a bookmaker to take the bet, which I think is highly unlikely! It's a cert!]

  6. Gay or straight?