Monday, 12 May 2014

Unbelievably desperate measures taken by the ever hypocritical PBCC



  1. Devilish. Large groups of men wearing shorts.Exposed legs.The brethren supporting them

    "You wont ever change us" .So they said

  2. In the video we see members of the RRT helping at a Charity event on a Sunday, which if these persons are bonafide members of the Exclusive Brethren Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, is without precedent and in breach of all the Exclusive Brethren have taught and enforced since JN Darby !.It shows how utterly desperate the Brethren are, that they are prepared to throw away centuries of “teaching” to chase after the monetary benefits of Charitable status

    The RRT owned, operated and run by members of the Exclusive Brethren Plymouth Brethren Christian Church does not use the services of non Brethren members as far as I am aware, although this may have changed !

    I say it may have changed, because any Brethren member found to be missing Sunday services at the local indoctrination center (sorry, “meeting room”), would be questioned as to the reasons and any member found to be working, or frequenting “worldly places” on a Sunday would certainly be “spoken to” by a local enforcer. Any one of these three offences would risk the person being “withdrawn from”, that is, kicked out of fellowship, losing contact with family, friends etc !

    If the RRT is now employing the services of non Exclusive Brethren members (either paid or voluntary), then RRT presence at a Sunday event might be considered less mercenary of the Brethren.

    However, the RRT is still an Exclusive Brethren Plymouth Brethren Christian Church operated organisation, so there is still the “association” and “link” to a Sunday event, even if they use non Brethren members. Those who know the Brethren (especially former members), will know the fear, terror and paranoia of an “association” or “link” to persons, organisations, events, etc outside of the Brethren, as such things are taught to be defiling and contaminating, therefore persons risk being “withdrawn from”, that is, kicked out of fellowship, losing contact with family, friends etc !

    If this event is viewed in the light of what the Exclusive Brethren Plymouth Brethren Christian Church members are taught to believe, it can only be seen as hypocritical and mercenary

  3. The RRT is an exclusively PBCC Ltd organisation, as far as we know, and the people on the clip appear to be PBCC members, if "fascinators" are anything to go by; although, I did spot a set of slightly long sideburns!

    Clearly with such a departure from all Exclusive Brethren teaching doctrine and practise, from all the past decades, the PBCC have clearly turned a corner and will be ready to make reparation for all who have suffered under the tyranny of the, apparently, discredited doctrine. Such reparation will include financial compensation for loss of family, jobs, homes, inheritance, and so on. For many thousands it will be too late, and the emotional, and some physical damage, can never be repaid.


  4. Illuminator - I have just seen a pig flying past.

    What infuriates me is that they disable the comments on their youtube offerings - why?Who else does that - we don't.

    Trouble is most will not see through this

  5. What colour did they do BDH? Yellow? Because that's what he is. Cowardly, spineless and feeble.

    Man up, Bruce. Face the facts and let's start to negotiate a settlement for the harm and detriment caused by yourself, your father, your old adversary JHS and your relatives before him. Any reasonable businessman would see the sense in investing now to secure a future untroubled by 'disaffected former members'.