Friday, 9 May 2014

Unbelievable hypocracy


Watch the movie and see if it dovetails nicely with forcing blind brethren to have guide dogs put down and many ordinary members to have family pets destroyed.


  1. Noticed the use of a beach for surfing, in the video clip

    The Exclusive Brethren Plymouth Brethren Christian Church’s former leader James Taylor Junior, the alcoholic one, who was found in bed with another mans wife, which created the 1970 division, and whom the Exclusive Brethren PBCC and current leader Bruce Hales calls “Our Beloved” and a “Pure Man” said the following –

    1960 Beaches - 'It is not right to go to an unclean place' Vol 6 P 608 Vol 25 P 131

  2. The "dripping wet" young bro's look more like Hollywood actors on a film set

  3. YOU ARE ****ING JOKING!!!

  4. The Questioner10 May 2014 at 09:13

    Any one of these things: motorbikes, surf boards, beaches, bands, were enough to get you excommunicated losing family, even at a very young age. Some apologies might be appropriate, if unlikely.

  5. I was unable to enjoy the full impact of this clip as I lost sound (thus possibly reducing the vomit threshold). At least it appeared to be accurate in that it showed boys having fun, girls preparing and serving food, plus universal (enforced?) alcohol consumption.

    I do think the more the PBCC Ltd use these glossy, advertising clips, the more cult like and business orientated they appear. You feel that there is something being hidden behind these advertising images, the participants need to justify and "sell". The especially selected "Hollywood" good looks are a fake. It could be The Church of Scientology, or any other cult, for example.

    All those folk who had their families ripped apart, or were thrown out of their homes for similar activities, must be seething with righteous anger at the hypocrisy and duplicity of this organisation. I know of one who was disciplined, and eventually forced to leave, for flying model aircraft; now, according to the advertising brochure, kite flying is very much in vogue.

    I am minded of Joseph Goebbels' films of cosy family life in Nazi Germany; the children gathered around the Christmas lights, blinding the reality of aspects of the regime.


    1. I meant "raising" the threshold of sickness, since I did not have to listen to spoken propaganda; the images were quite sufficient.


  6. I noticed the following statement by the PBCC in the article at the head of this thread:

    "Respect for elders, neighbours and the general community, property, animals and the environment (creation) is promoted and upheld as a key principle of life."

    I am elderly and between 1986 and 2010 I was a neighbour of a Symington/Hales Exclusive Brethren family. This family insisted on separation.

    It would be excellent if the PBCC were now discarding the separatist teaching and practices introduced by James Taylor Jnr in the 1960s. In my optimism since January this year, when the Charity Commission published its document, I've expected that non-Brethren people - and former members - will now be treated 'openly, honestly and fairly'. At the moment, following recent communications from a senior member of the UK PBCC which have deeply distressed me, I'm not convinced that they have any intention at all of changing.

    When I analyse what this senior 'brother' wrote to me I conclude that while PBCC members are willing to help 'people in need' (hence, presumably the RRT project), they still have no sense at all that the fundamental command of Jesus, confirmed by the apostle Paul and backed by the author of the first Epistle of Peter, is that they should love their neighbour as they love themselves.

    Why do I have to be 'in need' before PBCC members are prepared to love me? And how can they love me when they separate from me?

  7. I for one am pleased Hales Excl Breth (PBCC) kids/people are allowed to do more normal stuff these days. But the important point is "allowed".

    They are still members of a personality cult led by one man. If the dad or mum of one of those boys who're so happily surfing or flinging themselves around on their off-road bikes, suddenly does something that seriously annoys or threatens BDH (or one of his dedicated team of sub-leaders), that boy and his siblings will be moved out of their family home so fast they won't be able to say "leisure pursuits". And if said recalcitrant dad or mum sticks to their guns and continues on the path of BDH-annoyance, those kids might as well wave goodbye to a proper relationship with their parents forever.

    Freedom to go to the beach or whatever, acquired over the past few years of BDH loosening the JHS screws of the 70s-80s, doesn't start to mean much after a few months of having to treat one's loved parents like pariahs. Believe me, I know.

    It's all about control, and most Brethren have lived under it all their lives - it makes me laugh when they offer opinion on these PR videos about how "free" they now are! They are speaking from the perspective of someone who has no idea what that word actually means. It hits hard, when one leaves and suddenly realises how many things one is now freely able - indeed responsible - to decide for oneself... tangible things AND intangible, such as the true operation of one's conscience for the first time in one's life. The difference in 'freedoms' is so huge, it's almost like moving to another planet.

  8. A good heartfelt commentary on 'real' freedom here, addressed to young HEB-ers: http://www.friends-alive.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=153&sid=f9f7a2a7ab4dbb51e8dc04346ebfef23

  9. The Questioner11 May 2014 at 09:00

    The only problem with this item is the title Laurie has given it. It is entirely believable.

  10. Interesting comment; one aspect of PBCC Ltd promotional advertising (by the way, has anyone joined, yet?) is lack of information on the iron shackles that bind (young people, especially) to the cult. Imagine the anger and tension within one of these glossy households when a young person says he, or she, does not want to go the meetings or would like to follow a prohibited career. Such a person will come under extreme psychological pressure (in other times they would likely to have been beaten). Eventually, he/she will be shunned by the remainder of the family and will have to eat separately; this may continue for months until someone is likely to have a nervous breakdown, or the recalcitrant is ejected from the household, or the remainder of the family are placed under discipline because of the "canker" still remaining. There will be no pleasant ending, unless the recalcitrant confesses his/her "crimes" of wilfulness and returns cowed, and beaten, to the fold.

    This is the harsh reality behind the deceptive gloss.


    1. Illuminator asks (by the way, has anyone joined, yet?)

      Illuminator . Realistically people stopped joining up with the exclusive brethren group,back in the 60s . Or maybe even earlier

      I'm sure some others here can probably give you a more firm estimate, than i can.But ive heard of very few who joined this group .In many years

      Because they will soon learn, that they wont be allowed to have continued contact with their non eb family.

  11. At 12 years of age in the EB I was persona non grata for having an electric guitar, at 14/15 I was publically humiliated in another localities meeting for having sideburns not even reaching the bottom of my ears, At 17 years old in the EB I was pilloried for having a motorcycle and at 18 endured similar reproach for buying an MGB roadster. In my early 20's and married I was interviewed as to what I had under my bed. At age 32, I had enough and left. Now all I need is a modicum of dignity, wisdom and self respect and things are going rather well without the EB bastards diktat.

  12. The Questioner12 May 2014 at 11:44

    I owned a small inflatable dinghy. 2 hour 'priestly' and told that it was a test of fellowship. Reason? Acts 15:39: Barnabas and Mark sailed away from Paul in a boat. I suppose since surfboards or mountain bikes don't get a negative mention - or any kind of mention - in the bible they're OK.

    1. Welcome to the mad, mad, and very bad, unworldly world of the Exclusive Brethren!

  13. So you can't get 'out' by motorbikes or surfing
    Nor, from observation, by the lack of a headcovering (females) in public

    You young and old who are trapped in the false EB system
    just speak the truth about idolizing and worshipping a man on earth, which is a despisal of the greatness Christ

    You'll soon get free and not have to keep up the lying and cruelty of the EB system

  14. You might also get free if you insist upon what the scriptures say rather than blindly follow the whims and changing rules issued from Sydney.

  15. Look, why not see that the Brethren are making progress?
    Bitching about them will not help it will compound the situation.
    Also the EB have a great way of life.
    Also I feel it is great that the young today have these things to do.
    I know a little about what I am talking about and the best way to do anything about it is by being a better citizen myself, for me that is keeping occupied with what is positive and positive people.
    The EB are making progress and yes we all have crap in the past, if it is still effecting my life today, then yes we need to act, but their are two ways to
    sweep a room. Rush it and create dust and make the situation worse, or slowly and get the job done.
    The life today of the EB is a good life and I would not want my kids out of it.
    Yes their is room for change, what Church or organisation cant? I will say they are hard workers and have on average a better life than the average person of the same age.
    Every organisation if applying as a Charity has to abide by the terms and conditions. That is the nub of it.
    One of the biggest issues at present is that the Charity commission T&C's is not being taken seriously or the management in the meeting /congregations (for the non ex exclusive brethren readers) know enough about the T&C's so it may be best to ask the person you are dealing with are they aware of the CC T and C's ?

    What needs to happen is for everyone to MAN UP and if you want to carry on acting like 4 year old kids then fine, but it will not get anyone a resolution with a amicable solution in what they would like.
    Also if you tried to tackle the other Church or religions the way some of you do then you could be in trouble as racialism and is actually hate speaking.
    What is Hate Speech?
    Content that attacks people based on their actual or perceived race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or disease is not allowed. We do, however, allow clear attempts at humour or satire that might otherwise be considered a possible threat or attack. This includes content that many people may find to be in bad taste (ex: jokes, stand-up comedy, popular song lyrics, etc.).
    So Stop the Hate speeches' as a they are illegal and B it will not help

    Anyone that wants to challenge me Please e mail me direct on my FB messenger see Tim Scott Godalming

    1. Tim Scott,

      I hope you are right when you say (twice) that the Brethren are making progress. The main change that I see is the public effort of the RRT. Can you tell us if there are any changes of the sort that the Charity Commission asked for? They produced a long list of Brethren practices that were thought to be harmful or detrimental to the public, especially to the ex-members, and I would be particularly interested to know if the Brethren have made any progress towards rectifying these problems. If so, how exactly is the progress reflected in the Brethren’s practices and/or their teachings?

    2. Tim Scott
      I have not seen much evidence of hatred towards individual members of the EB. Personally I have no animosity towards the rank and file of the EB. Indeed I feel sorry for them.
      However many who post here have every right to detest a system that has deprived them of a normal family life. Such people have not enjoyed "a great way of life".
      My own children were deprived of even seeing their grandparents right up until the time those grandparents died. Has there been any progress in redressing wrongs such as these that have existed for over 40 years?
      I also find it remarkable that you would not want your children out of the EB. Do you have regular contact with them?

  16. Tim Scott

    I can see the Brethren are making progress in functioning in the world of business, the utilisation of media and devices for that purpose and a liberation of some rules concerning activities, dress and so on. Some of these changes may be necessary to hold a captive flock and to increase wealth for new buildings, schools and so on. Your own networking profile bears testimony to that. Unthinkable, but a short time ago!

    However, as Ian comments, there do not appear to be any changes of the sort that are required by the CC. Families do not appear to be reunited, normal social contact not taking place, apologies for wrong doing not issued, reparations not being made. People who contact the PBCC, on these grounds, are ignored or rebuffed.

    You suggest that people stop acting as 4 year old kids and that they should "man up"; I find that patronising towards the many thousands who have suffered, in all sorts of ways, at the hands of Exclusive Brethren enforcers. It indicates a lack of empathy; this appears to be a common trait within the PBCC. Many people comment on this blog and elsewhere, including many who have never been members of the Exclusive Brethren - teachers, and so on. The "disaffected few" no longer has credence.

    Your remark on "hate speeches" is contentious and mischievous. I would not regard criticism as hatred; if it were, the status quo would never be challenged. Satire is one avenue of expressing criticism; it is effective because it is often amusing. It is only those who set themselves up in pomp and arrogance who are usually on the receiving end of such satire. If anything "illegal" was happening on this blog, the PBCC Ltd legal team would be the first to challenge. Other churches and religions are not "attacked", probably because they are not offensive. However, if you are a regular reader you will find plenty of comment on religion and cults, not to mention a host of other subjects such as science, theology and the rest.

    Finally, when The Exclusive Brethren (PBCC) admit the errors of their past ways, admit the harm they have caused, enabled the reunification of families and made reparations to those they have wronged, I think blogs, such as this, may gradually cease. Until such time, modes of debate and criticism - yes, satire, too - will flourish. However, that being said, there will always be a watchful eye by responsible adults on the rights and liberties of the young. You will not be able to deny them their aspirations for ever.