Friday, 2 May 2014

Treated like a dog by the PBCC

This letter was sent by an acquaintance of mine to his local PBCC enforcers to no avail 


I have asked numerous times for an amicable solution as to our affairs including financial and health support.
It is of regret to say I am having to take action including going public as to my experiences if I am not paid as stated in this message as compensation and for what is owed as my requests have been repeatedly ignored, I am going to publicly publish the actual situation as to the treatment that my family including my wife and children, my grandparents, my parents and more recently myself have had. The treatment endured including covert survaliance, deformation socially and commercially. I have had personals been abused and even been shunned by persons in the community.
I have studied the charity commission terms and conditions and the persons involved in my case have not abided by the agreement. (see part attached )
Page 20 section 90 and pages 21 section 94.
It clearly states that any person who has chosen to leave or otherwise is dealt with fairly and should provide assistance financially.
I have had the most horrific experiences levelled against me to such an extent it has effected my personal and financial situation included in the breakdown of my marriage.
I will be sending proof of what is mentioned in this message to the Charity commission and a copy to my MP.  It needs to be noted that I was sent to the Dr to get a report as to my health. the report clearly stated my confusion had been bought on by the treatment by members of the PBCC as it was publicly and socially made known that I had Bipolar by unqualified persons. I was then asked to go and see a psychiatrist as it was still believed and made common gossip and knowledge within the PBCC that I was mental. I did this and the report from the Dr's clearly stated that I had a stress related condition related to Post Traumatic Disorder from the treatment from members of the PBCC.
My wife has been and still is influenced by members of the PBCC to of left me. From April 24th 2013 to date my wife and children have been told, advised and influenced to have no contact with me.
I have also been blocked from seeing my wife and children by members of the PBCC. I have had threatening phone calls, persons spying on me and my customers and suppliers contacted and visited by members of the PBCC to decimate my reputation and make it difficult and hard to trade.
If this message is ignored and the payment not made I will send information and a report to the necessary persons to publicise and set up a blog on the internet as the actions of members of the PBCC especially from the persons in the Guildford, Farnham, Fernhurst groups/meetings.
The action of the persons responsible  is of a deformation character and does not represent a church or a Christian as stated in the terms and conditions of the Charity Commission agreement.
To be clear it has never been my wish to of been excommunicated.

I will also make it clear that if I have any person turn up and cause issues and threaten me or my friends, I will have no hesitation in calling the Police.

Yours sincerely


  1. Many of us ex-members would love to draw a line under the whole history of harm and detriment we have suffered, but how will it be possible when the PBCC can't even find the good grace to at least apologise to us. The sad thing is that the people who caused me the most grief personally are now 'with the lord' having died with their actions remaining un-judged. One in particular should have been welcoming Max Clifford into his cell as we speak.

    For these, the only remedy is compensation. A lot of compensation. It's not as if they haven't got the money.

  2. This letter is distressing to read. I wish the author well.

    One of the problems I've had with the PBCC leadership is that some of the men involved are very poor communicators. Put simply, far too often they fail to acknowledge or reply to letters and it's almost impossible to arrange a meeting with them. That is unprofessional behaviour which tends to exacerbate what may already be a difficult situation.

    It's Saturday morning in London and I've just walked down the road to buy today's newspaper. I noticed that our church door was open and saw a couple of people going into the building. This reminded me that our vicar is always available in the church on a Saturday morning between 10.00 and midday so that people can pop in to chat with him in his office about anything that concerns them. He's not alone in the building because church members are there preparing the church for Sunday worship (flower arranging, sorting out cutlery and crockery for a planned Sunday breakfast or lunch etc etc.), but individuals wanting to talk to the minister can do so in quiet privacy.

    It struck me that the PBCC might like to consider such a system. I know I would find it helpful to be able to go to their local meeting room at an appointed time to talk in confidence with a leader and I'm sure the Charity Commission would view such a facility as a benefit to the public.

  3. Could this be passed (by the individual) on to ebcompliance@outlook.com.

  4. The people that really count in life are the ones that support you without conditions and the power of the love and support you receive from those around you that care is immeasurably stronger than the influence of those that seek to hold domination over others.

    That being said if someone is withholding their support based on the influence of another then it is not fair to blame them but to seek to release them from the influence over them.

    You will overcome this, you have faith and others have faith in you!