Monday, 12 May 2014

Pertinent extracts from the Charity Commission decision document which are being ignored by the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church

These key paragraphs in particular are not being communicated to PBCC rank and file members and are clearly being both ignored and swept aside by the leadership!

For those who haven't read the full document here's the link;

It would be most productive to print copies to distribute to PBCC members with the below extracts highlighted;

Page 20 section 90, page 21 section 94, page 51/52 section 7;


  1. I have come across open refusal to read the CC report

    Why don't the Charity Commission insist every member over 18 is given and reads a copy

    It would be so easy, with the EB's own publishing house
    They could print a separate white book with the report in full
    Who knows, may be there would be more spiritual nourishment in it, than their regular issues

  2. The Questioner12 May 2014 at 14:26

    Great idea but not within the CC's remit. As far as they - the CC - are concerned, since the document is on a public website anyone can read it. The CC have discharged their duty in this respect. However, you can rest assured that the CC will be informed of the situation.

  3. Almost half a year into their period of probation and the rank and file PBCC display no change of attitude to ex-PBCC family members, even those who have suffered ill health for many years. For all the RRT hamburgers, fire engines and bottles of water, a cold and distant PBCC mother is seemingly incapable of calling her epileptic daughter, despite already losing another child with the same condition. Can it get more hard hearted than that? Where's the Christian compassion the Charity Commission have insisted on?

    The only way we can ever move on from this overt display of malicious and vindictive behaviour is to be compensated now, as many of the leaders who robbed us of an education, a decent vocation, a decent vacation ,even just a CHOICE are now dead.

    I would appeal to the PBCC to address this issue forthwith, please do not make your final meeting with God any more uncomfortable than it already will be. To begrudge people who have suffered the utter misery of losing partners, children and the only 'friends' we knew, a few years of settlement and recompense is the ultimate insult by a group that is far more interested in accumulating cash and deceitfully distancing itself from it's many wrongs, than changing for the better.

    Mark R Elliott

  4. I am from the UK and can confirm that in the case of family relatives on all sides of our wider family who are members of the PBCC, there has been no change in behaviour at all.

    The lack of, or no contact, continues as it has for the last 40 years.

    We have tried contacting one set of relatives including sending the CC report and explaining what it means, only to be met with a reply stating that contact would “not be “beneficial” to either side” !!

    I have kept a copy of this and other correspondence (always initiated from our side), and will send it later this year to the Charity Commission

    Either the Brethren are clueless about the implications and actions required of the CC report, or they have tried to wilfully mislead and deceive the Charity Commission, in the hope that it will all blow over, by committing to change they have no intention of honouring and putting into action

    Thankfully the CC have put the PBCC under review.

    The truth will come out, even if it takes years

  5. Having, as far as I am aware, no relatives left in the Exclusive Brethren and noting that the PBCC have acted wrongfully, and without compassion, towards me, and my wider family in the past, I wrote to ask for reparation by way of the return of, at least, a portion of the major part of the family's inheritance that parents left the Brethren for the housing of members and building of meeting rooms, and so on. I suggested that his might be a just and fair way to recompense the family, rather than be involved in a welter of publicity, accusations, recriminations and submission of available evidence.

    My polite request was politely refused on the grounds that the documentation I produced could not substantiate my request and that the making of Wills was a personal exercise of free choice.

    The evidence I have witnessed, and noted, suggests that his is not the case and that Exclusive Brethren (PBCC) members have, in the past, been under scrutiny and pressure to favour the Brethren in the matter of their Wills.

    It seems that the PBCC would prefer the bad press and blogging to continue; also, preferring to retain expensive legal teams, rather than do the decent thing and make amends for all the detriment, harm and financial loss they have occasioned.

    Needless to say, the matter will be pursued; The Charity Commission, members of the Government and other interested parties will be kept informed. Ironically, unwittingly, I had a small, historic, but vital part to play in the CC 2012 decision. it is surprising how old anecdotes of life in the Exclusive Brethren, with one's contemporaries, may eventually bear fruit!