Tuesday, 20 May 2014

PBCC education in the United States

Email received today;

Hello to anyone there.....especially to any associated with publishing this helpful blog. Greetings from America.

Would like to chat with witnesses from AUS and UK regarding Ex Brethren cult practices and domination/harrassment of teachers from their schools as well as the flow of public money from AUS/NZ schools to the coffers of the American school system called "Sterling Education". www.sterlnged.org

Many may not yet be aware that this sect is washing Australian tax grant money through 35 campuses in America while abusing American employees and teachers. Child abuse rampant, gender and religious discrimination, severe civil rights violations while claiming "not for profit" status that is for "public good" even as schools operate as closed private entities.

Tremendous lawsuit imminent. All blogs and sites originating in America have been forced to shut down from Brethren lawsuits......

a true historian would be greatly appreciated.....

with held for now |mathomatic99@gmail.com


  1. Try


    for the link. The link above in the does not work

  2. Yes, www.sterlinged.org/ (not www.sterlnged.org) is recognizably an Exclusive Brethren site that describes Sterling Education, the Brethren’s North American school system. It should not be confused with an Australian organization of the same name, which has no connection with Brethren.

    The rest of the post could benefit from some clarification. We have seen evidence related to most of the worrying allegations Mathomatic99 has made, but not all of them. Could he indicate what the evidence is for the flow of public money from AUS/NZ schools to the coffers of Sterling Education, and could he say what the imminent lawsuit is about?

  3. yes, sterlinged.org....twas a typo I'm afraid

    certain parties were made directly aware of fungible cash that was awarded to AUS schools for solely AUS work interchanged for other EB business cash,transferred to America (sometimes literally in suitcases) whereupon it was leaked into American EB trusts and entities and used to build up Sterling Ed.

    This is but one SMALL part of the larger puzzle coming together under the noses of certain individuals in the US DoJ regarding both EB cult activity and NOA racketeering....

    As for the lawsuit, as those things go, since it is ongoing, I cannot say...sorry...

    1. Hello Anon 22.05.14 - 19.45 - what is "fungible cash"?? I don't recognize that term, is it an Americanism?

    2. Anon 23may2014 22:13 .It almost sounds like it perhaps might represent cash, with a strange strong repugnant moldy smell to it.In this case a bit of a puff ball about to implode

    3. Fungible means interchangeable. Ordinary cash is fungible, because one dollar is as good as any other dollar. If the government were to subsidize schools by paying directly for new equipment or providing book vouchers or granting tax concessions, these subsidies would not be fungible because they can’t easily be exchanged for other forms of cash.