Friday, 2 May 2014

Medics stance on PBCC life

It has been drawn to my attention on a number of occasions that eminent Medics have told fully paid up PBCC members that their psychological problems are cult related and that the only sure way to expedite recovery is to exit the fundamentalist sect at the earliest opportunity.

There is also a rather grotesque Hales driven PBCC antipathy to Alcoholics Anonymous which seems strange to any casual observer.


  1. Do we have any written evidence of this? It would be useful to have it.

  2. Several Brethren leaders have objected strongly to Brethren seeking professional help from psychiatrists, and have sometimes denounced psychologists too. I expect they were afraid that Brethrenism might be identified as the cause of the patients’ problems.

    1. Yes.And sometimes should an under aged youth be leaving their cult.Then they wont try to use the power of the police,to have this member returned to their fold.Especially if abuses have happened.And if the member has not been delivered the profession help that was really needed.

      When i left as an under age youth.At first the priest threatened to use the power of the police to have me returned.But they dared not carry this threat through.

  3. Quoting from the title post Laurie says

    “There is also a rather grotesque Hales driven PBCC antipathy to Alcoholics Anonymous which seems strange to any casual observer.”

    Exclusive Brethren of all types are very contentious about use of words, names & descriptions.

    Alcoholics Anonymous involves going to “meetings”, possibly becoming a “member” and the AA speaks of itself sometimes as a “fellowship”

    If a description, name, or word used to describe an item, place or person is entirely innocent and benign, if it conflicts with what Exclusive Brethren are taught to believe, then that item, place, or person is an iniquitous association !

    That is what the whole “associations” teaching is all about, not being allowed to be a member of anything (club, team etc), outside of the Exclusive Brethren

    Exclusive Brethren are taught they can only be “members” of the Body of Christ, which for them is the Exclusive Brethren, so no other “membership” is allowed !

    Exclusive Brethren are taught they can only be members of one “fellowship”, which for them is the Brethren, so being a “member” of another “fellowship” is verboten

    Therefore, Alcoholics Anonymous is frowned upon as it involves possible “membership” and is sometimes called a “fellowship” !

    This type of dispute, contention, and arguing over “Words” has historically marked Exclusive Brethren, its also specifically warned against by the Biblical Apostle Paul in the New Testament of Gods Word ( 1 Timothy 6 & 2 Timothy 2)

  4. Before the introduction of compulsory drinking (whisky by choice) by the alcoholic Taylor Jnr (the pure one) alcoholism was unknown in the Exclusive Brethren; like almost all fundamentalists, they used to be teetotal, in principal; although, I expect some drank secretively.

  5. Just for the record. It is true that physiologists are frowned upon but you are allowed to go. Secondly I go to AA and I know many other brethren that go as well. Third thing is that in my lifetime drinking has never been compulsory.