Friday, 30 May 2014

Is CHANGE needed in the PBCC from stem to stern or have the Charity Commission got it all wrong

It would seem that the Hales Exclusive Brethren who rebranded as PBCC deny the need for change and progression within their rarified ranks to comply with the terms of the recent Charity Commission decision document.

Click here for the full doc; http://www.charitycommission.gov.uk/media/591398/preston_down_trust_full_decision.pdf

Of particular note are the following sections of the above document;

P20 section 90, P21 section 94, and P51 section 7.

All those prominent Elders (Purdom, Christie, Hathorn, Woodcock etc) that I have conversed with in recent months say they haven't read the document and most seem splendidly ignorant of its significance!

Neil Purdom was telling me in this picture what a terrible, shocking shame it was that my parents had joined another Christian Church.


  1. Personally I am delighted that my wife and I joined a REAL Christian church! The HEB are about as far removed from even the basics of Christianity as it is possible to get. Leaving was one of the best decisions we ever made.

  2. "Neil Purdom was telling me in this picture what a terrible, shocking shame it was that my parents had joined another Christian Church."

    Shouldn't that read "had joined a Christian Church"?

  3. So then - If you two are now happily settled into your "church", what is the point or purpose of complaining? Are you missing out on the real deal? That's a question which is closer to the point here.

    Frank Lee

    1. “What is the point or purpose of complaining?” Asks Frank Lee. That is an important question.

      There are several points or purposes.

      First, it shows the leadership that there are limits to what they can get away with. It shows that there is a price to be paid when they harm their own members and others in pursuit of their own agenda. That price is bad publicity, which they may pretend to laugh off, but it probably serves as a deterrent to them and other cult leaders, preventing them from exercising even worse totalitarian control. In that way it indirectly protects the oppressed members from further oppression, particularly the children, who have no realistic means of escape. It might even induce the leadership to initiate a much-needed program of reform.

      Secondly, there is value in demonstrating that the foundations of Exclusivism are artificial and riddled with falsehood. This will not make a scrap of difference to the leadership, but to disillusioned members it is very important. We know it is, because it was very important to many of us in the EB when we were trying to decide how much irrationality, inhumanity and immorality we could tolerate.

      I feel deeply for those Exclusives who are thoroughly miserable with their lifestyles but hang on merely because they have swallowed the propaganda that says, “There is only one right position and we are it.” These are the ones who could benefit greatly from a bit of enlightenment. These are the ones that could gain enormous relief from discovering that they have no moral, rational or scriptural reason to continue in slavish obedience to their would-be overlords.