Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Garth Christie holds the carpet whilst Bruce Hales sweeps

Messers Reiner, Barter, Hazell, Hathorn, Turner, Woodcock et al. look on steadfastly and unflinchingly.


  1. Read about the dreadful situation in northern Nigeria where a supposedly religious leader/captor thinks that girls should not become lawyers, teachers or doctors.

    Garth Christie and the other men mentioned above sweep under the carpet Mr Hales' attitude to university education and his denial of the human rights of his followers to be educated to their full potential.

    1. Dear mr anonymous number one! Mr Hales (who the hell does he think he is...?!), is sweeping under the carpet a LOT more than what you are pointing out; its very clear from the above diagram of what is and has been swept under the carpet for decades....and yes it does compare with whats happening in Nigeria; when you consider the length of time such abuse has been continuing for. And what makes it worse.....is that everybody knows about whats happening in Nigeria....its on the news for all to see....

  2. "Messers Reiner, Barter, Hazell, Hathorn, Turner, Woodcock et al. look on steadfastly and unflinchingly."

    Faces of some rather stern elderly sisters up the back seem as if they hadn't accommodated a smile in 50years

    1. They have not had much to smile about during the past 50 years!!

  3. The Questioner13 May 2014 at 12:19

    The article with this cartoon is worth attention: http://nakedpastor.com/2014/05/10-reasons-why-abuse-is-easy-in-the-church/

    1. The list of ten reasons why abuse is easy in a church fails to mention one of the most important reasons. The worst prevalence of abuse has been found in those churches that foster a patriarchal culture in which men have authority and others, especially children, are expected to be obedient.

  4. Just read this, this afternoon on the friends alive website


    Ha, this is just in case the media are present! teehee..... seriously this is for real... From a recent fellowship meeting my friends attended in NZ. Advice to the saints in a little booklet that they had to cling onto for their very lives all the weekend.


    In the event that media are present at the meetings, it is advised that:

    * Only the nominated security person will communicate with any media.

    * Brethren are to move quickly into cars or coaches after meeting.

    * Brethren to behave in a way that displays the Brethren positively and there should be no behaviour that brings the Brethren's name into criticism.

    * Brethren should avoid staring at the media should they be present.

    * Act normally and smile, and display the Brethren in good light at all times. (yes 'smile' is in bold in the fellowship meeting passport)

    End Quote

  5. Can easily tell, the cartoon likely isn't meant to be depicting an eb group.The children are missing.They seem to like to teach them while very young,about how easy it is, to just shrug their shoulder and turn a blind eye to abuse that is experienced by others

    But i'm guessing that within many separatist groups the same thing will still also apply to some degree. Something about religion, seems to coerce followers, to develop their feelings of concern in a very selective manner.While suffering by famine, wont tend to be overlooked for very long.Faith abuses, more often than not, really don't seem to rattle many religious peoples consciences in the slightest.

    A form of cronyism exists within the realm of religion.In the similar way that it also exists among lawyers.So we are some people, whom are now paying part of the price of that.Jesus had enough wisdom and forward thinking, to have warned us against ever allowing it to happen.But in general, humans seem to always learn very best by experiencing these mistakes that have been made.

    The worst part of this whole scenario, is that people whom are being forced to continue live under these nasty forms of separation.Are few, and now exist within a minority.And to make this even worse, sadly many people,will only tend to be moved by things that also happen to effect them personally.Or perhaps things that our society has taught them to need to be concerned about. And faith abuse,in general, is one thing that has most always been allocated the green light, within society

    So in effect its really not just religious groups that tend sweep these abuses aside,within their minds.Really the practice has spread right throughout our society

  6. Please excuse for being off thread, but in view of the interesting debate on science teaching, on preceding pages, it should be noted that two PBCC Ltd Focus Group schools - Oakwood Education Trust and Springvale Education Trust are currently having applications considered for charitable status by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

    Despite the glossy promotional websites, those interested should take into account (to mention a few negatives) the limited education on offer (especially an inadequate science, literature and religious studies curriculum) lack of interest in university entrance and into many careers, poor integration, limited sporting programmes, and so on. One positive being that teachers, not being members of the PBCC Ltd, will be able to do something to add a degree of normality and will, no doubt, do their best to deliver a teaching programme under such challenging circumstances.

    Those who are concerned may like to take a little time to get in touch with OSCR, 2nd Floor, Quadrant Hoiuse, 9 Riverside Drive, Dundee DD1 4NY Tel 01382 220446 info@oscr.org.uk (www.oscr.org.uk).


  7. Illuminator - Thank you for inserting your comment.

    I’m immensely concerned by what I read and hear from teachers in PBCC schools. The publication of a banned book list by the PBCC last year was an eye-opener to me. How could the Focus Learning Trust be so ignorant? Some Brethren members with whom I discussed it were equally disturbed by it and, like me, were glad when the list was quickly withdrawn.

    Education involves working patiently and creatively with children and young people to develop each student’s curiosity and knowledge. The Brethren don’t want their children and young people to be curious or knowledgeable about many aspects of the science curriculum, for example, and their Religious Studies teaching is totally inadequate.

    In my view, it’s appalling that Brethren children are educated exclusively, cut off from all normal contact with their non-Brethren peers In many cases they don’t even have the experience as teenagers of finding their own way to school on public transport. Imagine being so restricted at a time when you should be working towards adult independence!

    1. Joan wrote, “Imagine being so restricted at a time when you should be working towards adult independence!”

      Teachers and normal parents often see their role as helping children to attain independence, along with autonomy and self-determination, but among Hales Brethren independence is regarded as a sin. They like to keep everyone dependent, particularly in their thinking. Cult watchers call it “mind control.”

      JND had some positive things to say about independent thinking, but in the last 50 years independence has always been spoken of negatively among the Exclusives. JTJr, JHS, JHS and BDH frequently warned against it. Here are some examples of things they said.

      "G.D. Would one of the troubles be, as you have often said, democracy leading to communism, but if we are submissive to the authority coming from God it would help us?
      J.T.Jr. Democracy, communism, independency, and the last one, I think, is the worst of them, independence. We know because that is where we come from, independence."
      Ministry of J.T.Jr., Vol. 119, page 131 (Hüttental 26 July 1968)

      “what is so dangerous is independent opinions” JSH NS Vol. 20 page 84

      “l've got no authority for having an opinion, that's democracy.” JSH NS Vol. 26 page 245

      “It is very, very hard to eradicate independent thinking” BDH Vol. 47 page 175

      “submission to oversight means I've given up my independence.” BDH Vol. 10 page 354.

      “independent thinkers; finish up in confusion, perhaps lost even” BDH Vol. 23 page 14

      “diverted by being independent, thinking up for yourself what to do” BDH Vol. 71 page 93

      "See, some of us think we can develop our own ways, independent, they're just independent, and likely at any point to go off on a tangent. We've seen it many times, time after time after time, people that think they know better than the pattern, than the model."
      BDH Vol. 127 page 216 (Sydney, 22 September 2012)

      "B.D.H. Yes, it's a question of what authority we're under, isn't it, whose authority we're under? That's the test, you see. In our daily lives what authority are we under? What's governing us? Go on.
      L.E.S.R. Just, yesterday you referred to some of us being independent.
      B.D.H. Yes.
      L.E.S.R. And I felt the edge of that.
      B.D.H. Okay, well, what are you going to do about it?"
      BDH Vol. 127 page 250 (Sydney, 23 September 2012)

      [Business] “technology; to push ahead of the Lord is independent.” BDH Vol. 43 page 205

      “I was thinking this morning, not that we want to overemphasise it, but educated people that
      have an issue with us because we're holding back the children from attending university, full-time university, like used to be done forty years ago, fifty years ago, sixty years ago, so forth. But,' see, they don't realise what they're doing. What they’re doing is to teach the children to be independent of them.” White Book 535 page 8 (Sydney, 28 December 2013)

      Well, yes, Mr Hales, I DID teach my children to be independent of me, and to think independently, and I DID realise exactly what I was doing and why. Every good parent does the same.

    2. All parents, including EB parents, teach their children to walk. That is the first step literally to independence. Sadly that is where it seems to end for EB children who have no choice when it comes to considering educational and career paths.
      I find it fascinating that so many EB businesses seem to engaged in stationary, printing, office and cleaning supplies. It is as if the owners do not have the creativity or perhaps even the right to launch out into a completely independent type of business. To my mind this seems to underline the narrow focus of EB life.
      I am sure there are children and young people of ability in the EB who feel stifled and frustrated when contemplating their future career path. Sadly if they voiced those frustrations they would be told they were being independent. Opinions are not allowed. You do what you are told. Yet more evidence that the Exclusive Brethren/PBCC is a cult.
      One of the more encouraging things about exclusive brethren who do not belong to the Hales cult is that the young people do now have wider career opportunities although the Renton party is still restricted by holding on to some of JTjr's ministry about membership of associations.

  8. I may be the only contributor to this blog who has experienced all the phases of the Taylor/Taylor Jnr/Symington/Hales Exclusive Brethren (now PBCC) approach to education.

    In the 1950s I was taught in a state grammar school by two graduate Exclusive Brethren women. In the early 1960s one of those teachers, who had by then left teaching, wrote to me to say that she could no longer have any contact with me - she said she hadn’t lived according to her light when she had taught me. At that time the other teacher left the Taylor Jnr group of Exclusive Brethren and remained in contact with me. She continued teaching in the grammar school until she retired.

    In the late 1970s-early 1980s I taught Symington Exclusive Brethren pupils in a state grammar school.

    In the late 1980s I noticed that the children of our John Hales Exclusive Brethren neighbours went off to a local state school every day for their education.

    In the later 1990s I was aware that the youngest member of our John Hales Exclusive Brethren neighbours was being home schooled (at primary level) by his mother. When he grew into a teenager he was collected every day and taken off to a Brethren school. His father, our Bruce Hales Exclusive Brethren neighbour, was at one time ‘CEO’ of the local Exclusive Brethren school. I travelled with him in the train one day when he told me how stressed he was by the prospect of an imminent Inspection at his Brethren school - I gave him some advice about how to prepare for the Inspection.

    In 2004, in conversation with my former teacher who had stayed with the TaylorJnr/Symington/Hales group of Exclusive Brethren (and whom I had found again), I expressed concern that the Brethren were venturing into exclusive, separatist education. I was told by her husband that the intention was to open Brethren schools to non Brethren pupils, but that this was “a little way down the road yet”. I was also told that Brethren children aren’t always well behaved in class, and I commented that it wasn’t healthy for Brethren pupils to spend their school days only with the children and young people with whom they worshipped and socialised. The comment was made that Brethren children aren’t motivated because they know they will be employed by the Brethren when they leave school. My former teacher, knowing that I was experienced in teaching children and young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties, said, “We could do with your help, Joan.”

  9. Thank you illuminator for that piece of information; I shall get straight onto those concerned. And you can all rest assured, that during my time in working with these children, the curriculum was not cut short as it SHOULD have been......I broke an awful lot of rules, but am not ashamed of it. And I can also tell you....when it comes to one subject in particular (we network,.....just like teachers in real schools!), MOST teachers were doing the same, although maybe not to the same extent, what is most damaging is that we are FORCED to break these rules in order to prevent examination disadvantage...