Thursday, 22 May 2014

Does the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church stifle achievement and life goals of members?

Has the PBCC destroyed a massive number of families, prevented members from developing their personality through education?

Ought this self styled Christian Church address the issues of detriment and harm caused to countless current and former members or should it bury its head and ignore its wrongdoing?


  1. "Has the PBCC destroyed a massive number of families, prevented members from developing their personality through education?"

    Yes of course it has. Even if when by demanding school children to need to dress and look and act very different at schools.Exclusive Brethren children were then being forced to need to experience being bullied.Especially back in times before the eb opened up their own private schools.These people found it hard to learn ,and even learned to hate education

  2. It ought to address the issues of detriment and harm it has caused. It should apologise genuinely and sincerely and offer suitable financial recompense. Financial recompense will prove that this money-hungry cult is sincere.
    Taxpayer funding and subsidies s should cease to fund this evil little cult of Bruce D Hales.
    Yeah pick that up, Google search engine. Store it for generations.

  3. answer is no

  4. Even the fact that exclusive brethren have hardly any doctors,lawyers,scientists and so on.Is more than enough evidence within itself, to show how many lives must have obviously been prevented from developing to their full potential.

    This evidence still continually stands out boldly. No matter how many PR stunts the eb may try pulling. No matter how many times someone like Anonymous23 May 2014 00:02 ,may try suggesting anything otherwise

    Who in their right mind would believe that the "answer is no". Except for thoughts coming from within the deluded mind of cult members.And perhaps some people who may simply not think to stop and properly consider these matters in any great detail. Yet as soon as enough outsiders are made aware that these cults are missing people from certain professions .More outsiders will begin to see how lives have been prevented from developing to their full potential

    Our job is to keep piling on the pressure. And by the time a few more TV current affair programs have hit the air.Along with more and more books and blogs being published and read.Soon enough the cover of these cults will have been totally blown wide open, for all to see.

    In the long run.These cults really have absolutely no other option, but to decide to change.Because as soon as we find out that their laws have effected someone else in a detrimental manner,once again.We will still be right here,waiting and ever willing to help expose it.

    They may dream that we wont ever be able to change them.Dreams are free, even if they dont match with reality

  5. The blog heading asks, “Does the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church stifle achievement and life goals of members?”

    We know what ex-Brethren think about that question, but it is more difficult to work out what current members of the Brethren genuinely think about it. Do they believe their school trustees or do they believe their ministry? It hardly seems possible to believe both.

    The School brochures, school Web sites and Brethren Web pages express lots of laudable, noble sentiments about education being “highly valued,” and “helping children to achieve their full potential,” “learning how to learn,” “developing critical thinking skills,” “offering students a broad scope of opportunities,” “helping them to become responsible and broad-minded adults,” and “the personal development of high order thinking skills.” Why do they write this kind of thing? Is it to impress school inspectors or do they genuinely aspire to excellence in education, critical independent thinking, broad-mindedness and achieving one’s full potential?

    By contrast, the printed ministry for more than 50 years has denounced and ridiculed in the strongest terms everything associated with individual intellectual attainment, development of the mind of man, independent thinking, critical thinking skills, science, technological advances, literature, scholarship, universities, degrees and even the right to individual opinions. One leader after another has strenuously and emphatically discouraged students from even wanting to develop their full potential.

    So what do the School Trustees believe? The Trustees are ultimately responsible for the things that appear in their school literature and web sites, and yet they also have to agree with their ministry books. It hardly seems possible to agree with both. Do they write these things in the school brochures to deceive school inspectors, or do they say they agree with the ministry to deceive their fellow brethren? Or both?

    In the end, what they say and what they believe matters less than what they do. What they say or believe only exposes their inconsistency or duplicity, but what they do severely restricts and discourages the young people’s intellectual development and career opportunities. They (or at least their leaders) have created an intellectual landscape in which there are large areas of compulsory ignorance, and some students even feel guilty about their academic successes.

    And what do the leaders gain from these restrictions? Their only gain that I can see is that they breed a population that they can easily control. What a paltry gain for such an utterly tragic human cost!

  6. The Questioner23 May 2014 at 08:59

    Hales has said that he believes that higher education stifles intelligence and university limits people. There are plenty of references to this in his index.Same as he used to say that computers were inefficient and bad for business. The logic is perverse but is appears to be persuasive as for as the followers are concerned.

  7. I remember being told EB members who had degrees had to renounce them as membership of the University/being in convocation meant they were in fellowship with the University. This was 20 or so years ago. How many years have the Halesians now not been allowed to fulfil their God-given abilities?

    It's very sad, but anti-intellectualism seems often a resort of those with inferior intellect or education who yet want to establish some sort of superiority over others.

    As I look around our church, hopefully a microcosm of society I see people with all sorts of higher education qualifications - doctors, nurses, teachers, physiotherapists, scientists, historians, teachers, geologists, economists, accountants and so on. What can be found in a Halesian assembly?

    1. Accountants and an ex-doctor

    2. I thought of some more, Biologists, Mathematicians, Information Technologists, Musicians, Political Scientists (if that's not an oxymoron) and so on. So if the Halesian Assemblies can only offer Accountants and a struck-off Medical Doctor it certainly goes the way of proving "Does the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church stifle achievement and life goals of members?"

    3. I don't think it does at all. Their women have a life goal of wearing something silly on their heads and getting married as young as possible and having as many children as possible; their men want to get fat and wear white shirts and dark trousers. Achievement 100%. Life goal 100%.

  8. The Questioner28 May 2014 at 10:08

    Tch tch.....you're all forgetting that lovely feeling when you know you're pleasing our beloved brother.

  9. Given the current media coverage in the UK on the thorny subject of extremist education of our children, I cannot for the life of me work out how the EB/PBCC Focus Education schools get away with their failure to provide any form of genuine cultural integration for EB children with their peers in wider British society. Does anyone know of ANYTHING Focus schools do to provide the children interaction with nonBrethren children?