Thursday, 15 May 2014

Christian kindness in Burgess Hill (There's no such thing as a free meal)


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The postcard said free BBQ food, free drinks and ice creams and free bibles and that’s exactly what it was!

This was the fourth such event hosted by the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church on 3rd May at their Oakmeeds Gospel Hall in Burgess Hill.

Postcard invites were distributed in the town centre during the morning by persons from the church and the beautiful sunshine drew 100 members of the public to attend and claim their free burger in a bun, ice creams, bibles and gospel tracts.

One older man who visited the event said: “I’m a pensioner and I appreciate a bit of Christian kindness”. Another person exclaimed in disbelief: “It’s all free? This is the best Saturday in my whole entire life!”, whilst another said:“I’m going to say yes to everything!”

A table was set aside for young children to colour illustrated Bible texts, and some stayed for the full hour that the event ran for. Even a few who arrived after the finishing time were welcomed and offered food and Bibles.

Comments were also made as to the good organisation of the event, and one lady said gratefully: “Everything has been thought of – even a gluten-free roll for my daughter!”

As one man left, he voiced the feelings of many by saying: “I just wanted to say thank you – it’s been a lovely afternoon”.

Persons from the church preach the gospel 6 days a week in the Martlets shopping centre and they have gospel preachings in the Oakmeeds gospel hall regularly.

Report and pictures contributed by Tim Railton on behalf of The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church.


  1. How do the public and those in authority such as (local Council, Press & CC), know if those who attended this event (and other similiar events across the UK initiated since the CC issues of 2012), are not in fact just members of the Exclusive PBCC posing as unconnected members of the public ?

    The two young ladies in the picture in the article look very Brethren like, with the dresses, bag, hair, all similiar to how Brethren dress and one even looks like she has a fascinator in her hair, another give away sign

    The comments in the article from these supposed unconnected members of the public also seem very contrived and sycophantic

    It just makes me wonder how many of these events are genuinely attended by persons with no connection to the Exclusive PBCC ?

    Or are the Exclusive PBCC trying to pass off their own members as unnconnected members of the public ?

    To do so would create a good convivial atmosphere for any authorities in attendance to witness (the local mayor etc) as those supposed unnconnected members of the public are really PBCC members who know those serving the food.

    It would also mean any challenging, probing, questioning of the hypocrisy or practices of the Brethren, or any deep questioning whatsoever is highly unlikely, as the supposed unconnected members of the public are actually PBCC members who would not dare or risk doing any such thing

    It would also mean these supposed unconnected members of the public can eat with the brethren because they are in fact members themselves and they will naturally show an interest in PBCC literature and tracts because they are in fact members themselves

    It would also mean these supposed unconnected members of the public who are actually PBCC members can sing the praises of the PBCC to any local dignitaries in attendance, thereby stage managing the whole event

    It makes me wonder !

    1. Wonder and Perish....

    2. Would you care to expand on your unintelligible comment, Anon 16.32?

    3. Anon 16.32 is probably restricted to comments of between 1 and 5 words mainly on the PBCC website where everything is Awesome!!
      Unlike that website where any comment that is even mildly critical or questioning is removed Anon 16.32 can comment here without censorship. However he/she cannot expect postings such as that above to pass without some comment. However don't hold your breath Anon 08.49 for a full and reasoned explanation

    4. Well may I ask -
      Is it remotely possible to reason with such negative, unhappy and unreasonable people 16.35?
      Ever tried to take a look at your own lives making some improvement?
      Sour grapes adorn more or less every paragraph of post 11.56.

      Three words is enough to draw out and expose just how bitterly opposed some have become. It can be different, but it means getting right with God first.

    5. Anon 16.43

      “Three words is enough to draw out and expose just how bitterly opposed some have become. It can be different, but it means getting right with God first”

      - Does this mean persons should become Christians and then they wont oppose the PBCC Exclusive Brethren ?

      - What about those persons who are Christians but are still opposed to the PBCC Exclusive Brethren ?

      - Please define what you mean by “getting right with God first” are you really meaning to say “getting right with the Man of God Bruce Hales the Exclusive Brethren PBCC Universal Leader ?

      - Please define what you mean by “getting right with God first” are you really meaning the God of the Bible ?, if so, your understanding of the Bible is lacking as the Bible teaches that PBCC Exclusive Brethren doctrine, practice, actions, harm and detriment are wrong, and not of Christ, nor of God, nor of the Bible !

    6. Rev / 16.43, Three words have also drawn out the same reaction from you,
      so not much to clarify where you have gone wrong.

  2. The Questioner15 May 2014 at 12:57

    The Article appeared in the Mid Sussex Times and the following comment was made:

    Recovery of The Truth
    "3:25 PM on 14/05/2014
    Isnt this the newly renamed Exclusive Brethren sect who as of August 2012 now call themselves the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church. It was the Exclusive Brethren PBCC who were the subject of a Charity Commission investigation and report in 2012 to 2014.

    That report states

    "that there were elements of detriment and harm which emanated from doctrine and practices of the Brethren and which had a negative impact on the wider community as well as individuals. In particular the nature and impact of the Disciplinary Practices and the impact of the doctrines and practices on those who leave and on children within the PBCC may have consequences for society"

    That report states

    "The Commission considered that there is evidence to support the view that there are elements of detriment and harm which are in real danger of outweighing public benefit…The most serious detriment and harm related, in the Commission's view, to the allegations of the treatment of ex-Brethren and to the Disciplinary Practices. The Commission asked that the PBCC address these issues, which they were willing to do"

    Don't the Exclusive Brethren separate from all other Christian Churches, refuse to eat or drink with other Christians & non members & divide families if a person tries to leave the group ?

    Those practices don't sound very Charitable, Community, Family, or Christian minded to me !"

  3. Quote: Another person exclaimed in disbelief: “It’s all free? This is the best Saturday in my whole entire life!”

    There is obviously at least one very sad person in Burgess Hill!

    1. Is that sad person you?
      Ever tried to be positive about other people?
      Might be a healthy question to ask yourself.

    2. Anonymous21 May 2014 03:34

      I think you may have unwittingly overlooked, the point that Anonymous16 May 2014 00:06 was actually making

      Anonymous16 May 2014 00:06 had quoted the words of someone, whom had evidently exclaimed, “It’s all free? This is the best Saturday in my whole entire life!”

      Anonymous16 May 2014 00:06 understand that its not free.For the so called charity,now being offered by exclusive brethren church.Has indeed got a huge cost to it

      It comes at great cost, of the effect of so many lives that have been continually ruined, by exclusive brethren draconian practices of separation of families.

      Naturally people whom exist within these cults,wont be likely to have the ability that is needed, to begin to grasp , some understanding of what people like Anonymous16 May 2014 00:06 can see with ease

      Sadly that is what cult life,and brain washing tends to do to people.They lack analytic skills needed to enable them to think objectively.Their minds have become, closed minded.This is due to them having lived life within closed circles

      It would be nice to be able to see the exclusive brethren in a more positive light.But these people choose to continue to try deceiving.When they should really be busy owning up to the full extent of damage they have done.

  4. I think that "quote" was inspired by Tiny Tim of "A Christmas Carol" - although not sure if Dicken's novel is on the PBCC Ltd Focus Schools' permitted reading list as it contains references to the observance of Christmas. Of course, Scrooge thought it was all "humbug" and preferred to count his money and neglect his tax returns.

    1. Sorry, Scrooge wouldn't be so underhand as to neglect his tax returns, he probably spent Christmas day devising a "Trust" whereby his profits could be gifted to a cause close to his heart - his personal enrichment.

  5. Gosh it's hard to believe that these lovely people hurt their own people so badly. I mean - while they are handing out gluten free burgers and tracts and colouring books and making people's days- there are thousands of people who don't even have a family anymore because of them. Strange how people can get sucked in I suppose.

  6. The Questioner16 May 2014 at 15:17

    I'm not sure that handing things to themselves and then writing their own compliments really counts as charitable.

  7. Why are they so cruel to former members?

    Is it jealousy that the former member is now free
    free to give Christ His place
    free to follow The Bible
    free to no longer worship a man on the earth and money

    I can't work it out because the way they treat former members makes them feel hated

    1. I like that suggestion ... jealousy.

      Leo, do you have any comment to make?

    2. I suspect jealousy on the part of some ordinary, trapped members who do not have the courage to leave. Jealousy and anger from the enforcers who have been thwarted. Dictators, and other authoritarian figures, have never been known for their compassion towards those who rebel against their regimes.


  8. The regional Sussex press have now been put in the picture regarding this group and their "charity" related publicity If there is another event, the Exclusive Brethren (PBCC Ltd) will have to be more accountable. There is no such thing as free publicity either!


    1. They recently pulled the same stunt in Buckingham:


    2. Illuminator

      Both comments have disappeared now. It seems as usual the Reclusive Exclusive Brethren will have objected to the paper as they clearly cannot cope with criticism. It looks like its sycophancy and adulation is what they're looking for. Not objective truth.

    3. I haven't been on line for quite a while; I also see now that comments have been pulled. I will use my connections to find out if there is any justification for this action; it may be that they are now considered historic. I will report any findings here.


    4. Comments are currently not enabled and website is, apparently, experiencing problems; more than that, I do not know, for now.

  9. The photo is even fake!!! The peeb helpers are handing out food to themselves - then writing glowing testimonials. Sheeeesh! I think I will just give myself 50 dollars. There! I'm a charity!! Now for the testimonial -"What a great Christian man - handing out 50 dollars like that! I wish the world had more of them." Give me a break! I last saw members of my family 42 years ago. They have been banned from seeing me since then. Amazing Christian people. NOT.

  10. I did attend the barbecue event, and what can I say? I spent 13 years in a controlling, legalistic, separatist organisation, so I felt 'at home' with the Brethren.. I did notice none of the brethren sat down with us to eat. If Jesus sat down and ate with tax collectors and sinners, I think the Brethren have no excuse! I don't care what scriptures they quote to justify their position. From my experience, when an organisation is so 'insular' I think you risk being 'cut off' from non believing family members and from the outside world. It happened to me.

  11. and furthermore, as someone who was there, the photo is true.