Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Blog Stats

A few facts and figures from my Detriment & Harm blog console for those who may be interested.


  1. Lol, haven't people in the Ukraine & Russia got other things on their mind right now? Funny!

  2. Laurie, this is very interesting.

    The regional statistics are very broadly where we would expect them to be (give or take a few thousand), but... Ukraine & Russia feature more highly than I would have predicted. Is Vladimir really taking a look at this particular cult so as to 'learn from The Master'? Have the EB evangelised (I mean sent a contingent of cult members) into that Satanic territory? Or is it that the EB are surfing the web under a regional proxy? Same EB, same motives, same criminal intent, same hunger for money, same hunger for power/control, but are just now learning how to pretend to be in a different location?

    I don't know the answer. But I do know the EB - and there are not many in Russia.

  3. The EB (PBCC Ltd) are likely to be generally supportive of the homophobia of Putin, and those in power; there is also an extreme strand of fundamentalism existing, even there; this shares common ground with the State concerning the homosexual issue. The violence against gays, carried out by "vigilante" groups has been well documented.


  4. The citizens of Russia and Ukraine can probably understand and sympathise with our history better than most. They have memories of being part of a totalitarian empire that deprived them of basic freedoms and they have experienced the upheavals and trauma as the failings of the regime became apparent and they watched it falling apart.

  5. The Exclusives are too PROUD to admit they are wrong and critics right

    Having had 3 unwarranted sales calls today, the usual Energy / Insurance Services from various locations
    I told them I couldn't think of their offers at the moment due to the awful WRONG TREATMENT I was currently receiving by the EB

    I related a bit of horror story and referred the callers to Laurence Moffitt Blogspot and to Wikipeebia

    Keep up the publicity everyone