Saturday, 5 April 2014

Westminster City Council's civic obligation

Ought an evil cult which destroys families be allowed to preach it's hackneyed version of the gospel on streets in the UK?


  1. They are allowed to preach anything they want, so long as they stay within the law. I would prefer it to stay that way, even though their version of religion is associated with a great deal of falsehood and harm, and even though the preaching nowadays is possibly done mainly to convince the authorities that they exist for a charitable purpose and are entitled to tax concessions.

    In all the years of outdoor Brethren preaching I have witnessed and participated in, I have never seen any sign that anyone has benefited from it, except that other Brethren present sometimes enjoyed what was said. Rarely do passers-by pay any attention, and the few who do will not always understand Brethren language. Besides, no sane person is ever going to be recruited to Hales Brethrenism by this means. So their street preaching will probably not do any harm, apart from irritating a few people.

    Freedom of speech is one of the most vital safeguards against tyranny. Even though Brethren leaders sometimes deny the right of their own members to hold and express individual opinions, we need to be more enlightened than they are. We must grant them the freedom to preach anything they want, apart from defamation or incitement to crime, violence or hatred.

  2. Freedom to speak is one thing. Practice is quite another.

  3. Another reason why I think Exclusive Brethren street preaching is relatively harmless is that they probably concentrate on whatever they can remember of traditional Christianity, and not on the toxic, oppressive, false, deceitful, sectarian doctrines that have been prominent among them since the 1960s.

    Presumably they will not waste any of their breath telling people how virtually infallible “these great men” were, or how they must obey BDH, or how they must leave their wives and families, or how they must live in detached houses, or how women mustn’t wear trousers, or how all denominations apart from the Hales Brethren are terribly wrong, or how “we are the Church” or how “Paul was the church,” or how they must abandon any offspring that don’t agree with our religious views, or how they mustn’t go to university, or how wrong scientists are about nearly everything, or how bad computers and mobile phones are, or how wicked it is to read novels, or how to run a business and minimise your tax liability.

    If they preached in the street the same atrocious rubbish as they preach in the meeting rooms, they would give any listeners the impression that Christianity is a total fraud and a scam.

  4. Next time you're there Laurie, can you get me the number of the lady on the right, in the grey boots and tight jeans? Thanks.

  5. Is the EB street preaching
    Plan 'A' or Plan 'B' ?

    1. Definitely a Plan B scenario as it involves The Great Unwashed and a telephone box. Though, it would be preferable to see The Time Lord haranguing from a little roped off area to preserve the passers by from any malevolent force.

  6. Would Oliver travelling skyward in an elevator be a Woodcock up?

    A. Crapjoke