Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Unispace- a Hales run company is not what it seems

From an informed ex -employee:

 Unispace is not what they seem…

Pros: None. I worked at Unispace full-time. People were polite and somewhat nice although clueless about design/construction/interior furnishings. There was no process or software to support the work, everything was tracked manually by using spreadsheets.
Cons: Management doesn't have a design background or higher education so there is no clear direction (nor do they believe in higher education). It's disorganized and there's no project management or leadership. They lack designers and the skills for the work so they have to fly designers/non-brethren from location to location regularly. They hire people with the skills they are lacking in and pass them off as their own since you work for them. They are constantly changing the name of the company, i.e., legal DBA or a completely different name altogether. Finally to make matters worse, they're purchasing items off the internet and re-selling them at an outrageous margin; they're also boot-legging name brand & proprietary products from smaller aligned dealerships or of their own other Unispace offices in different states. The final nail in the coffin is they have other PB/EB from Canada that purchases bulk containers of less-than-stellar quality furnishings, re-brand it and sell it to the Unispace PB offices. Along the way, they offer customized finishes/options, but fail to meet quality and engineering standards that is found in the major manufacturers’ worldwide.
Advice to management: Don't parade the company as something other than the truth and don't pass yourself off as a design turn-key operation.


  1. Oh dear! Just as we thought! All those glossy websites proclaiming state of the art good practise and, of course, the "honest" customer focused nature of the various PBCC Ltd companies (as though the remainder of the business world was corrupt).

    PBCC Ltd - Hypocrisy and Dishonesty - At the heart of everything we do!


  2. The article above is frankly inaccurate and likely written by an ex employee with an axe to grind -

    Anon 22:02 I think you will find nothing "dishonest or hypocritical" in the work practises within brethren companies or charity organisations. As an outsider, I had always found these people to be very straight and upright in business dealings.
    I think it's rather you are envious or unhappy with the bed you have made...

    May I add for the record, now I'm here -
    Historically, it has been found they pay more tax than they need.
    They run their companies extremely effectively and provide excellent services all over the world. International cooperation / teamwork and sharing ideas make the brethren very dynamic, highly productive, very profitable and successful.
    The effective management of brethren companies is evidenced by their consistent productivity and profitability within economically turbulent times.

    Contrary to the writer's complaint -
    There is also nothing wrong with additional expertise to ensure products
    are of the highest standards and meet or exceed customer expectations.
    I conclude - The writer's claims are not at all valid and have little relevance to how brethren actually run their businesses.

    Leonardo J Octavianus

    1. You know how it's the little things that give you away?

      Practise is a verb, practice is a noun. I've noticed this in other postings.

      Someone fortunate enough to have a university education after leaving the Exclusive Brethren.

    2. Dear LJO

      Thank you so much for your response. I must say as I read your comments you are beginning to sound like one of the many PBCC Ltd official response clones. Our "belubbed blubber", John Handel, always wrote about being an "outsider" and his successful "business dealings". Perhaps it was the making of money that drove him/you on in such an "unbiased" manner!

      May I politely suggest we wait for a little more evidence from commentators to see which way the wind blows? The problem is, as Anon 7.28 points out, the PBCC Ltd (religious affairs division) has a credibility problem in the way it deals with members and ex members (as The Charity Commission has observed). Then there is the "Spoiling the Egyptians" indoctrination; this gives permission for less than orthodox dealings with "the world". All in all, you must understand how a credibility problem might arise??

      Now, I am sure there used to be, and maybe still are, a few small, independent businesses run by PBCC members that are absolutely fit for purpose. Why, I used to patronise one!

      No, I am not envious of an uptight life driving around from one secular/religious meeting, to another (however splendid the interiors).
      You mention my bed, as it happens, I am awaiting delivery of a very nice camp bed to take on my next camping trip. A sort of Minispace, if you will,
      but great fun....I might even change into my shorts and tan my legs.... How wicked!

      Keep smiling!


    3. Leonardo
      You flit like a butterfly from blog to blog (but don't sting like a bee! I think you would have more credibility if you answered the questions that have been put to you.
      I have asked you on two earlier occasions why the EB/PBCC choose to publicise their "good deeds" on their website and how this reconciles with Matthew chapter 6 verses 1-3.
      Your response to this and other questions that have been put to you might enhance you credibility.

    4. Hi LJO!

      Please excuse me if another version of this gets reproduced (finally). I am wondering if you are a PBCC Ltd Uni-spokesperson clone, since it is all routinely repetitive. Our beloved "John Handel" always commented about his outsider position (usually in a very acerbic fashion) including his wonderful business dealings with PBCC Ltd. Perhaps it's the money talking!

      The problem is, you can understand an element of cynicism creeping in, as it is well documented how, in the past, the Exclusive Brethren
      (PBCC Ltd) were indoctrinated that "the world" should be taken for maximum profit. (Spoiling the Egyptians is the expression, I believe).

      Also the PBCC (Ecclesiastical) Ltd have acted without justice or scruples in their dealings with ex members and others. Anon (7.28) alludes to this aspect. No smoke without fire?

      Re your comments on my sleeping arrangements, I have just received delivery of a lovely camp bed to take on my next camping trip and, no, I am not at all jealous of your business world and a group of money orientated, uptight men rushing around from meeting to meeting (secular, or otherwise). In fact, now the sun has arrived, I might even don my shorts and commence tanning my legs. Wicked!

      Take care and keep smiling!


  3. Strange then, that Unispace Global pursue persons legally for suggesting they are not what it says on the tin. Their office in one area of the UK is certainly less than spectacular and could really do with a good lick of paint on the outside. Not that there is a big signboard proclaiming who they are. There isn't even a small one! Somewhat different approach from the equally laughable Rapid Relief Team who appear to plaster their initials over anything larger than a teaspoon. My grandson can't wait for the day when, like the RNLI, the RRT produce a children's play uniform for supporters of the organisation. He can't wait to provide tea and biscuits to Fireman Sam, Postman Pat and Luke Skywalker in a little tent in the garden with his sister's dolly's tea set. He knows if he does this he will get his own special place at the right hand of BDH when he gets to heaven. Bless.

  4. These comments could also be applied to their ecclesiastical arrangements.

  5. LJO

    Sorry to intrude on private grief again, but could you make it a little rule to try and respond to all the questions put to you, rather then adding more meaningless comments backed up by zero evidence. Also a little apology to Anne wouldn't go amiss for your lack of empathy, crass and insensitive comments about how she should conduct her life. However, I realise as a PBCC Ltd spokesperson you might have an issue with concepts such as these.

    No offence!


  6. There it is again - these Brethren are marked by their lack of higher education. (Bruce D Hales frequently says that higher education is "narrowing".)

  7. What goes on with the PBCC businesses? They seem to change from year to year. For example, partnerships to Limited Liability Partnerships, the partners then change to Limited Companies, with those same partners the shareholders of those Limited Companies, then they change from LLPs to Limited Companies, and so on.

    What are they doing and why?

    1. Running away from the taxman?

    2. 12:03 - Very simple way to find out - Ask the PBCC.
      Sure they have a straight forward answer.

    3. LOL. Have you ever asked them anything and got a straightforward answer?!

    4. Yes.They answered with some very straightforward lies

    5. Dear PBCC Ltd (or just LJO, will do) please can you tell us why you keep changing your business structures? Anon 03.30 says this will be a simple way to find out. Space your answer anywhere on this blog. Thank you so much.


  8. Unispace is part of B D Hales' fiefdom.

  9. a certain engineering supply company in Hereford is now a corporation, must be global !!!!

  10. Maybe LJO really is an outsider? Two reasons - one, he could never attend all those meetings as well as spend all the time he does on this blog. Second, he knows absolutely noting about EB businesses. I work in an area and an industry where I am surrounded by EB businesses that sometimes supply us. I know a lot more about them than LJO does!

    1. Anonymous18 April 2014 03:27

      LJO seems a little bit like http://kiwifruitblog.org/2011/05/16/the-earthquake-story-you-wont-have-heard/

  11. Interesting that the person who writes the 'cons' about Unispace is not prepared to say who they are. Having said that, I can probably guess who it is. Why be envious of a successful company that is making alot of money? After all, we're all in business to make money right?

    1. I agree 13:58
      Nothing wrong with making money, as long as it's used wisely and to help others who are struggling in these incredibly difficult times.
      It is a matter of shame that one of the richest nations in the world (UK) has children going to school hungry and often without warm and clean clothing. The number of families needing food banks to survive is alarming.
      The PBCC have recognised and are acting on the need out there, but they need our help too. I think if we are generous in our thinking towards others, it can cause a positive response and bring about change.
      Sometimes it is better and more productive to put differences aside and get on with helping those who need our help. We can all do something.

      If we bless, we shall be blessed, if we are gracious, we shall find grace and having been forgiven much, we forgive those who have offended.

      A note to Laurence Moffitt -
      Whilst I'm here - II would love to be able to help Laurie Moffitt and also his followers, but it requires a change of attitude, mindset and spirit. I see that man's suffering and yet would point him to Christ as the answer.
      To do that involves returning to the point of departure.
      Christ will meet me as I'm prepared to make a move towards him.
      Instead of humiliation and loss, I will find dignity and gain in his divine presence.

      Come to Jesus today and give your sorrows to him to deal with.
      Do you not think that those mighty hands which set planets in their orbit and flung stars into space cannot intervene for you? It was those same hands that man cruelly nailed to a cross, yet he went all the way into death so we might live and (live to him) The key is to live to him and not ourselves. He didn't do his own will, so how can we?
      The futility of pursuing what is passing dawns on us as time goes by.

      If we have hope in this life only, we are of all men most miserable.

      Leonardo J Octavianus.

    2. If the PBCC are so wonderful why don't you become a member?

    3. Good question 05:09
      Well, some of us are not assembly minded people so to speak, but nevertheless the work of God is no less valuable.
      Once God has started a work, he will complete it in his own time.
      We cannot be snatched out of his hand. Obviously if someone leaves for an easier way, it calls into question if they ever had a link. That however, is a matter entirely for God. He knows those who are his and we leave it with him. He will be fair and just. I have personally witnessed the distressing demise of many who wanted an easier way, having loved the present age, but the sheer stress filled sadness etched onto those faces would be a warning not to give up such a place of favour lightly. True, some may have left feeling frustrated or discouraged, but I would urge such to take a fresh look at who the brethren really are.
      With all the chaos and strife out here, the brethren have a position of stability and refuge from the deceitfulness of this world's system.
      I've not commented on whether one has to be a member or non / ex member to come to Christ afresh or for the first time.
      The point is to arrive at a state which God would be pleased with.
      After that you can rest assured he will care for you. What becomes clear is one cannot claim to know Christ if you hold something against another. It all comes back to what we are longing for or seeking after?

      Egypt is ruined - This becomes more apparent with every passing year.

      Leonardo J Octavianus

    4. 'Point of departure' ? Leonardo, is this a veiled reference to leaving the recently named PBCC church? If so, you seriously underestimate God's work. If we could see a little less deceit and pride in the Exclusive Brethren it would help many of us to accept them.

      Why did my own PBCC sister write to me 12 years ago, telling me how much it broke her heart to think of the way she had treated me since I left? Why have another 12 years passed and no practical evidence has emerged of any addressing of that statement?

      The PBCC in April 2014 continue to blatantly ignore the Charity Commission's requirement made in January 2014 that former members must be treated no differently than any other member of the general public.

      Leonardo, do you participate on websites that do not include former members of the PBCC?

      I would ask you once again, can you call on God's name as witness to the fact that you are not a current member of the PBCC?

    5. Leonardo J Octavianus 20 April 2014 06:23

      The link come about by birthplace.People are being born into these closed groups.Very few people ever choose to join these closed groups.

      My main focus, is to make sure that further generations.Wont need to be harmed by doctrines of separation. And the charity commission has also made it quite clear, that they wont continue to award charity status to groups that cause harm either.

      Now if the brethren choose to totally disregard this judgement.Then that's their decision.But we will continue to make very sure that our government's are kept informed

      You said "What becomes clear is one cannot claim to know Christ if you hold something against another"

      My reply is. You best go explain this, to the leaders of closed groups.

      The thing is Octavianus. A new day is dawning. Our governments have now begun to understand the extent of harm, that these closed groups have often caused. And from now on, governments wont be supporting them, unless they first agree to change their habits

    6. LJO/PBCC Publicity

      Would you care to substantiate the way in which the PBCC Ltd are reacting to the need of the hungry and destitute?

      Also, could you explain, if there is indeed charity in this direction, why it may have only started when the charitable status of the Exclusive Brethren (PBCC Ltd) was in doubt?

      Do you think the PBCC Ltd will also have a change of "attitude, mindset and spirit" to stop behaving so appallingly towards others and that they may wish to offer reparations and for all the humanitarian and financial damage they have caused? (For many, it will, of course, be too late).

      Do you not think that it is the PBCC Ltd who operate a deceitful system, by pretending to be an inclusive mainstream church?


    7. Once again I find myself agreeing with something LJO said. Where his argument falls down however is the PBCC is the last place to look for it. His words are correct, but the PBCC don't actually live by then. When will they practise what they preach?

    8. Well Anon 13:49 - It's clear to me you are at least listening and we can thank God for it. Not that my words are so correct, but I feel a passion for the work of God wherever it may be found. It's a treasure in an otherwise shallow and indifferent world.
      However, I think if you actually spoke to the brethren about your doubts and concerns, you will find they would be very open and helpful.

      I understand those doubts and I think it's part and parcel of being human.
      Questions need to be asked, but they need to be asked in a right spirit.
      I feel you have the attitude that can be reasoned with, so don't give up trying to come to terms with the brethren and be assured they will help anyone they can.

      Leonardo J Octavianus

    9. Leo the Sayer, your claim that the brethren 'will help anyone they can' is dishonest. It was this very lack of help when we were IN the brethren that made it so easy to leave. An EB mother refusing to allow her own daughter to convalesce at her home following a grave illness?????

      That's the worry, I actually don't think they treat their own any better than worldlies anyway, so what's the point? Getting frisked before going into a meeting hall? Leaving cars unlocked so they can be searched? It's a nasty, nasty place to be, both you and I Leo are best off out of it.

    10. I am Anon 13:49 - sorry Leo you picked on the wrong person when you wrote "It's clear to me you are at least listening ... I think if you actually spoke to the brethren about your doubts and concerns, you will find they would be very open and helpful."

      Ha ha ha -- the brethren I know are anything but. I was once a member, having the misfortune to be born among them. They have destroyed my family and many of my friends.. The are an insidious, secretive evil cult following a deceitful conman of the worst character.

      "so don't give up trying to come to terms with the brethren and be assured they will help anyone they can."

      Mate, I have long come to terms with them and know they will do anything they can to malign me, destroy what family and dignity I have left.

      My point was the comments you made about the work of God and coming to Christ was perfectly tre and correct but you wouldn't find the practice of evidence of it among the PBCC. As I said, that would be the LAST place to find it.

      You are cruel and evil and should desist from posting this dishonest, hurtful drivel as soon as you get permission from your leader to stop.

    11. Hoisted by your own petard, Leonardo! You should read comments with greater care and not jump to conclusions to support your warped mindset.

  12. Lots of money? Hope that the profits are routinely and correctly taxed rather than being squirrelled away in dubious "Trusts". I will ask my officers to look into it.

    Senior Inspector HMRC

  13. To Anonymous 18 April 13.58
    My 17 year old grandson returned from a trip to a missionary school in Uganda earlier this week.
    I asked him what he had learned from his trip. He said "money and making money are not the most important things in life." He had witnessed extreme poverty and told me that they had been giving away their clothes to teenagers in the school just before they came home. He noticed an elderly man watching what was going on and my grandson took a t - shirt out of his bag and went over and gave it to him. The old man burst into tears and my grandson was not ashamed to say that he found himself in tears as well.
    I thanked God afresh that he had delivered my wife and I from the Exclusive Brethren 43 years ago. Had I remained a grandson of mine would not have had the experience in Uganda that I believe will shape his Christian values and his future.

    1. This can be the end result of those actions http://allafrica.com/stories/201403201260.html

      We already deal with a situation, where by even our own family, couldn't seem to even care less about us. Unless we would agree to swallow their faith beliefs.And this is the situation that often exist with families that remain in the exclusive brethren, as well as with some whom have left the exclusive brethren.

      Some people cannot seem to get involved in charity. Unless they are also busy selling off their faith.

      Then later on when the situation has repeated itself.And has created turmoil.And African families are acting in much the same way that exclusive brethren do.Where will the missionary be then. Many will have moved on to the greener pastures.Where they feel that more people can be converted

      Charity without indoctrination.Is the true measure of what honest charity is

      You might thank God for what you do.But does God thank you for doing it

    2. Just for the record my grandson was not "selling off his faith". He was in Uganda with 19 other students providing practical help to a school that was founded by missionaries many years ago. The school provides a sound basic education for children who would otherwise end up as street children. Some of the teachers in the school were themselves educated at the school. Let us not be in a hurry to judge others! That is something we learned within the EB!!

    3. I apologize.It was just that in reading your first comment it seemed like it was missionary work.The eb are not the only group whom have been judgmental.Africa is riddled with these problems.And faith groups of many different stripes have certainly assisted in that respect.We are also the product of this.I agree things should be different.But it also whats to be expected, given that the judgmental and separatist aspects of religion have often been so prolific within socieities

  14. Please note:
    Regarding Questions -
    I haven't ever come onto this site intending to answer questions, but rather point to the one who IS the answer to them. Some have an interest in their own opinions or schools of opinion, but Paul was clear about such things as being of no gain and contentious in nature. If you want schools of opinion, look to the worlds institutions.
    My point here is most of you already have or know where the answer is to be found. It's a case of just being honest and facing-up to our lack.

    Thus I have long concluded there is not much of value to be gained from exchanging views or agreeing to disagree.

    It's a bit like a fool acknowledging something of no value or substance or casting one's pearls before swine.

    Leonardo J Octavianus

  15. Dear LJO - thank you for your opinion for that is what you have expressed - an opinion that seems to be at variance with several other opinions on here. Your comment about there not being much value to be gained from exchanging views etc is actually funny - because that is exactly what you are doing. So if you are right and there is not much value to this - then why are you here expressing your views. .

    Thanks for the chuckle

    1. You are welcome Jill,
      My comments were not intended to be my opinion as per say, but rather pointing out well established fact.
      A very distinct difference between being opinionated or contentious and offering opinion as in advice or genuine help. A few further examples -
      A medical doctor may offer his professional opinion as how best to treat a patient. A member of the PBCC may offer his opinion to you Jill because he or she really cares about your soul. Again, a distinct difference.

      The aim was to dismiss persons who wrest the scriptures to their own destruction. Are you also one of those who also wrests the scriptures?
      It is a pity you still cause trouble, mislead and sow contentions in persons who otherwise would be settled. You should be ashamed of what you are doing because you know better.

      This is where opinions, contentions and schools of opinion really come to the fore.

      Leonardo J Octavianus

    2. LJO, it's amazing that you use exactly the same terminology and sound bytes that the PBCC do. They mean nothing to anyone else.....like 'Egypt is ruined'......well I went to Sharm a while ago and it was anything but ruined, in fact some beautiful hotels.

      You are Brethren and you are lying when you say you aren't. Remember the story of Simon Peter? He was a denier too.

    3. "I haven't ever come onto this site intending to answer questions, but rather point to the one who IS the answer to them."

      You're absolutely right cobber - BRUCE DAVID HALES! Ah, this great man!

    4. Oh dear LJO - who is talking twaddle now! You wrote:
      "It is a pity you still cause trouble, mislead and sow contentions in persons who otherwise would be settled. You should be ashamed of what you are doing because you know better. "
      How do I cause trouble? How do you know I cause trouble? Do you know me? How do I mislead? What is your evidence? How do I sow contentions?

      I guess there is not much point in my asking those questions as you will not answer - it's easy to say these things isn't it but harder to substantiate them. Oh and by the way - without evidence what you say is pure opinion and certainly not pearls of wisdom. Never mind you amuse us on a cloudy day

    5. With reference to Leonardo's example, above, If he's a doctor in the PBCC Ltd, not only will he be the last surviving remnant of a qualified professional within the cult, he will also prescribe chemical castration for the cure of homosexuality....and then get struck off!

      I.B. Gay

  16. Leonardo
    To paraphrase what you have said at 15.30 - " I can say whatever I like but don't expect me to justify what I am saying or support it with any evidence."
    If you are not prepared to justify what you say what is the point of saying it!
    Your failure to answer the reasonable questions you have been asked would lead me to the conclusion that you are unable to answer those questions.
    By the way your arrogance in assuming you are casting your pearls of wisdom before swine is breathtaking but that is what we have come to expect from those steeped in EBism.

  17. I have not been in the habit of commenting on what Mr Leonardo J Octavianus writes as he appears merely to engage in meaningless cliches. He declines to give an account of the faith he claims guides him (Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. 1 Peter 3:15). He has now more or less confirmed that his cliche-driven circuitous arguments are indeed his modus operandi, to use his native language. I fear he is increasingly becoming an irrelevance.

  18. Quite some time ago, I advised Leonardo that he should retire gracefully from exchanges with some of the more erudite commentators on this blog since he had little of substance to write, seeming to be out of his depth. it was a case of the casting of pearls, but the opposite to that to which LJO arrogantly proposes here.

    Perhaps it is now time for him to retire, now, disgracefully, from this blog; though, before he goes, he may like to move on a couple of pages to note the "lovely" epistle from someone who must surely the subject of great admiration for him. As is fitting, LJO is referenced here; an apt finale, indeed.


    1. No don't go! I no longer buy a newspaper and enjoy the cartoon on the back page. Instead my daily chuckle comes from LJO's nonsense which is often not far short of hilarious. Keep up the good work, Leo!