Tuesday, 15 April 2014

They ask why

They continue to ask why.  Well, where do we start? Have you heard of the Charity Commission in England..............?


  1. It is possible for charitable giving to be motivated by greed. No one can be certain of other people’s motives, which are often mixed, but it is clear that if spending on charitable activities helps to protect the charitable status and tax concessions of Brethren trusts, it will be a good business decision and will have a positive effect on long-term cash-flow. Observers, including the tax authorities, will draw their own conclusions. That is their job.

    That said, charitable activity itself is a good thing. Whether or not the business decision was sordid, hypocritical and deceitful, the lower ranking members who are actually delivering the charitable services probably had no part in that decision, and their participation in helping non-Brethren will help to create in their minds the perception that non-Brethren actually matter.

    It has the potential to create a radical change in outlook among members of a sect that have for decades been notoriously inward-looking, tribalistic and sectarian, and have promoted among themselves a jaundiced view of the rest of the human race and a world system that is under the control of Satan, impossible to mend, and ripe for destruction.

    Many of the rank-and-file Brethren who are told to take part in charitable activities actually enjoy behaving charitably, and behaving charitably can make people feel charitable. It could become a habit, and it could help to dispel the longstanding Brethren view that it is impossible to make the world a better place.

  2. If you are in any doubt about the genuine effort Ian, just pop along to one of these events yourself. The giving had nothing to do with "greed or a business decision" nor was it "sordid, hypocritical and deceitful" according to your thinly veiled slur.

    You certainly cannot judge their motives and would be better off judging yourself.

    Leonardo J Octavianus

    1. Leonardo.please explain why they suddenly needed to change their name from exclusive brethren to plymouth brethren

      I don't see any brethren members within this video clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmazeNCc-WY

      Explaining that they are plymouth brethren .They even go as far as admitting in a written letter, to be exclusive brethren. Was their election campaign also a genuine campaign would you say.People are even heard here to be suggesting they were being sneaky

    2. LJO, one has to ask why did these things only start when the charitable status issue started? Why was there nothing before? Is it too big a leap in credibility to consider the two are intimately related? I think not. It does suggest Ian may well be right.

      I also concur with Ian that exposing the worker-Peebs to the outside world can only be a good thing as it exposes them to the diversity outside their narrow confines and lets them explore how to live (if any) their Christian faith in a multi-cultural environment, and to be salt and light in that place.

    3. Leonardo
      I do not wish to judge motives but I asked you a question on another blog as to the reason the EB/PBCC seek to publicise their good deeds. How does Matthew 6 verses 1-3 fit in with the EB's apparent need to seek praise and approval and these activities laudable though they be?
      I await your reply.

    4. LJO sagely says 'You certainly cannot judge their motives and would be better off judging yourself.'

      So why do the PBCC judge ours? In their erroneous quoting of 2 Timothy 2 as their basis for not eating with us, the PBCC are actually insinuating that we are guilty of things we have never done, or even thought of doing. That is not Christian, it is not charitable and it's certainly not true.

  3. I have no doubt that the HEB's participating in this were enjoying getting away from the excruciatingly boring life that they lead. As a young person trapped in that group we were always looking for something we could do that would relieve the monotony. Any opportunity for the younger people to get out and about is an opportunity for them to see that there is a wonderful wide world out there for them to explore.

  4. Thank you for your comment Leonardo, but it would be useful if you could tell us why you think the giving had nothing to do with "greed or a business decision" nor was it "sordid, hypocritical and deceitful". Opinions are of very little use without reasons.

  5. Leonardo, how great to have you back! We were worried you were under assembly discipline for your forthright contributions - but maybe you were, but just a seven day matter - or maybe two or three seven day matters, to be served one after the other. We were missing your arrogant and pathetic contributions that were our daily humour - a bit like a humorous version of the Day Dawn calendar. Welcome back, and may you long entertain us with your pathetic brethren drivel.

    Love you!


  6. Spiffing effort and all that sort of thing - Well done RRT
    Can't wait for them to come to Bedford.