Monday, 7 April 2014

The Old Master 'John S Hales turning back the tide'


  1. Do you think JSH has just spotted another surf board that may belong to one of his grandson's 'special' friends? Or maybe he is simply pointing out to the fellow on his right leaning on his fun board exactly where to hit the lip and get some major air!

  2. Still investigating the circumstances of the incident with no luck so far. Do you have specific date and location - at the moment I'm working on 2002 at Tweed Heads ... my information may be wrong.


  3. Such is the prophetic nature of these great men in the recovery ( like when JHS prophesied that the EB in then East Germany must leave or they would never get out ) I believe that JSH in the picture above is pointing out to the authorities in the mid '80's, exactly where a plane would disappear in 30 years time.

    That is more than awesome Granny, that is from a man who had more corporeal appearing's than you've had hot dinners.

    By the way, do the PBCC RRT have an amphibious craft, complete with tea and biscuits available in the Indian Ocean for such eventualities?

  4. I assume this blog entry is an allusion to Notes of Meetings BDH and other Ministry (“White Book”) 530 page 29-30. “And the Lord helped, I think, the Lord helped, him just turning up, in turning, you say, turning the tide; that's an interesting, interesting reference. But he was turning the tide just by turning up, he made a mark, he made a mark on the place.”

    Unfortunately, BDH did not make it clear what particular tide JSH had turned just by arriving at the beach. The tide of tyranny, the tide of prudery, the ocean tide or something else?

    There are actually several tides that the Brethren would like to hold back, but cannot. When freedom of religion is exercised in a way that restricts other human rights, the tide of public opinion has been turning away from freedom of religion and towards the other human rights such as those incorporated in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

    There is also the tide of free communication and the tide of advancing knowledge, which are both in full flood and are both severe threats to the survival of organisations like the Hales Brethren. It will take a lot more than a Hales or a Canute to hold these tides back.

    1. We need to educate our MPs first though. How could they willingly support this cult in the so-called name of Religious Freedom as many did and do?

    2. I don’t think the support of MPs had any lasting effect. They were supporting a bill that none of them had read and hardly any understood. They did it blindly, simply because their constituents asked them to. If the effects of the bill had ever become clear in the course of a debate, support for it would have fizzled out without its opponents having to raise a finger.

      However, there are other bills in various stages of planning and preparation in the UK and other countries that will tend to prevent the abuse of various religious freedoms, including abuses that have detrimental effects on children. Some of these bills will probably prove to be contentious and, unlike Peter Bone’s bill, they will have a realistic prospect of being enacted. A few, in fact, have recently been passed. It will be interesting to see how the Brethren react to these.

      I don’t know of the Brethren have noticed, but the UK law relating to tax concessions and charitable status is still in the process of evolution, but in the opposite direction to what Peter Bone wanted. HMRC are considering legislative measures to prevent the abuse of charitable status, not to make it easier.

  5. Could I ask the photographer of the awesome tide changing event whether he has any shots of JSH's corporeal appearing's? Be mint, if he has. I could take them to my favourite park bench and drool over them in an apostolic sense.



  6. Turning back the tide is not a bad thing, at least to preserve the family unit as God intended and indeed nature herself intended.
    There is a tide of evil in various aspects of this world of which most people would wish to remain separate from.
    Porn, night clubs, drugs, binge drinking, wanton violence and greed seem to come to the fore on our streets, when the devil gets busy late at night.
    Want to expose your family to that? No thanks.

    1. "when the devil gets busy late at night"

      Do the EB still do priestleys late at night?
      That's when people get booted and families broken

      That's an aspect of evil that real Christians rightly separate from


  7. Dear Anonymous

    You appear to have knowledge of excesses to which most ordinary folk are not exposed, since they tend not to go on the rampage late at night.
    As for preserving the family, the PBCC Ltd have done more to break it up than any other organisation. Regarding the other sins you mention; it is well documented that those who protest the greatest sanctimony are frequently hypocritical offenders. Avarice, greed and alcohol abuse are not unknown within the PBCC. As for porn, drugs and night clubs, I could not possibly comment!

    King Canute

  8. "Porn, night clubs, drugs, binge drinking, wanton violence and greed seem to come to the fore on our streets, when the devil gets busy late at night.
    Want to expose your family to that? No thanks." It i unlikely that only members of the PBCC wish to avoid this.

    1. John 11th April 11.44

      I quite agree,

      I’m not a member of the PBCC / EB yet our family avoid those things spoken of. We most likely would also avoid those things even if we were not Christians. Self discipline, self control, knowing the difference between right and wrong, having moral standards, having respect for others and another persons property etc, are standards not confined to those of the Christian faith, or any other faith, nor are they confined within a particular sect such as the PBCC / EB

      It is also true that the majority of persons who frequent such places as restaurants, theatres, cafes, bars, etc in the evening, are not moral delinquents, and do not engage in the behaviours described by Anon 10 April 2014 13:55 as quoted below -

      - a tide of evil
      - Porn, night clubs, drugs, binge drinking, wanton violence and greed seem to come to the fore on our streets, when the devil gets busy late at night

      Such behaviours as described by Anon 10 April 2014 13:55, are not practiced or engaged in by the many, or majority, but the very small minority. Mr Anon 10 April 2014 13:55 is simply using that tiny minority to scaremonger and fear monger in a most distasteful and immoral way.

      Mr Anon 10 April 2014 13:55 says -

      “at least to preserve the family unit as God intended and indeed nature herself intended.”

      When speaking in the context of the PBCC / EB, the exact opposite applies. It is the PBCC / EB who destroy and divide the “family unit” !

      It is the PBCC / EB who divide the family unit if persons exercise their right to religious freedom and leave the PBCC / EB, or just simply go to another Christian Church !

      Persons who leave for whatever reason, are cut off from family, spouse, children, mother, father, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc, thereby destroying the family unit created by God

      PBCC / EB break religious freedom laws by applying such punitive measures to those who leave the group !

      PBCC / EB act completely contrary to Biblical doctrine, as described by Gods Word in the Bible, by applying such punitive measures to those who simply desire to leave the PBCC / EB and go to a different Christian Church !

      This aspect is one reason why the Charity Commission in their Jan 2014 55 page report found that there “were elements of detriment & harm in the PBCC / EB” !

    2. The fact that there has been promotion of divisive groups within society. Plays a big part in why many humans have turned to Porn, night clubs, drugs, binge drinking, wanton violence and greed

      Had the family unit been kept as the main focus of life.Less people would have bothered with such thing

    3. What a pity that the PBCC Ltd cult have done so much to wreck the family unit!


  9. 'Porn, night clubs, drugs, binge drinking, wanton violence and greed seem to come to the fore on our streets, when the devil gets busy late at night.
    Want to expose your family to that?'


    Which is precisely the reason I invented the Harmanddetriment-O-Meter. It just worries me that every time I take it near the locked gates of PBCC meeting halls, it goes right off the scale. May I ask Anon 13:55 above on the subject of binge drinking ' Had PBCC member Raymond Storry been drinking alcohol when he killed a member of the public before being imprisoned?

    As for drugs, which EB doctor has been quoted as saying ' Half the Brethren are on anti depressants and the other half should be' ? Was it the same doctor who attempted to chemically castrate Craig Hoyle of New Zealand?

    1. I believe it is recorded the convict was attending "a party" before driving to one of the properties he owned. he subsequently lied in a vain attempt to shift the blame for the fatal accident.

    2. Yes, that is correct. He also left the scene of the accident immediately to 'go home to pray', before returning to the scene some time afterwards. I have heard of people running home like this when they have been drinking and they are so 'shocked' they have another drink in an attempt to mislead the Police. Surely a Christian member of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church ( who purport to be for 'public benefit)', would not act in this way, would they?

      Had Storry pleaded guilty to the charge of causing death by dangerous driving, he would be a free man by now. Instead of which, his wretched pride ( or the people advising him ) mean that he still languishes in prison, away from his wife and children. What does that tell the rest of the world about the Exclusive Brethren (recently renamed Plymouth Brethren Christian Church)?

  10. I can recall a leading member of the PBCC (although at the time that name had not been invented!) from the North West of England being withdrawn from for being in a Nightclub.
    So, Anonymous 10 April 13.55 the PBCC/Exclusive Brethren are not exempt when the devil gets busy. He is also at work at all times of the day not just late at night!
    He is both a roaring lion and an angel of light. It is in the latter guise that he has deceived the Exclusive Brethren for many decades.

    1. Is it not recorded that "the pure one" James Taylor Jnr attended a Parisian night club?

  11. Was John Hales sitting in his seat by the sea when he wrote the following to Mr Brian Deck of Motueka in New Zealand in 1965?

    JSH Letter of Apology 1965

    To Brian M Deck
    I have sinned against you and your wife and household and the saints and the assembly in Motueka at the meetings in May. My course has not been in the Spirit but in the flesh and there has been much transgression, but the things that weigh on me are these.
    The way in which the status and exercises of the assembly in Motueka were set aside and not given any place to.
    Much that was offensive in speaking and unbecoming was allowed in the meetings. I think in particular of the way I spoke to one brother concerning his contribution to the special collection. This was wholly anti-Christian and grievously injurious to the brother.
    There were references to two other brothers concerning their private income, one for being small and one for being large. Besides a direct transgression against the brothers, it brought in the spirit of the world and commerce and worldly advantage and the ridiculing of a saint of God.
    I am ashamed of the way I spoke to your wife at the family table. I was expressing my judgement which I now see to have derived from the flesh and not of the Spirit. I’d transgressed most grievously.
    I transgressed against you too in having part in commercial meetings in your house at the time of the meetings. It is clear too that the interference in your business matters was a transgression on my part.
    I am appalled as I think of the kind of [………….] I have allowed in the assembly and among the saints in contrast to the spirit of the men who have laboured and lived among you and live yet.
    I am horrified at the dishonour to the Lord and to His assembly as the kind of alien spiritual conduct this has been so active in the (holy) things of God. I am grieved at the pain and suffering I have inflicted on the saints.
    I am under discipline for my course but I desire to convey something to you to put right in some way the awful wrong I have done.
    (Signed) John S Hales
    Bracketed words did not copy clearly