Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Great Hales Rip Orff

Not only does Bruce D. Hales rip his brethren orff spiritually, phschologically, and morally but he is more than happy to rip them of fiscally by extorting fiendish amounts of money for technology products which, only a short while ago he pronounced tools of the Devil!

Check the price of the exact tablet pictured below on the WorldWideWeb for yourself then compare it with the extortionate UBT price.

Interestingly but not surprisingly office furniture features heavily on the UBT site!


  1. I hope PBCC Exclusive Brethren members realise they are being ripped off by UBT and Bruce Hales.

    A quick search on the internet and through Amazon the Lenovo Tablet 2 is available for under £350 with the only extra charge being delivery at £3.40. It’s more generally available for less than £500 with no further charges, no charges per month, no license fees, no hidden extras or charges

    Yet, UBT and Bruce Hales see fit to sell the same product for £895 plus tax which takes the price to over £1,000 ! and then on top of that charge £15.00 per month for “software and license fee”, whatever that means !

    They then tell the membership they have to buy through UBT to comply with the restricted internet and computer use rules.

    No wonder we hear stories of members buying from other sources

    The PBCC Exclusive Brethren is a front, a façade, a cover, a shell, to hide a business & money making scheme lining the pockets of Bruce Hales and his close friends.

    I feel sorrow & pity for our friends & relatives trapped in this sect

  2. Astonishing - 3 times the readily available cost, and a monthly license fee. What a rip off! How absolutely disgraceful, despicable and disgusting!

  3. Remarkable,restricted internet and computer use rules?? Whatever next,is Hales going to be flogging cars their not allowed to drive?

    The Verger

  4. I do think it would be more appropriate if the Ex. Brethren, now PBCC Ltd, opened a chain of Off licences; at least that is a consumable in which they have extensive expertise. Perhaps commentators could come up with suitable branding for such establishments.....How about..."Bottoms Up" ?

    1. How about OneBottom?

  5. Don't be ridiculous, it's not a rip-off, the Lord's work doesn't come cheap. First of all there's the time BDH has to spend updating God with advances in the Devil's technology, and telling God it's OK to go with it. Then there's the cost of maintaining his new mansion, and all those bedrooms that probably need to be used as offices to run this empire. And the private jet to fly around the world to charge people to be told to buy the stuff. And the alcohol needed to help come up with new business ideas. What an overhead! And anyway, you would expect to pay more for something with God's stamp of approval, right? "By appointment to His Lordship, Jesus Christ." And you call this a rip-off? Sacrilege! Blasphemy! Come to Christ. Rest all your cares upon Him. And buy the stuff like BDH tells you.

    Leo, Granny, John, and all the usual groupies

  6. So it's not just food, but also furniture that needs to be made by holy hands.

    It puts the Australian furniture super-salesman at a disadvantage as he would be unable to compete with imported Chinese-made products. The reason being the EB's God is not to be found in Asia, so their furniture could not be made with holy hands. So again, worth paying the premium for the approved stuff.

  7. I can understand the reason that technology should be compliant with EB rules for protection, hence you could buy compliant equipment off the High St

    Can somebody please explain the ruling for the same compliant equipment to be bought from EB sources and further to be maintained by EB, as this seems unnecessary and controlling?


  8. 'compliant with EB rules for protection' Mike, I think what you refer to is actually the installation of software which enables the PBCC hierarchy to see exactly what everybody is up to with their computer. I have proof that emails sent to PBCC companies are intercepted by UBT. When emailing an unrelated PBCC company, you really don't expect to get an answer from John Rich of UBT!

  9. Why don't you all get a life and mind your own business? If what the brethren do isn't affecting you now, and you are happy now that you're out of the fellowship, then why don't you push on with your lives and leave them to their devices, instead of you all being eaten up by this pathetic back-biting carry-on which is going nowhere?!