Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Charity Commission are attacking my life....

white book 515 p30
Charles Collins from Picton, at Kilmarnock on April 3rd 2013


  1. Several of us former members could say the same the other way around - "the HEB are attacking my life.....". But I don't think we are paranoid are we.

  2. Will peeb-speak one day be recognised as an official language?

  3. The claim is more or less true. The CC are attacking the teaching which ruins families whilst creaming millions from the taxpayer.

  4. The UK Charity Commission have no jurisdiction in Australia, so they could have no direct impact on BDH’s life and I don’t expect they give him so much as a passing thought. The only way they could materially affect his life is by reducing the amount of spare cash the UK Brethren have available to send to him, but in my opinion he doesn’t deserve that money anyway. They could find much better uses for their spare cash.

    I suppose there is also the possibility that decisions made by the UK Charity Commission may influence the decisions of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission. These Commissions are well aware of each other’s activities and are allowed to share some of their information.

    1. Australian John Gadsden travelled to Britain at the end of 2012 to chivvy the Brits into campaigning more effectively about the PBCC's benefit to the public at large.

      On that occasion he referred to Bruce D Hales as the CEO of the Brethren.

  5. Forgive me - as a non Brethren person I don't always understand their jargon.

    Is the "our brother" who said about the Charity Commission, "They're attacking my life", a reference to Bruce D Hales?

  6. As a former member:yes! The CC is way down the power hierarchy. Even God checks with Bruce for advice.

    1. The Questoner
      Correction. Some think bruce is god

      I've had it suggested as the same thing
      I wondered if it was Blasphemy

  7. It's interesting, isn't it, that Australian Bruce D Hales should say about the UK Charity Commission, "They're attacking my life"? His life wasn't at all at risk because the Charity Commission was working on the PBCC.

    I've sometimes noticed that people in this group of Exclusive Brethren feel attacked when there's no reason for them to be anxious or defensive. It seems that these Brethren interpret any kind of honest appraisal of their practice and belief as an attack.

    I can't process this mindset because I don't live among Christians who are fearful of scrutiny. Indeed, there are advantages when interested and informed observers comment. The 'mystery worshipper' system in the Anglican church is precisely intended to help parishes up their game.

    The English Brethren's new commitment to deal with all-comers "openly, honestly and fairly" may help them experience the satisfaction and stimulus of dialogue and discussion with non-members If they can change their ways so that they attend to others' opinions and learning, they'll find themselves relieved of this kind of fear and anxiety.

  8. Perhaps if you feel your life is being attacked, Bruce, you could hear this and have a little think about it...

    "Why, out of all the hundreds of different religious groups in Britain, has the Charity Commission seen a need to give the PBCC/HEB, i.e. the 'church' YOU manage Bruce, chapter and verse on how to behave in the true spirit of Christian charitableness?"

    The answer does not have the word 'persecution' in it.

  9. Charles Collins, 4 more brownie points for fawning

    You missed the word 'style'
    BDH's is life is not attacked at all, however his greed and lifestyle might be dented a little

    Could you Mr Collins show more respect for the British Gov't and dept's