Thursday, 3 April 2014

PBCC efficacy

😍Having spoken with William Hathorn last week to ask him if he had read and therefore fully understood the Charity Commission decision document;  http://www.charitycommission.gov.uk/media/591398/preston_down_trust_full_decision.pdf ,he hadn't and didn't! I happened upon no less than Oliver Maxwell Woodcock yesterday (on the steps of Westminster tube station) whom I asked the very same questions.

Oliver replied in a similar vein that he hadn't read it and didn't understand it to which I expressed my concerns.

The PBCC are usually very efficient about administrative matters so it's strange that a prominent member, like Mr Oliver Woodcock, has not been properly informed about the 55 page January 2014 Charity Commission document;  http://www.charitycommission.gov.uk/media/591398/preston_down_trust_full_decision.pdf
Is there evidence that other members haven't yet read this important settlement? How will PBCC members ever comply with the Charity Commission's requirements if they haven't read the details?

Pictured below shuffling along purposefully (lunch bag in hand) is the once mighty Oliver Maxwell Woodcock who incidentally caused untold detriment and harm to a very large number of families as well as personally provoking the suicide of Anna Napthine;http://wikipeebia.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=40


  1. In January I posted the full Charity Commission statement to the PBCC members I know. Two people replied gratefully. One commented that he had no intention of treating me and my husband maliciously or vindictively, the other said that he was glad the whole matter was now resolved. It was noticeable that neither correspondent endorsed the Commission's positive requirement that Brethren now undertake to deal with all people "openly, honestly and fairly".

    I can understand that older members of the PBCC may feel that they can't take on the change of behaviour that the Charity Commission requires. They have lived most of their adult lives in the straitjacket imposed by James Taylor Jnr's 1960s' directives that it's contaminating to eat or drink with non-members and that Christians in the denominations are "spiritual fornicators" and WORSE than the sexually immoral, greedy, idolatrous, reviling, thieving and drunk people listed as unsuitable table companions by the apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 5:11. It must be difficult to stop thinking negatively about non-Brethren people after almost a lifetime's indoctrination of this kind.

    Perhaps it's the case that the senior people in the PBCC, who should be pressing for a realignment with Jesus' clear teaching about loving their neighbour as themselves, are actually too tired and distressed to initiate change from within the membership. Sadly, I'm not yet aware of any evidence that Bruce D Hales is taking a lead to help them embrace these changes.

  2. 'Is there evidence that other members haven't yet read this important settlement?'


    I spoke with an EB elder, who had neither read nor been offered a copy
    I offered to help him get a copy and he refused

    Their brazen attitude, tells me the EB are not Christian, and do not respect the CC

  3. Who's the EB lady, keeping an eye on Oliver? And is the pretty red-headed girl wearing an enormous fascinator or is that part of the Tesco ad?

    1. Well one thing's for sure, the lady keeping an eye on Garth's father is not Anna Napthine. Oliver made sure of that.

  4. "Oliver replied in a similar vein that he hadn't read it and didn't understand it"

    No wonder he didn't understand it if he hadn't read it! Surely a man of his age should be able to read and understand plain English. It would appear the rank and file and many elders are deliberately not reading it, so that when things come back at them (perhaps in a law suit) they can claim ignorance.

  5. Phil
    Ignorance of the law is no excuse!