Sunday, 20 April 2014

PBCC derision of the Anglican Church

Listen and watch then judge for yourself why a purportedly Christian church would ridicule such Christian beauty; https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rMwPEmUMP7U


  1. The YouTube video link above is brief and only audio. Last Saturday, BBC 2 showed the whole service - 'Easter at Kings'. If you live in the UK, do pick it up on i player. It was immensely moving - clear, thoughtful and dignified.

    Anglicanism is something that I, as a non-Brethren Christian, share with the PBCC. John Darby was an Anglican clergyman before he renounced his orders and associated with the emerging Brethren movement in the late 1820s/early 1830s. A number of other Anglican clergy also linked with the early Brethren, but left as Darby led the movement towards its exclusive position.

    Not long ago a member of the PBCC questioned why I was concerned about the Brethren and the history of the movement. This Brethren person commented that they could take a similar interest in Anglicanism. I welcomed that because (not just in relation to Darby) it's shared history - in the sense that the English Reformation saw the founding of the Church of England and the early Brethren largely emerged from Anglicanism.

    I always look for opportunities to build on common ground with PBCC people, but sadly my Exclusive Brethren friend didn't pursue an interest in this aspect of our shared Christian heritage.

  2. Of the 40 or so major posts for Cathedral organists in the UK the one at Kings College Cambridge is the plumb job. Listening to this recording I found it almost overwhelming in the power and majesty of the tune and in celebrating Easter Day. Very nice ! Thank you for that.


  3. So lovely and uplifting - far more likely to have a positive impact than anything on offer from the PBCC Ltd who, I believe, although informing us they are a "mainstream church", treat the days of Easter as a secular holiday (with the usual meeting "ministry").


    1. They are so remote from Easter, that one of them forgot, and thought it was bonfire night

  4. Its not just the Anglican Church of England that the Exclusive Brethren denigrate, separate from (“separation from evil”), and look upon as something defiling, but it is the whole of the rest of the Christian Church, that is, every other Christian Church outside the walls of Exclusive Brethren PBCC, with no exceptions.

    Frankly, the way the Exclusive Brethren PBCC speak of all other Christian Churches outside of themselves and by default, the Christians in those Churches, is utterly shocking and divisive of the Body of Christ. The Body of Christ consists of all Blood bought Christians saved by His Grace, so to separate and denigrate from them in the manner the EB PBCC do, is to belittle the work of Christ Himself

    These extracts of historical transcribed published so called Christian ministry, give some idea of the self righteous arrogant spiritual pride which forms the foundation of the EB PBCC.

    It’s a dangerous false teaching which twists the Word of God in the Bible making massive sweeping statements based on pure assumptions. Such false teaching arises out of a preconceived agenda to discredit everything outside of the Exclusive Brethren in order to hold the group together through spreading fear, false superiority, darkness, group think and declaring it all as facts and divine truth !

    JT Volume 13 Page 413
    Every denomination has erred from the truth; some of them, most of them, nearly all of them have *some* truth, but the Holy Spirit guides us into *all* the truth. Therefore, any sectarian person has erred from the truth. However sincere he may be, he has erred from the truth, and so it is our position to convert those who have erred from the truth.

    JT Volume 17 Page 190
    I think so. Were we to go into the different churches in Christendom we should find that Christ is not there.

    JT Volume 36 Page 489
    How much has been forgotten! Christendom has, as a system, forgotten all that Christ has said and done, but the Spirit -- how blessed it is! -- would bring to our remembrance whatever Jesus said. That is the whole truth, and what an unfolding of it we have had, dear brethren, in these last one hundred years! And it is still going on, the unfoldings of the Spirit, to the few who are holy and love Jesus, of the whole truth. …..That is what these meetings are largely for, that the Holy Spirit might unfold things.

    JT Volume 73 Page 178
    Quite so. The systems have not got it; that is really the truth. They have not got the service of God, because they have not developed faith; they have returned to the idea of sight, and systematic things according to man's ways; such as Presbyterianism and Baptists and so forth. They have given up the idea of faith, and they have given up the idea of the Spirit of God. It is a terrible thing to think of, but it is really the truth, and it is making way for the terrible apostasy that is coming in, which the apostle speaks of in the epistle to the Thessalonians.

    FER Volume 16 Page 253
    It is difficult now to get a true idea of the christian circle; a person who is converted in popery does not find himself much in the christian circle and there is no christian circle in the Church of England

    1. Here are some more extracts from historical published so called Christian ministry of the Exclusive Brethren PBCC, denigrating all other Christian Churches !

      JT Volume 79 Page 396
      Were I to go to the leading denominational ministers and ask them what they have, were I to go to the Archbishop of Canterbury or York and ask them what they have -- I am not here to say anything about them -- What have you got to eat? Well, what have they got? They have got the Creed -- I admit that, and the Bible, thank God, is appointed to be read in churches. The Authorised Version is the Bible for public reading, and it is no small matter that it is appointed authoritatively to be read in churches. Nor would I say a word against the Creed, or the Catechism, but what is the present catch? What have you got now? Well, there is nothing in the way of freshness, and that is the test. ….Well, the Lord says, there is plenty, you know, just "cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find". Would that those ministers I have alluded to would do that. The Lord would help them to do it. But do they cast the net on the right side? I do not think so. I look in vain for anything today of that kind; it is "whosoever hath, to him shall be given" (Matthew 13:12).

      JT Volume 73 Page 308
      But then it is very beautiful that we go inside the veil. Many of us stay outside, but here the point is going inside the veil. 'Outside the camp, inside the veil', 'Outside the camp' means that we have given up christendom, really, as a camp. That is what it is, and as giving it up we have already entered inside within the veil. That is our place.

      JT Volume 100 Page 331
      JT We are not to make these precious things public matters for the natural mind; we are to speak mysteries. We are not to cast our pearls before swine. Christendom is the things of God brought down to men's mind. When we preach we preach on the principle of mystery. We preach by the Spirit but not for the natural mind of man as man, but as taking account of men as God takes account of them. The natural mind is not appealed to; it cannot take in the things of God at all.

      JT Volume 101 Page 197
      Authority comes in first in this record in 2 Chronicles 34: 31 - 33, "the king stood in his place". That is, you have to get the apprehension of Christ standing "in His place". You cannot make Him stand anywhere! That would mean for us then that Christ has His place in heaven. Authority is in its own position. Recovery would mean that Christ is not in Presbyterianism or in Anglicism or in Roman Catholicism but in His place.

    2. Thank you Rev for these quotations; they are not so extreme as the more recent expressions of sectarianism, but they fill in a gap in the history between the sectarianism of post-1848 JND and the much more extreme, virulent sectarianism of JTJr, JHS, JSH and BDH, which morally and psychologically is rather similar to tribalism and racism.

      Could you tell us whether the volumes of JT that you quote were the original series or the new series?

  5. I think I should have said "plum job" and not "Plumb job", above, describing the job of Kings College Cambridge master of music.

    I well remember Percy Lyon saying that we should shudder when we see a clergyman. Although I took this to heart up to the time I was 30, for the last 40 years I almost literally shudder whenever I see members of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church.


  6. It might be a plumb job with all those pipes. I shudder whenever I see there is a comment from our "belubbed blubber" LJO

  7. I've had current EB belittling the C of E in the last few days
    The EB are so arrogant