Wednesday, 9 April 2014

PBCC competitive sport



  1. Brethren's gardens now resound with the sound of banging balls........not a lot changed there then!

    All joking apart, I have played croquet and there can be few games more mean and vindictive in nature. How very apt that PBCC children should be encouraged to take it up.

  2. Firstly - What is mean and vindictive about this game? It all looks very genteel.
    Secondly - It is very mean and vindictive to spy on a group of children in their own private space. Just try to be less petty and get on with your life...If you have one??

    1. To Anon 10th April 9.23

      So that there is no misunderstanding, or mischief being spread, the photo used in this blog thread of the children playing croquet is the same photo as used by the PBCC / Exclusive Brethren on their website, as per the link Laurie has given at the top of the page –


      So to say “It is very mean and vindictive to spy on a group of children in their own private space”, thereby possibly giving the impression Laurie or his associates might be spying on peeb children and might have taken the photo, is utter nonsense and just mischief making !

    2. 'Not to get all Martha Stewart on you, but may we recommend throwing a summer croquet party while the weather allows?

      You're going to have to locate a friend with a croquet set, of course, or shell out for a set of your own, but once that essential element has been taken care of, it's a cinch. Few sports are as elegant and civilized. Few sports--with the exception of darts and maybe horseshoes--are as amenable to boozing it up while you play. Few sports are as wickedly vindictive. '


      I have a life, Anon. A wonderful life outside the PBCC. Early retirement, together with homes around the world gives me the opportunity to play games like croquet at my leisure, don't even have to rush an afternoon game to get to a meeting.


    3. To Anon 9.23.... Nice try, but do your homework, first of all; unless, of course, you are bent on a spot of mischief making (as pointed out) or, indeed, a bit of spin and misinformation; this being stock-in-trade for the immoral propagandists of the PBCC cult.

      Seymour Balls

    4. Anon 9:23 asks 'Firstly - What is mean and vindictive about this game?'

      Well it seems that I am not alone in knowing otherwise.

      'Few sports are as wickedly vindictive'


      'some regard as the most vicious and vindictive of all sports'

      'It is the most nasty vicious game imaginable, can be played whilst ... Croquet is a mean vindictive game that old and young people can play.


      ' the added bonus of actually being quite a tactical and vindictive game (you spend a lot of time purposely ruining your opponents’ shots by knocking their balls out of the way).'


      Anon's comment was to be expected. Plymouth Brethren don't really know much about anything except deceit, lying and sycophancy.

  3. The Anti-Croquet League11 April 2014 at 06:58

    I agree with Anon - 9th April. Croquet is indeed a lethal game, I am contemplating starting a pressure group to highlight the dangers of such an awful past-time. in my opinion it is in the same class as other "sports" which should be banned such as Frisbee throwing, badminton and table tennis. The only thing I can think of that is worse is knitting. Just to think that in 2014 people can literally participate in such a bloodthirsty game as Croquet!!! whatever next!

  4. Are girls allowed to play?