Monday, 21 April 2014

PBCC attempt outreach whilst actively destroying families

Forty people attend outreach event


The Plymouth Brethren handed out free burgers and hot drinks along with Bibles at a recent outreach event in Brackley.

The organisation have had a church in Brackley for over a century and regularly hold public services in their gospel hall at the end of Fox Lane.

The event was attended by more than 40 members of the public including deputy mayor Elaine Wiltshire.

A church member said: “We wanted to make it easy for anyone to receive a bible in an informal relaxed setting that a lot of people don’t associate with the church.”


  1. Did the PBCC hand out their own so-called 'Darby' Bibles on this occasion? If so, it's a real pity because it's neither the most accurate nor the most readable translation.

    Here's the famous paragraph from the apostle Paul's Letter to the Philippians (chapter 2:5-11) from the New Testament section of the Darby Bible:

    "For let this mind be in you which [was] also in Christ Jesus; who, subsisting in the form of God, did not esteem it an object of rapine to be on an equality with God; but emptied himself, taking a bondman's form, taking his place in [the] likeness of men; and having been found in figure as a man, humbled himself, becoming obedient even unto death, and [that the] death of [the] cross. Wherefore also God highly exalted him, and granted him a name, that which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of heavenly and earthly and infernal [beings], and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ [is] Lord to God [the] Father's glory."

    "subsisting", "object of rapine", "bondman's form", "wherefore", "infernal [beings]"

    Those aren't words which in the twenty-first century adequately translate the C1 AD koiné Greek of the New Testament.

    Koiné Greek was the common language of the street, a bit like the form of English spoken today by ordinary, perhaps uneducated, people - it wasn't akin to the standard formal English used today by quality newspapers, the judiciary, academia etc.

    The early mediaeval Masoretic text of the Old Testament, however, retained the classical Hebrew of the sixth century BC, so it's reasonable to expect a more stately English translation for the Old Testament books. Except when the apostle Paul and the other NT authors are quoting the Old Testament directly it's correct to employ more colloquial English when translating the original koiné Greek of the New Testament.

    The PBCC could easily change to one or other of the excellent modern English translations of the Bible. The NIV and the NRSV come to mind.

    1. Joan can you please stop talking such a lot of twaddle.
      I think you are now developing a wrong outlook about the PBCC.
      Your first paragraph sums up just how some obnoxious and sad people have poisoned your otherwise good nature. Try to be a little fairer in your comments about the brethren. I used to be one of them and they certainly don't deserve these recent comments you have made.

      Leonardo J Octavianus

    2. LJO I thought you did not value opinion yet you seem to be giving it here. I am truly puzzled by you now. Oh and I know Joan quite well and know here to be anything but a twaddle talker and she is scrupulously fair in what she says basing as she does on experience and evidence. You I am sure have never met her - if you had you would not have this opinion of her.

    3. LJO

      More opinions! I didn't think they were being stressed at this juncture of the testimony, as it were, speaking in our time, so to speak.

      That is no way to speak to Joan. You are so rude! I though she had invited you to lunch, too! You really should develop better manners. I know that graciousness and sensitivity are not the chief characteristics of the PBCC Ltd,

      For the record, Joan has more erudition in her little toe than you have in the whole of your bigoted being.

      Regarding being sad and obnoxious; you do not come across as a very happy person; as for being obnoxious...well....you've proved it yet again!

      No offence....have a lovely week!


    4. J N Darby died in 1882 and had access to a much more restricted range of biblical parchment and papyrus documents from the Ancient Near East than are available to Bible translators now. Excavations in Syria, Israel and Egypt in the twentieth century uncovered lots of valuable ancient textual evidence which John Darby would have been pleased to use for his translation work.

      If I remember correctly, by the end of C19 there were only nine NT papyri that were known; now there are over a hundred and twenty - many of them written in the first four centuries AD. As far as the Old Testament is concerned, the C14 BC Ugaritic literature, which was found in the 1920s, has contributed an enormous amount to clearing up difficulties in the Hebrew text of the OT books and has enabled scholars to make much more accurate translations.

      The Dead Sea Scrolls, discovered from 1947 onwards and dating from C3-C1 BC, have been hugely significant for translators of the Old Testament. Consider, for example, the importance of the Great Isaiah Scroll, now in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

      Last year I had the pleasure of unfolding for some members of the PBCC an illustrated timeline I'd made to show the sources of the transmission and translation of the English Bible. These Brethren were intrigued and appreciative. One 'brother' thanked me for recommending a book on the subject which he has since bought for his own personal study.

      As well, PBCC Peter Trevvett and I have corresponded about the transmission of the biblical documents and I've willingly supplied him with a book list and other material for his new book on this subject.

    5. Dear Leonardo J Octavianus;

      Your contributions are quite malodorous; I hereby bestow upon you a new name - Farticus Maximus.


      Flavia de Luce

  2. Was the member just referring to the PBCC Ltd cult? If so, this is so true - nothing informal or relaxed about this uptight, paranoid organisation. However if he (as, no doubt, it was) meant the Christian church, it shows, once again, how totally ignorant the PBCC Ltd are concerning life outside of the confines of their benighted group.

  3. So, the Exclusive Brethren PBCC carry on trying to deceive the general public and those in positions of authority about what they really are and what the group really practice.

    The Charity Commission published a 55 page report in Jan 2014 which requested the PBCC Exclusive Brethren change certain aspects of their harmful & detrimental practices (many more need to be changed too), it was only on the basis that the PBCC Exclusive Brethren made the required changes, that the Charity Commission agreed to continue their Charitable registration.

    However, so far (April 2014), nothing has changed.

    Families are still divided, spouses from each other, parents from children, brothers and sisters separated etc etc, all of which is a direct breach of the Charity Commission Jan 2014 report

    Yet, in their typical arrogant assumed superiority and delusion the PBCC Exclusive Brethren continue to deceive the public at public events such as described in the report above, while in the background failing utterly to implement the required Charity Commission changes !

    Its no wonder the CC put a time limit on this, with review scheduled for early 2015 and requested persons to report to the CC any issues.

    The way things are currently, the PBCC Exclusive Brethren will be back under the spotlight in 2015 at real risk of losing their Charitable status altogether, because the CC can still take the Exclusive Brethren to Tribunal, especially if found in breach of the Jan 2014 report.

    As for the event reported above, its nothing other than straight deception. What benefit is it to the Christian Faith when the PBCC Exclusive Brethren employ deception tactics to con the general public about what they really are and what they really practice ! Hiding your real practices, actions, behaviours, published ministry, doctrines, historical issues, separation from all other Christian Churches, declarations that any who leave the PBCC EB are iniquitous, family divisions, etc etc, from the general public is simple straight deception.

    1. Rev dear - We detect an abundance of sour grapes in your whinging post.
      Admit you have gone back to square one and stop being a baby.


    2. Arthur
      The absence of any evidence to refute what Brother Rev has said makes your posting meaningless.

    3. Bedtime, Arthur!

  4. You people are so funny! Just how many people do you think are fooled by this activity? I mean, really! How embarrassing and humiliating for you. I wonder how many of you realise?


    1. Who are you talking to RLS? There seem to be two groups of people talking here so I was wondering!

    2. I think RLS means the unhealthy, fast food publicity drive of the PBCC unlimited cult?

    3. Yes, I added my comment before a further dozen comments appeared above. I was addressing Leo and his Brethren mates.


  5. 39 people and the Mayor.....whoopee woo! Was Harry Trundletwerp there? I know he was at the Hastings outreach day last year because the PBCC say so on their own website and so it must be true!

    There is an amusing aside to this story. When I was a boy we were at a meeting at Brackley and it was announced that there was some food left over for those who had to travel home. Being a growing lad, I joined the queue of hunger stricken brethren, only to be told that High Wycombe was not far enough away to warrant a ration pack! Now they're giving it away to locals............'What a liberty' as 'Nan' Catherine Tate would say.

  6. Why does 'outreach' have to ensure that it includes the deputy mayor? I am thinking she could both afford food and obtain a bible all on her own.

  7. The PBCC Ltd have no idea of the meaning of the word, having never practised such service in their history. They now consider occasional, publicised, photo opportunities, offering largely donated unhealthy, fast food, for an hour, or so, to a few locals, the curious, invited local officials and the odd reporter, will sustain their grip on charitable status. Unfortunately, they are not available for committed and continuing work with the needy, hungry and homeless, tending to lack interest in, empathy, or compassion for those outside of their cult.