Thursday, 10 April 2014

Gareth Hales and the snorkelling incident

This incident is interesting to say the least;

Any further information relating to Gareth Hales (Bruce D Hales eldest son), his predilections and arrogance, will be gratefully received and published here.

Snorkeller's death highlights safety issues

Last updated 11:41 27/06/2012


The death of a Christchurch man who drowned while snorkelling in the Cook Islands highlights the need for safety regulations, a coroner says.

The Cook Islands, a popular holiday spot for thousands of New Zealanders every year, has no safety regulations for commercial snorkelling operations.

Graeme Leslie Parker, 37, was snorkelling with his wife, Huia, just three days after their wedding when he got into difficulty.

The pair were snorkelling off One Foot Island, part of Aitutaki in the Cook Islands, on October 26, 2009.

Coroner Christopher Devonport found Parker died from drowning and likely cardiac arrhythmia, with the physical exertion of swimming and snorkelling contributing factors.

Parker, who was obese and had diabetes, had never been snorkelling before, but when he told the boat's captain he was told to be ready for an ''amazing experience''.

All the participants entered the water without a safety briefing.

The boat was moved to deeper water, with only the captain on board, as two other staff members had been dropped at the island to prepare lunch.


  1. Was this a Peeb? If so what was he doing in the Cook Islands?

  2. I don't quite follow this and the Hales connection.

  3. Completely different incident, although it probably happened at a similar time...the young man who passed away shared the same surname, but was in his early 20s and unmarried.

  4. I would be amazed if a Peeb has ever set foot on the Cook Islands.

  5. Don't be amazed. He was probably doing a world tour with Ben from Sydney. Maybe even invested in a business in the islands.

  6. And claimed for the expenses against tax (you know......those payments that naive folk make to the wicked Government.

  7. Someone has got very mixed here and doesn't know what they are talking about. The Parker guy that drowned was unmarried, was very fit and was caught in a whirlpool whilst surfing. He was from Brisbane and drowned somewhere in Australia NOT NZ!
    This has nothing to do with Gareth Hales and just to clarify Gareth Hales is the kindest, most genuine, family man you will every meet. Maybe you should shut you're troublemaking traps and live your lives.
    This sounds very like a lengthy opinionated epistle of deflection and naive, disjointed bullshit!

  8. Founders and believers in this site: Take a supersized chill pill. The Hales are some of the most selfless kindest people on this planet. I'm a 28 years old man born & raised living in America. Let me be clear...I aint no Church angel. I can say this from spending personal time, living, working, playing with them...spending hundreds of hours with these guys. Gareth, his brothers & family live a disciplined life of high moral & ethical standards adhering to Christian principles. They are some of the most friendly, humorous, forgiving, and caring people you will EVER meet. (However, they have no time for corrupt, fake, deceitful, traitors, and liars)
    I say this to help ya'll...Just because you have chosen to live a different life full of doubt and deceit- deprecating others just to make yourself feel better for your misdeeds or whatever you have not faced in your history. This does not warrant these completely false irrelevant and false claims & slander. My recommendations: take a hard look at your life and be completely honest with yourself: You have two options: confront yourself with your history & facts and be prepared to change and you will be accepted back with loving arms full of forgiveness. Or, if thats not what you want, Move on & leave alone. If you move on and if you are so right...live a life you believe in...stop dwelling and obsessing over the past. (Yes we all agree, everything has not happened perfectly in the Church, for that we are deeply sorry wrongful arbitrary discipline put on you- My own life & family history has been impacted hugely from wrong doings & injustice by members that were supposedly "Leaders" who used and abused power. This was seriously wrong and we fully acknowledge that) However,I'd say now, and that thru intimate personal experience I hold 100% true believe that our current Leader BDH and every other prior Man of God has only done good and did the right thing with what was told to them. The Lord is constanting moving forward and Christianity is a living breathing pathway. Paul says, "forgetting the things behind i pursue". Be honest guys...Whats the point in wasting your life over this sites unfounded hate & jibberish. Open yourself up to love with the realization that "All men have sinned and come short of the Glory of God" Yes, you, me, and everyone has nothing but this to claim. Jesus is the only perfect one...thats what we believe.. If you dont believe Jesus is the one standard, then move onto Muslim, Buddha, Satanist, or whatever tickles you. In Closing and as a fellow sinner & human, I ask YOU...are you prepared to meet thy God? thanks.

    1. As a 28 year old, you will not remember 1965. I suggest before posting your ignorant twaddle here, you ask someone a wee bit more mature than yourself about those days.

      Leader Taylor being dried out in rehab, Bruce's ambitious, cunning dad John and uncle Bruce see an opportunity to take over and convert a religion into a business. Get booted out umpteen times, write letters of apology about how sinful they've been, then Bruce Jnr repeats that sin. It's so sad that 99% of PBCC members are quite happy to be told that black is white today, may change tomorrow, and kowtow to a wannabe family that forever lives in the shadow of people who know how to make real money without corrupting anything.

      Losers, the lot of you.

    2. You bear the hallmarks of control on your life.Religious control at that,You might wanna get that seen to.

  9. Yes, Avoid these people who are brainwashed as children and blind followers as adults - a disgrace to Christianity. Having made those comments, I feel genuinely sorry for young ones brought up in this mind controlling environment . The pressure must be immense,so it is a breeding ground for false/forced "conversions". We must allow The Holy Spirit to convict us of out need of Christ.