Thursday, 24 April 2014

Garth Christie (UK leader of the Hales Exclusive brethren/ PBCC)'s Hazel Products 'Armageddon' still smouldering as of yesterday


Firefighters to remain at Armley fire site for fourth day


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Firefighters are expected to spend a fourth day extinguishing pockets of fire left after a huge blaze in Leeds, West Yorkshire Fire Service has said.

At its height on Easter Monday more than 100 firefighters attended the blaze at Hazel Products and Tradpak Recycling on Armley Road.

About ten firefighters are due to remain on site on Thursday as several small blazes are still alight, the fire service said.

The cause of the blaze is unknown.

Crews were called to chemical recycling firm Tradpak at about 02:00 BST as the fire sent thick smoke over the city.

West Yorkshire Police sealed off nearby roads and evacuated a nightclub due to concerns for the safety of revellers.

'Pockets of fire'

Ian Thompson, from the fire service, said that while warehouses at Hazel Products had been fully demolished, several small fires remained.

He said: "The demolition crew on the Hazel Products site are working to clear a path to the bottom of the site so we can continue to extinguish pockets of fire that are still burning to the back end of the site."

bbcHundreds of fish have been killed by pollution in the Leeds and Liverpool canal

Fish from the Leeds and Liverpool Canal near the site of the fire have been released into the adjacent River Aire.

Hundreds were killed after canal water was polluted, the Environment Agency said.

Martin Christmas, from the agency, said many surviving fish had been left "dazed and stunned" by the pollution.


  1. This is terrible news! When will I get the 50,000 free benches I was promised?

    Tax Avoider

  2. The Lord moves in mysterious ways ... or not so mysterious?

  3. Also see:


  4. Could this be related to the negative responses that those seeking justice and humanitarian gestures have received? What is being pointed up here, at this time?

  5. 'The cause of the blaze is unknown'

    My view is it is God speaking to Christie and Co


  6. Did the insurance policy include cover for an 'Act of God'?

  7. Word on the street it was an 'Act of Mog', showing his displeasure over Garf's handling of the CC issue ....

  8. Whether these premises were adequately insured or not, this fire will have hurt a lot of people. Lots of innocent people will have their work disrupted and some may lose their jobs. Irreplaceable records may have been lost and the disruption will affect the company’s suppliers and customers too. Watercourses and the atmosphere will have been somewhat polluted and that will be a worry for people living nearby. So my first thoughts are for the innocent victims of this disaster.

    It will also be important to discover how the fire started, because every such fire adds to our understanding of how to prevent similar fires.

  9. I do think this might be the thoughts of most contributors too, even though they may have taken "The Private Eye" satirical approach.


  10. Sometimes the decades-worth of ghastly comments from EB priests, relatives or other peebs about such-and-so negative event in our exEB lives being "the Lord speaking to you - you know where the right position is" and "it's God's judgement on your willfulness" etc ad nauseum, just pile up and up and explode in a hurt and angry "There you go, Garth" moment. Forgive us Ian, we're only human.

    This is a fire - no loss of life (apart from fish). The Brethren have used ex- and non-members' deaths to make the most DREADFUL innuendos or even outright pronouncements, allegedly direct from God. I wish they'd stop it - it is demeaning to the Breth's alleged Christianity, and horribly hurtful (and sometimes dangerous) to those to whom they say these things.

    An exEB couple I know were told by peebs when their child got cancer, that the reason was because they weren't married and God was showing His displeasure. They, clutching at straws and being young impressionable people desperate to do anything to save their child's life, took it to heart. The resulting marriage was short-lived and not of benefit to anyone concerned, I gather.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Garth and others. (Sorry, just trying to carry on the Private Eye approach. Apologies to Ian Hislop & co!)

  11. Yes, a good comment, expanding on my previous, cryptic thought. Some people simply have earned the right to be be on the receiving end of satire and one liners. If we were all restrained because of the humanitarian aspects behind events, there simply would be little criticism or justifiable exposure of the bad. The satirists are not intrinsically insensitive or inhuman, simply expressing another, usually economical, angle on events.

    The reaction from the PBCC, in the event this building had been owned by someone who had recently left them, would almost certainly be along the lines suggested in the above comment.

    I do hope that Mr Crusty hasn't been secretly, and carelessly, smoking a pipe, thus, inadvertently, causing the blaze....


    1. Trevor, Illuminator and admirers of Ian Hislop,

      I agree that there is a legitimate role for satire, humour, parody and many other kinds of free expression as well as serious, objective analysis. Indeed, I sometimes write satirical songs and poems about Brethrenism. Different literary genres are needed to reach different audiences, and satire is one of the effective ways of expressing serious views.

      Unlike some contributors to this blog, I have not personally suffered at the hands of those who are presently in power among the Brethren, so I do not feel the same animosity towards these particular Brethren as others do, but I fully understand the feelings of their victims.

      I also agree that the hostility expressed here against Brethren bosses is pretty mild compared with the atrocious things Brethren and their leaders have often said and printed about non-Brethren, sometimes even at times of disaster and distress when it is most hurtful.

  12. Oak A, here's an old Chestnut for you. How do you turn Hazel Products into Ash Blowing? Anything can happen with Garth Christree at the Elm.

    Will I Am the Conkerer

  13. Mr Athol Greene, you were right ‘you won’t change us’
    and we didn’t

    The EB Cult defies the CC in recent times, the EB Cult still decieves, the EB Cult is still so arrogant and hard hearted

    The worst sins possible have been committed in the days prior to this fire in Leeds, and EB members were told and dismissed it, and probably GAC was told a version

    The Almighty wasn’t having it, EB (Matt 17; 4,5)
    You wouldn’t change, others couldn’t change you, so He did
    You locked up a building and now it’s flattened
    He made a bonfire at 2am and as it was a big fish, He made it a big fire

    Today if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts