Monday, 14 April 2014

Come see a man

As always, OneNewsGlobal had a roving reporter about when Jesus had the privilege of meeting his superior and he managed to get a few colour snaps of the corporeal event of the year.

Jesus is reported as saying ' "Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did. Is not he THE John Hales"?


  1. Your blog entry is in the form of a satirical jest, but it is not far removed from the kinds of things that Brethren have said over the years, using words that tend to put Paul and Christ on a similar footing, and words that tend to put Paul and Brethren leaders on a similar footing. It all tends to bolster the perceived authority of the current and past leaders (except in the eyes of people who see them as confused, deluded and pretentious.)

    For instance, in Notes of Meetings B. D. Hales and Other Ministry (White Book) 485 (Penrith, 31 January 2013) we find this at the foot of page 7.

    “I think we said once that Paul was following Christ, but then Christ was following Paul. Because
    Paul here was at the centre of the testimony.”

    And then all too often “Paul” is the Brethren codeword for whoever happens to be the current Brethren dictator. For example in Notes of Meetings B. D. Hales and Other Ministry (White Book) 509 page 54 (Thaxted 28 December 2012) we read this.

    John Rich: Does loyalty to Paul, our beloved brother currently, that would overcome any division in my, that I find rising up in myself, would it?
    Alan Davis: Yes, that's very good, John. Say some more.
    John Rich: He just laboured in this country in '08, on the way to oneness was to have one master. If we're really loyal to our brother, and that's where our loyalties lie, we'll have no problem working with anyone, will we? Is that right?
    Alan Davis: No, that's very good.

    I can see what he means about having one master. That was very well expressed, though JR maybe didn’t intend to make his thinking quite so obvious.

  2. I wonder do those in the HEB who have some understanding of the scriptures think seriously about what comes out of BDH's mouth?
    Some of his utterances are at best ridiculous and at worst raise serious questions about whether he has any understanding of the scriptures or indeed has studied them at all.