Friday, 25 April 2014

BDH on marketing and sales


  1. Is thiis extract part of a meeting transcript? If so do you have the reference please. And also if so - how many other church leaders think it is appropriate to a advice their congregation about how to carry out sales calls - often called 'cold calling' despite his comment to the contrary.

  2. Jill - the Anglican Communion world-wide now has a leader who has been a businessman. I think he's a similar age to Bruce D Hales. You can read a profile of Justin Welby at http://www.archbishopofcanterbury.org/pages/about-justin-welby.html

  3. During meetings in Hobart, Tasmania on 24 July 2013 there was quite a long section, the best part of 3 pages, consisting of business advice. This included such advice as to persevere until your competitors go out of business, and if all else fails find some mug to buy your business; there's a mug born every minute; there's always some duffer somewhere.

    At the end of the business discussion, John Myhill Sr of Canberra says, “Yes, that's instruction in righteousness, that's not commerce in the assembly, it's...”

    BDH replies, “Too bad if it is.”

    See Notes of Meetings B. D. Hales and Other Ministry (White Book) 510 pages 27 to 29.

  4. I'm sick of them badgering me. Wish they would go into businesses that don't depend on stalking worldlies.

  5. I would respect them more if they maintained self sufficiency, such as the Amish, and similar groups. The PBCC Ltd want it both ways.