Saturday, 26 April 2014

Another gullible Parliamentarian who hasn't conducted his research!


  1. Laurie. The man isn't gullible . The man just doesn't see that the lives of a few ex members, as being of any great importance .When its being compared to the amount of lives that may benefit , from the flow-on affect of money being supplied by exclusive brethren.

    Your life. And my life.And some other people lives too. Are all being used, as a kind of sacrifice. To pay for the gain of other peoples lives

    This is the reality of matters. Even if it might make you want to choke

    Even the fact that far more people claiming to be Christians, seem to be prepared to stand up for the exclusive brethren. Than there are Christians that are willing to speak out against this group. Is also even more evidence to the same effect

    Your Pastor at the church you visit. Will gladly offer you, all the comforting words in the world. But will he offer to go public ,in speaking out against the brethrens tactics.Will he suggest that his congregation should also be busy writing to politicians, to demand that changes should be made.

    I have my doubts. For i don't ever see any evidence of any such things happening. But for the voices of a few people , like Joan who comments on your blog.

    Your life is being flitted away.Being tossed to the sideline.Just like so many other peoples lives that have been and gone before you, also were

    Forget the idea that people remain gullible of exclusive brethren practices.Your life is being used, like as if life only amounts to playing a game of skittles.While the exclusive brethren cult, sitting out front in the firing line is seen to remain untouchable.Then all other groups that line up behind them, will obviously also all have absolutely no reason for any concern either

    There is nothing gullible about this strategic game these people play.They may preach that Jesus considers every life to be of great importance. But people actions,will always speak far louder than their words ever do

  2. I sit here in the Canarian sunshine on my terrace overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and thank God every day, that I am no longer part of the deceitful, conniving group that has recently rebranded as the PBCC. It is an upbringing with the Exclusive Brethren that has taught me that responsibility lies with myself, not some demi-god BDH, JHS,JSH,JT etc etc I make my own luck, and boy am I enjoying mine! Raise a glass with me to the hypocrites who made it so easy to leave and make a life for ourselves. Cheers!

  3. Who's that girl in the first picture? She looks very marriagable. Is she at least sixteen? Do you think she could bear me 8 children? And as for that last picture, if the RRT throw their hands any higher into the air they won't be so handy afterwards!!

  4. Anonymous27 April 2014 19:04

    Sure.I happily raise a glass with you.I'm thankful i left.And i wouldn't wish to return to the eb for anything either.So i'm totally with you in that regard

    But tell me something.Did you? manage to leave with your wife and children intact.What advice would you offer, to any of those people who didn't manage to do so.Because for some of them,i'd say life can almost seem as if they are forced to try live with a feeling that their loved ones feel totally dead.Even though they also understand how this feeling is incorrect.This feeling make certain peoples lives continually unstable.That's the biggest problem.Life just doesn't evolve in some kind of cookie cutter way.Where we expect that all folks are being dealt from the same pack of cards.

    And this is why family relationships are important factor of life.The exclusive brethren and cults like them fully understand this too.Which is exactly why they have chosen to use it like they are wielding a sword

  5. Which clan is represented by the Universal Focus Group school skirt; are there any experts from Aberdeen, or somewhere else north, able to comment? Of course, it may merely be a pastiche creation, favoured by tourists.