Friday, 28 March 2014

One wonders if Orlando and Miranda have the Burghley House Union Jack flying at half-mast in honour of the late Gordon Pollard?

I'm reliably informed that Gordon Pollard has finally stopped lying and is probably reclining on the great barcode in the sky.


  1. That man makes my flesh crawl. Every night on the phone checking up on you and totally under his wife's control. Would have been better spending his whole life up a telegraph pole, which was his forte. His meeting at the judgement seat will make interesting viewing. but hey ho Mrs P will tell him what to say, as usual.

  2. If peebs can't have beards or sideburns how come they are allowed eyebrows like that?

  3. When is his burial? I need to know so that I can arrange my own 'hit squad' to take over the formalities. It's an old High Wycombe tradition, you know.