Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Hales exclusive brethren/PBCC dendrogram


  1. Ex-members can be added at the base and it continues to make sense. Odd though, because the Brethren have agreed the following:- 'No action should be taken in any way to treat vindictively, maliciously or unfairly persons whether within or outside the community, including those who were within the community and who are leaving or have left the community.'

    Seems that PBCC supporters who visit Laurie's blog are unaware that this agreement has been signed by 5 members of their community. All we have to do is report the breaches to the Charity Commission and boy are they mounting up.

  2. Here's the link to the Charity commissions recent decision http://www.charitycommission.gov.uk/media/591398/preston_down_trust_full_decision.pdf

  3. As I have said elsewhere I have already heard of stories of them continuing to "vindictively, maliciously and unfairly treat persons" who have left their community - these stories will be and have been sent to the CC. They will not be able to ignore this clause in the trust deeds.