Monday, 10 March 2014

Mr Hales has sanctioned the deed of variation signed 7/2/14

Largely due to Garth Christie and Bruce Hazell's incredible incompetence, several recordings and copies of the special meeting notes (where the PBCC gave the assembled congregation BDH's slant on the newly adopted deed of variation) have fallen into hand of the 'wicked opposers'.

The meetings start with numerically sequenced copies of the diatribe being handed out then end with; surnames A-L followed by M-Y filing out and returning numbered documents to the 'ushers' as it is imperative that NO copies leave the meeting room!

Transcript to follow.....

Digital voice recording aps are available on most phones these days and excellent pocket voice recorders are available from;http://www.maplin.co.uk/c/computing-and-office/office-equipment/dictation-recorders?page=3&sort=


  1. Security & paranoia that would leave the Gestapo or North Korea proud !, such behaviour isn’t found in the Body of Christ in Christian Churches outside the PBCC / EB.

    Why the petty rule about no documents leaving the meeting room ?, do they not know the CC Jan 2014 report is readily available in the public domain anyway ?

    They claim to be a Christian Church, Yet, in word and deed they then claim to be the last bastion of the Holy Spirit, the Gospel, the work of God, the only place where the Lord comes to, they claim to be sin less, have sole ownership of truth and anyone not with them is with the devil, they claim all these high and mighty things and behave like a cultish sectarian tin pot dictator consumed by delusions of self importance !

    What does the Bible say “by their fruits ye shall know them” !

    1. Are you a complainer Rev?
      Is anyone forcing you to agree or attend any meeting.
      Most organisations or institutions have a code of conduct, so if you don't like it, go elsewhere.

      What a miserable little specimen we have here,

      Leonardo J Octavianus

    2. Do try and answer without personal abuse, Leonardo; you could devote some of your energy, in a more constructive way, by dealing with some of the questions directed at you.


  2. I didn't hear anything in that document about children being able to go to university, then being able to return home and back to fellowship, did you?

    Amazing that in the recording I heard, no-one had any questions or comments to make. Are they all really that scared?

  3. I wonder if the 'documents' the underlings are allowed to see are the same as the publicly available documents published by the Charity Commission.

    Perhaps we will learn what they mean by "Eating and drinking in social fellowship" in the Schedule 2 'Faith in Practice'. If they are now to allow eating and drinking with worldly people in a business context (presumably not in social fellowship) they will have to define their new categories of eating and drinking. I wonder what scriptures they will find to support their new ideas.


  4. PeterJ a recording will soon be available for you to hear. Scriptures quoted left, right and centre, but mainly 2 Tim 2. I would hazard a guess, after hearing the
    recording, that people didn't realise until the very end of the meeting that they had to give their copy of the paperwork back. There were all told to file out of the room in an orderly fashion, surnames A-L through one door, M-Z through another where their papers were collected. If this was to stop the paperwork falling into our hands it failed miserably, more likely it was to prevent households taking on board the details within. So they sat there in the meeting thinking I'll catch up on this at home at my leisure with a glass of Scotch.

    Still plenty of screaming kids in the meeting though! Methinks the BBB (birthday boy Bruce) will not be having a good day this Thursday. He must be wondering which chin to stroke.

  5. "For there is nothing hid which shall not become manifest, nor secret which shall not be known and come to light." Jesus speaks in Luke 8.
    Joy Emmans

    1. where is the link to the recording - I cant see it???

  6. Having listened to one of the recordings, I can confirm that the Schedule 2 part of the Deed of Variation as read aloud was an exact match of the draft version agreed with the Charity Commission, apart from a few very minor mistakes made by the person reading it. So none of the reforms that the Brethren have had to agree to has been deleted or fudged in the actual Deed.

    However, there was fudge elsewhere. There seemed to be an attempt to deny that there are any substantial reforms. There was mention of “minor variations” and Schedule 2 was said to “reaffirm” aspects of doctrine, which suggests there is no change. So either the leaders do not want members to change their behaviour, or else they want the members to think there is no change.

    The stringent security was remarkable. The documents handed out were individually numbered and a record kept of who got what copy, so that if any copy disappeared they would know who had taken it. Truly, they have a lot to hide and a lot to be ashamed of, including the culture of secrecy.

  7. In the review. The exclusive brethren had their food in one room.While us ex exclusive brethren who were risiting our eb family, had to have our food in the next room . In the situation i experienced there wasn't even a closed door between us.In fact the wall only went half way.So there was a huge wide gap with a beam.

    We could pretty much even see each other.And we passed the salt and pepper sauce and things like that back and forth between the two tables.We all chatted together while we ate the food, as if we were sitting right next to each other.

    How will this help stop evil from moving between human beings.Does the devil have an ability to turn himself into a cooked garden pea. Or perhaps he can flow back and forth between people through the flavors and smell of the food.

    I guess we can at least be a little thankful that we didn't also need to shit and pee in a bucket in a separate room to the toilet,so it could be delived later to the evil public toilet down the road.So our sewage didn't defile theirs in the toilet.That was a little bit of a lucky break for us wasn't it ,because years earlier it might have also been thought as being very important too. Because there was a time when the brethren saw this type of separation as very much important as well.

    That's how totally brainwashed many of these foolish people are. Somebody really needs to be producing a comedy movie, based on their idiotic antics.Perhaps John Cleese and co, or some people like them could do something with it.

  8. Can anyone conversant with recent PBCC terminology tell me the difference between an 'usher' and a 'door keeper' ? Who is the more senior, for example? We heard the expressions used in the recordings of the Deed of Variation meetings which lasted between 30 and 40 minutes.

  9. Unfortunately answers to questions for information are not often forthcoming on this blog as contributors drive personal agendas. I may only hazard a guess that a "doorkeeper" is a large, close shaven gentleman with tattoos and ear rings, whilst an "usher" is a much slimmer gentleman whisking about in a long, black frock coat; both, probably, don Hi-Viz when stepping out into the public arena. However, maybe someone has less fanciful information?

    The enquirer

    1. Perhaps a doorkeeper should doorkeep, while an usher should ush. The job of the doorkeepers referred to in the ministry of JHS was to make sure non-members were kept out. I expect the ushers work inside, directing the traffic and showing people where to sit and where to surrender their secret documents.

      The need for tattoos, earrings and long black frock coats is not being stressed currently. Maybe that will be in next year’s ministry.

  10. Thank you, Ian; the implication must be that doorkeepers will now be redundant, since all are welcome; unless, of course, there is still a requirement for body searches and a check on sartorial matters. However, doorkeepers could be redeployed as ushers to steer the large influx of people to their roped off area.

    The Enquirer

  11. Roped off area? Surely if I attend a PBCC meeting I can choose where to sit, just as I do in any other church where I worship?

    1. Joan I suspect the roped off area would still apply to visitors. These practices will not be given up easily. You would still be considered a stranger and "not with us" as they see it.

      Over 50 years ago when I left it became the teaching to have children aged 12 or older who were not "breaking bread" /communion seated at the back of the room with a gap from the main congregation. This division of families (Darby called it monstrous) so disgusted us that we just had to leave.

      Because this became a serious problem, Taylor Jnr invented the idea that infants can take the communion - though they were completely ignorant of its meaning. This was his way of solving the problem. An infant of months cannot "examine himself and so eat" 1 Cor. 11:28.

    2. Joan
      I went in 2013 and sat in a roped off area, yes
      With a white shirted officer/official either side
      It was like being in the dock

      To be fair I didn't have to wear handcuffs and they loaned me a bible without the brackets, and a hymn book. They were polite

      Their notice board says 'all are welcome' but there is a big difference in 'made to feel welcome', and this is whilst the CC matter is on


  12. Phil T - thank you for your reply. I was interested that separating families during worship was a practice for this group of Exclusive Brethren. Is this still the case?

    If a visitor attends a service in a mainstream church in England they are usually free to choose wherever they want to sit. Sometimes in a cathedral when, say, Evensong is going on, visitors may be asked to sit at the back if they only want to observe and not participate in the service. Anyone who wants to join in the service is shown forward to sit wherever they like among the worshippers.

    (If you're ever in England, do try to attend a service of Evensong, in somewhere like King's College, Cambridge, or one of the great cathedrals. It's a truly wonderful experience.)