Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Kim Jong Hales is 61 this Thursday

From our freind Abishag on www.wikipeebia.com

I was watching a news story on the ridiculous Kim Jong-il chap who inherited North Korea from his father. A dynasty that has 'wrung' that country for 60 years. It was showing the incredibly happy Koreans coming out of a polling booth in regimented lines - all beautifully dressed - and all with beaming smiles on their faces - given that they had just delivered Kim Jong-il a 100% victory at the polling booth. Apparently there was no opposition. Which makes the polling bit a complete waste of time of course.

Then I thought about the Peeb website and the beaming 'happy' families flying kites and running along beaches and all being terribly happy being Peebs. And I thought- what is the difference between Kim Jong il and his father - and Bruce Hales and his father. 

I mean let's face it- the juxtaposition is more than co-incidental. 

• Both men rule with an iron fist. 
• It is pointless - better make that suicidal -to take another position. Or opinion. Their word is final.
• They both run the finances of both 'organisations'.
• Both use the people's money for their own ends -and to build their own wealth.
• Both use propaganda as a tool in justifying their rules and its effects. 
• Both use PR gurus to paint a false picture.
• Both hide behind a facade of perfect order and happiness - and the 'light'.
• Both are totally dictatorial.
• Both are inherently dishonest.
• Both revered their fathers.
• Both harm people and their families - and get away with it day after day.
• Both threaten Armageddon if their rules are not met. 

So welcome Bruce 'Kim Jong' Hales. You have met your match. In more ways than one. You have to wonder if Bruce takes notice of this chap - the similarities are astounding. And the effects are just as inhumane and mind limiting.


  1. Ummm, I think the old guy was Kim Jung Il. The new guy is Kim Jung Un. But the similarities that they bear to the old Hales and the new are amazing.

  2. Lines of people streaming out of the polling booths in Nth Korea...
    Lines of peebs streaming out of meetings after the recent read-through and sign of the CC document...

    Did you notice how many questions, how much discussion there was, about the quite radical changes included in the 'Faith In Practice' document? Not a squeak. Anyone refuse to sign? Anyone challenge the trustees? Anyone brave enough to disagree with the leader? Anyone with the courage to say, "I refuse to go along with this money-grabbing uncharitable sham"? Anyone ask just what is being done practically to repair the cruel, vindictive & malicious treatment to former members over the past 50 years?

  3. I have often been struck by the similarities that exist among all sorts of dictatorial regimes, both political and religious. They all use similar or overlapping sets of morally unacceptable methods to keep control of their members.

    They try to control communications and the access to information;
    they try to suppress freedom of speech and freedom of thought;
    they are lavish in their use of deceitful propaganda;
    they spend vast efforts in the adulation and/or worship of their leaders;
    they portray the rest of the human race as mostly hostile or evil;
    they grossly exaggerate any benefits there may be in belonging to their enclave;
    they practise various degrees of separation from non-members;
    they restrict education;
    they foster a culture of secrecy, preventing outsiders from knowing what goes on inside;
    they prevent their members from learning about ideas from outside;
    they pretend that terrible things will happen to you if you escape, and sometimes do their best to make sure terrible things do happen to you;
    the members are obliged to believe anything the leader tells them;
    the members are obliged to obey without question anything the leader tells them to do.

    Both the end and the means are seriously immoral. It is basically immoral for one or a few people to wield extreme control over the many. Respectable systems of moral teachings, including Christianity, make this clear, and the consequences that arise from such regimes are eloquent witness to their moral depravity. Just look at North Korea, Iran, Syria, China, the former Soviet Union, the regimes under Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe, Saddam Hussain, General Pinochet, Colonel Gadaffi, and hundreds of oppressive little religious cults.

    The Hales Brethren often condemn democracy, probably because any taint of democracy would threaten the leadership. But when you don’t have democracy, you get bad government. History demonstrates this dramatically and consistently, and hundreds of present-day religious cults confirm it.

    Democracy is never perfect, especially in a poorly educated population, but it is always vastly superior to dictatorship, both morally and practically.