Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Hales exclusive brethren members David & Damaris Stacey and several other well known PBCC members donate to Robert Halfon MP


It'll be interesting to view other HEB/PBCC 'gifts' to the ever gullible Rob Halfon, one wonders if it's  been mentioned to him that PBCC members don't vote.

Robert Halfon




About my fundraising

I have decided to start a sponsored diet for a wonderful local charity, Harlow Community Chest (HCC).

It may sound strange but the diet began with a monster burger eating competition, at the Maypole Club last Friday night. I took part hoping that if I won, I would give the prize money to the HCC. In the event, none of the entrants (including me!) was able to eat the burger(s). Louise, the star organiser, decided to give the money to HCC anyway, which was great news.

So now for three months I will be on a strict diet ? giving true meaning to ?yo yo dieting?!

A Just Giving Page will be up early this week and my target is to lose two stone. You will be able to sponsor me for every pound I lose. My diet will be low carb, low sugar and no alcohol. I will be weighed on Monday morning at the Enterprise Hub by Erica Bromage, a Trustee of HCC.

You might ask why the HCC? Well, this a remarkable charity that was registered in 1967, and since that time has given f...more more

P.S. When you make a donation, don't forget to check the Gift Aid box if you're a UK taxpayer as then your charity can claim an extra 25% from the government!

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AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.02Every search raises money
Mrs A B NeuhausDonation18-Feb-2014£20.00£5.00
Cash Concepts HarlowDonation08-Feb-2014£205.00£51.25
GinaDonation18-Jan-2014£15.00£3.75Good luck xx
R HalfonDonation12-Jan-2014£20.00£5.00
Akademir familyDonation24-Dec-2013£30.00£7.50Well done Robert! Merry Christmas!
Communicate Research LtdDonation20-Dec-2013£75.00£18.75
Robert FindlayDonation20-Dec-2013£28.00£7.00
R. HalfonDonation20-Dec-2013£10.00£2.50
Rosemary HopkinsDonation20-Dec-2013£10.00£2.50What a great cause. Well done Robert.
GuardHome Limited - Harlow's Award Winning Security CompanyDonation09-Dec-2013£50.00£12.50Rob is again raising the bar and not just his dieting target
Steve EnglishDonation02-Dec-2013£5.00£1.25
@thistoomustpassDonation23-Nov-2013£5.00£1.25To someone who is what a good constituency MP should be
Tim & EllieDonation21-Nov-2013£10.00£2.50Well done. Glad to support.
AnonymousDonation19-Nov-2013£5.00£1.25All the best, Rob
Ian & MandyDonation18-Nov-2013£10.00£2.50Well done Robert.
Stuart & SallyDonation18-Nov-2013£10.00£2.50Glad to support this cause
NessDonation15-Nov-2013£30.00£7.50Yeah for Rob and your amazing community!
Matthew HarveyDonation12-Nov-2013£20.00£5.00Keep shedding those pounds!
Ady & Anne MarshDonation12-Nov-2013£10.00£2.50Keep it up Rob. You'll do it!
Geoff FoxDonation12-Nov-2013£20.00£5.00Well done and and worthy cause
Pete & CharlotteDonation12-Nov-2013£10.00£2.50Go Rob, you'll do it.
David & Damaris StaceyDonation11-Nov-2013£25.00£6.25Thankful to be able to support a good man
Alan & Faith LewisDonation09-Nov-2013£15.00£3.75Good for you Rob. Go for it.
Bob BarlowDonation09-Nov-2013£10.00£2.50Keep going Rob! Good work.
David & Helen FleckDonation09-Nov-2013£15.00£3.75
NevilleDonation09-Nov-2013£20.00£5.00Thanks for all your hard work
Jeff DevineDonation09-Nov-2013£20.00£5.00Keep up the good work!
Here's Robert Halfon fervently singing the praises of the HEB/PBCC at Westminster; http://youtu.be/vtzDOltG4E4


  1. A bit ironical, EB members sponsoring someone to lose weight!
    Perhaps the goose could put it in the next white book as another corner turned
    Certainly plenty of scope and a change from seminars

  2. "Thankful to be able to support a good man" or "Feeling smug to be able to con a gullible man?"

  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-23230715

  4. Tim and Ellie? Tim Tennent ex-Ealing and wife? Son Edward appears to co-ordinate BHF Bag-a-Thon which no doubt they will be gearing up for again! Mind you, every shop within 100 miles of me has been told what they are up to.