Sunday, 30 March 2014

Hales driven evil cult continues to promote cycling-ever seen a peeb on a bike?

Gospel hall and homes plan for former Rentokil site

former rentokil site

PLANS have been drawn up to put a gospel hall and three family homes on the site of the former Rentokil depot in Frampton Cotterell.
The scheme has been submitted by Freshwater Design and Build and includes a meeting hall for the Greenfield Gospel Hall Trust.
Freshwater director Andrew Beard said in a report to South Gloucestershire Council that the trust had a “strong congregation” in the district.
He said: “The council will be aware of previous applications in relation to small local meeting halls in Winterbourne, Coalpit Heath and the previous long running search for a major new hall, which has now been secured at Hortham Lane (Almondsbury), which caters for the larger congregation.” 
Mr Beard said the Rentokil had relocated from the site in Court Road, resulting in the premises being put on the market and attracting interest mainly for housing development in the past 12 months.
The current planning application also includes three family-size homes, each with integral garages and driveways with space for two to three cars.
If permission is eventually given for the project, it is estimated the hall would be used by about 40 people on Sunday mornings and Monday evenings.
There would also be weekly use on a Thursday and Friday night by up to 125 people, with a single, large meeting taking place once a month and bringing in a congregation of up to 270. On average, the hall would be in use for about six hours a week.
 A total of 30 parking spaces for the hall are included in the plan but it is understood many families would attend and travel together, while walking and cycling would be encouraged for those living close to the site.
Mr Beard said during the marketing campaign of the site, there had been a few inquiries


  1. Rentokil. The Experts In Pest Control; bugs, nasties and creepy crawlies. How very apt that when they leave, the PBCC move in.

  2. Aha! Now the mystery is explained! Leonardo J Octavanius must have a flat tyre and can't get here to peddle (haha) his nonsense!

    I Peddle
    CEO OneBike

  3. 'while walking and cycling would be encouraged for those living close to the site.'
    Never heard that in an EB meeting. Plain deceit

    What did Bruce and JSH say about bikes. It's in print somewhere

    It would do them good if another corner's been turned, but I doubt it
    Just another example of the EB lying

  4. The PBCC Ltd show a couple of cyclists in one of their misinformation publications reproduced on their tangled website of deceit. However, I suspect that the reality is that cycling is too carefree, independent and enjoyable to be sanctioned by the enforcers; better to stay in a sanitised, sanctified people carrier, with the windows wound up against any encroaching wickedness.
    in the air.

  5. With congestion charges in Central London of £10 per day, does Oliver Woodcock cycle to Westminster to deliver his profound and cheerful message of hope for all men?

    I've witnessed genuine believers preaching the gospel in Leicester Square to 100's of people. How many listen to Oliver Woodcock on an average day?