Monday, 10 March 2014

Garth Christie (UK PBCC leader) and Duncan Badams (new step-father) force youngsters hands to write letters against their Father

This is part 1 of four letters written to me by my children;


  1. Children being turned against parents , is nothing new within the exclusive brethren http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10405886

    Many married couples can have their problems.I happens for a number of reasons.But the difference is that out side groups like the exclusive brethren church, the act of turning children against one parent or the other. Is not something that many non exclusive brethren members would see as being anything kind caring or thoughtful.

    When the parents are also been born within harmful faith abuse.Then what good reason is there to even expect that these parents will be perfect.Or anywhere near perfect

    The brethren tactics just really don't quite get to fly beneath the radar anymore, do they. And they need to expect that their tactics will only become more and more transparent and obvious too, as more time passes by. This is inevitable

    And at every single moment the legacy they set up for themselves,only becomes worse. There is little doubt that the exclusive brethren type groups will have a place reserved for themselves within our history books, as being renowned worldwide for their family division.

    So why would they care to see its as being so wise.And how many of their ancestors in future,will continue to see it as being such a wonderful legacy to be forced to live under.

    How many? members of Hitlers gestapo had found they could find a public place in which to remain proud of their past,after the war had ended.

    Just maybe one day, families like Bruce Hales may find themselves, being forced into facing up to certain public situations of disgrace.Something that maybe even someone as tough skinned as Hitler might also decide as being one step far to far, to care try continually living with.And how very sad and frightening is that thought

    What kind of level ? will all these puffed-up peoples pride, be existing at then. Do they? ever even stop to carefully consider it

    Especially those whom will know how they helped promote it. For there will surely come a time in future when all their bravado will diminish. Because once the shit really hits the fan.Then the henchmen hold on people will cease to exist. As just like happened with Hitler. There will most certainly be a number of people whom will be glad to step forward.To tell all

    Bruce Hales really needs to stop and reconsider matters. And number of brethren should use some wisdom and initiative , in promptly stepping forward to demand it.

    You try and keep your chin up Laurie. A number of us here can somewhat understand how you will likely be feeling

  2. Freudian slip?

    Committal = 1. the action of committing someone to a prison or mental institution. 2. at a burial: the act of putting the coffin into the grave.

  3. Written in the run up to Christmas too, they really know how to twist the knife. Can anyone see any hint of compassion in there? I can't.

  4. ..we hope this letter finds you well....kids couldn't be that cruel, only religion can do that.

  5. Exhibit ''A' for the Charity Commission's perusal. This was written as the PBCC attempted to negotiate with them and is very pertinent. Laurie, has that letter been retracted since the Deed of Variation was signed by the PBCC?

  6. I remember a case involving Brethren children in which Mr Justice Benjamin in the Family Court of Australia said, “the finding was clear that the separation of these children from their father was at the higher end of emotional abuse.” I don’t know the circumstances of most individual cases, but I know of several cases of which it could equally be said that the Brethren’s practice of separation constituted emotional abuse at the higher end of the scale of severity, with no moral justification for it whatever.

    I remember a similar remark made by Mr Justice Nicholson about children having their minds poisoned against their father by being told that he was evil.

    Hopefully, the Brethren someday will catch up with the progress that the rest of society has made towards respecting the rights of children and their parents, and hopefully they will realise how unacceptable it is for Brethren leaders and so-called priests to influence family members against one another.

  7. It is hugely abusive to turn children against their parent and the damage from this kind of thing is well known. That letter was not written in the words of children. It's so sad and I can't even imagine how hurtful it must be to be on the receiving end of this kind of letter.

    The HEB can not be considered Christians until they stop this kind of evil action.

  8. Leonardo, we're waiting to hear your explanation of how we have interpreted this all wrong ....

  9. Leonardo; and I'm still waiting for answers to my questions, on the press complaints topic page, regarding The Holy Bible, Paul's ministry and God's delight in the Exclusive Brethren (PBCC Ltd) sect. There should be plenty there to keep you occupied. The Rev, Ian, and others are usually diligent in taking up points, I am sure you have the energy to do the same. I look forward to hearing from you, as you take up all these issues, in turn.

    The Enquirer